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The USS Arcadia is an award-winning RPG simulation, a proud member of Task Force 21 in the Obsidian Fleet. Here at the Arcadia we don’t just write; we tell stories. As such, we value character development and interaction just as much as we do story progression. Our players are encouraged to develop their own side plots that would shed more light on the history, inner thoughts, and personal growth of their characters. And we do everything we can to help you integrate your own stories into the main story line.

Look around. If you like want you see, come and join our next adventure! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to get in touch with us using the "contact" link from the menu to the right!

Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer, USS Arcadia

Obsidian Fleet, Task Force 47 "The Avengers"

Current Mission

Truth vs Lies. Justice vs Vengeance. Federation vs . . . Federation?

The Arcadia rescues the USS Themyscira and her crew, refugees from a dystopian future, where the once proud Federation had succumbed to fourteen years of devastating war. Captain Nami Ishikawa, commanding officer of the Themyscira and a woman whose past is inseparably intertwined with Oliver's future, details the dark days that are to befall the Federation, but there is something even darker that she hides. Will the crew of the Arcadia find out her true mission before it is too late? Is there a price too high for justice? Is there a price too high for saving the Federation?

Bronze Unit of Merit Award, February 2017

Bronze Unit of Merit Award, October 2015

Bronze Unit of Merit Award, August 2015

Gold Unit of Merit Award, April 2015

Silver Unit of Merit Award, October 2014

Bronze Unit of Merit Award, June 2014

Latest News Items

» LOA and New OF Site

Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 11:31pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD in General News

First of all, I'd like to apologize for my effective AWOL in the last few weeks. I have been dealing with several health issues, which had taken up most of my attention and energy. As of now, I'll place myself on a two-week LOA (8/3-8/19). I will try to catch up with the posts if I can during my LOA, though it mostly likely won't be frequent. Hopefully when I come back on Saturday 8/19, I will be able to again give the sim the attention it deserves. Until then, Ryan, our XO, will be the acting CO. Counting myself, we now have three LOAs at the moment, so please bear with us, and I appreciate your patience.

On a different note, as some of you might have already learned, OF is transitioning to a new website and a new fleet management system. So that I don't miss anything, I'll just copy and paste below the email I received from JFC:

Dear All,

Last night we held the first annual birthday celebration for Obsidian Fleet, celebrating its 16th birthday and announcing some amazing things. I would like to summarise the event for those of us who were not able to join in the festivities;

--Most importantly a new logo (above) and website were announced. Going forward, this is what we will use as we transition data and features; http://obsidianfleet.tech/

--With the new site and new brand, we launched some simple rules and guidelines; please ensure that you familiarise yourself with them here; http://obsidianfleet.tech/obsidian-fleet-branding/

--The Task Force Executive Officer role was announced with the first people to fill those positions, let’s congratulate Commodore Lancaster and Commodore Eriksen!

--Fleet Services announced that three new Community Engagement Champions had been selected, in Discord, you will know them as Grengol CO of the SS Mary Rose, Bagheera and not only to be an engagement Champion, Commodore Eriksen was selected as the Assistant Services Director!

--A new, easier, CO Reporting tool was announced, all Commanding Officer reports are to be filled in using this new form. Once signed up to the site and CO permissions granted, you will find the link on your relevant Task Force page.

--Innovation & Development announced a new class to join our fleet, the Vesta. One ship per task force has been agreed so far, so keep an eye out for them!

--Golden PADD winners were announced, SubjectHazard’s entry of “From the Cradle” was our winner, and you can read more here.

--Three unique, Out of Character, awards were created for Obsidian Day, and it is a pleasure to announce the winners (using their Discord Names);
----Obsidian Social Vanguard: ShatnersHair
----Obsidian Personality of the Year: Bagheera
----Obsidian Volunteer of the Year: Berel Joon

--Obsidian Fleet announced that there would be a team that would be looking to overhaul the Fleet’s rules and policies, if you are interested or want to know more, please go here.


Yahoo will be closing as of 4th August 2017, and we require all Commanding Officers to have signed up to the new site, request their access be changed by their TFCO or the JFC and then request access to the dedicated Commanding Officer area. IFS2’s CO area will replace Yahoo for all CO communications and engagement, if there are any issues please raise a support ticket.

As we transition from our old site to our new, part of our improvement programme is to open up communications from all levels, and our Fleet Improvement Programme form is an essential aspect of this. You can use this form to report issues you see with policy, rules, players or even to suggest ideas and changes. Each entry is submitted directly to the Fleet Owner, often called Data Controller, and their duty is to report their findings to the Fleet Council and make recommendations based on data. Sometimes the data will be used to track trends in activity or concerns, or (what I call ‘no brainers’) the idea is that are great will be recommended for immediate consideration or deployment to the Fleet. Rest assured, your identity remains with the Fleet Owner, and if there are any questions they will contact you directly and never share your identifying information with the Council.

As you will have seen our new website is a lot more efficient than our last, however, it is still a work in progress. If there are any bugs or issues, then please report them using the Obsidian Fleet Help Request form.

Please convey these messages along to your crews, encourage them to sign up to the new site as this will make it easier for you when the Fleet Management System update is released shortly in IFS2.3 = IFS Harriman (Add characters, sims, manifests, etc)

I would like to thank all of the Fleet Council for being in attendance last night, some made great efforts to be there (one is on holiday, and one was even at work!), and this meant a lot to me and the community. Commanding Officers, without you and your players, this community would not be as amazing as it is. Keep up your excellent work and keep an eye out for more announcements in the near future!

Questions or comments? Reply on the new site!



Myrkul Sharr
Joint Fleet Command
Obsidian Fleet

Well, there you have it. =)



Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

» Happy Independence!

Posted on Wed Jul 5th, 2017 @ 9:22pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD in General News

A belated Happy July 4th to everyone in the States! Independence and freedom are precious things, so a big thank you to those who have served to protect them. Unfortunately I had to stay in bed and missed all the fire works, but I hope everyone else enjoyed the holiday! =)

Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

» Personnel Change

Posted on Sat Jun 17th, 2017 @ 6:32pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD in General News

I regret to announce that Fred is stepping down from the XO's position due to the demands of his other commitments. I'd like to thank him for his untiring support and contribution to the sim over the past year,and I wish him all the best in his other endeavors.

I'd also like to announce the return of one of our former players Ryan, who will write for Lieutenant Commander Johannes Adlerstein. Ryan played the MCO and then the XO when we were still the Bunker Hill, but later had to resign because of RL issues, and I'm thrilled that he is now returning to the sim. He will take over the XO's position from Fred as of this announcement, but in character Hans will not become the Arcadia's XO until Episode 4 concludes. Both his arrival and I'lien's departure will be integrated into the story. So stay tuned and give him a big welcome!

Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

» Service And Sacrifice

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 3:03pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD in General News

Yesterday was Memorial Day here in the States. To all who have served and continue to serve their country, including those in our own Arcadia family, a belated thank you for your sacrifice and for your service. Thank you for keeping all of us safe and free.

On another note, I have been sick since the weekend, but will get back to the JPs either tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

» Personnel Update

Posted on Thu May 11th, 2017 @ 10:21am by Captain Oliver Lee PhD in General News

I regret to announce the removal of Lieutenants Post and Kir, our MCO and CEO, due to prolonged lack of communication. I understand that sometimes things happen in real life and I wish them all the best.

On a more positive note, Bill, who plays Corporal George Charles, has taken up the now vacant position of the Marine CO with his new character Captain Jackson Werner (George will now be his NPC and still available for JPs!). And I'd like to thank him for stepping up.

Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

Latest Mission Posts

» The Klingons Are Revolting! - Part 1 "Lockdown"

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Posted on Wed Aug 9th, 2017 @ 11:47pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Lieutenant Commander Nola Elbrun


::Secondary Brig, Deck 43::

The summons from the Intelligence department seemed urgent. Kevan's breakfast sat half-eaten back in the mess as he made his way to the Arcadia's secondary brig, which housed around 18 Klingons recovered from the now-destroyed ship, including their Captain.

He assumed, from the tired state…

» New Head Devil Dog Arrives...

Mission: Episode 3.5 - Welcome to Paradise
Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 12:28am by Captain Jackson Werner & Captain Oliver Lee PhD

The transporter beam faded out, leaving a man standing upon the pad. By his appearance: dressed in green camouflaged battle fatigues, complete with full tactical gear, a full beard and eyes that seemed to burn like lasers, the transporter operator instantly felt a little scared. Although, there was a strong,…

» Consideration

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Posted on Thu Aug 3rd, 2017 @ 3:56pm by Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet

Chrys paced back and forth in her quarters. Something was rotten in the state of Denmark, of that she was sure. Something was not sitting well with her about the whole situation that the Arcadia found themselves in. She was glad that the captain took her words to heart, and…

» The Astounding Adventures of Terri Cornelia Lee - Part 14 "Wounds"

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 @ 8:05pm by Lieutenant Terri Lee

::Resistance Camp Hyppolyta, Somewhere in the Amazon Forest::

Terri was in the middle of fixing a broken transphasic cloak - the only one the resistance had - when she heard loud commotion outside of her tent. Annoyed, she put down, or rather slammed, her tools on the desk. She hated…

» The Astounding Adventures of Terri Cornelia Lee - Part 13 "Confused Love" (Flashback)

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Posted on Wed Jul 12th, 2017 @ 10:08pm by Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant JG Alenis Laren

::Resistance Camp Hippolyta, Somewhere in the Amazon Forest::

Alenis dithered in front of Terri's tent as the occasional broken branches and fallen leaves on the cleared ground crackled under her steps. She had just come back from a briefing with Captain Ishikawa, who had asked her to join an intel…

Latest Personal Logs

» Processing

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2017 @ 12:51am by Lieutenant Georges Ejim-Long

Where to begin? This has been quite the assignment; far and away more intense than any training sim or task on my previous postings. It's insane to think that we have run into a ship from the future and fought Klingon ships to a standstill.

I just hope the captain…

» Chief Counselor's Log #1 - So Far, So Good

Posted on Sun Jan 29th, 2017 @ 1:46pm by Lieutenant Ryley Kincaid M.D.

I made it to the Arcadia and I have been officially installed as the ship's Chief Counselor. I'm also pleased to report my quarters were adapted to my specifications by the time I arrived and there is plenty of room for my personal assistant, which is a load off my…

» Personal log: Ejim-Long

Posted on Tue Jan 10th, 2017 @ 2:36pm by Lieutenant Georges Ejim-Long

I've arrived on the Arcadia and been welcomed by several members of the crew. Lieutenant Commander Slvar sent out a general welcome to the crew when I and a new Chief Medical Officer came aboard. I have been given a small amount of time to get my bearings and settle…