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LOA and Captain Kirk

Posted on Tue May 24th, 2016 @ 9:47pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Hi guys,

It's the end of semester for me so I'll be taking an LOA till next Tuesday (5/31) after Memorial Day. In my absence Lt. Cmdr. Adlersteine will take command of the ship. I apologize for not being prompt with responding to JPs and pushing forward the plot lately. Once the semester is over I'll return to normal with the Bunker Hill.

In other news, the real Captain James Kirk has taken command of the USS Zumwalt, the biggest, baddest and the most expensive destroyer in the fleet ( Sure, it's not quite the Enterprise, but hey, at least we finally have a real Kirk at the helm of a real ship. I say that calls for celebration. So take out those Romulan ale, guys, and drink away like there's no tomorrow!! =D

(PS: everyone is still expected to show up for their shift at 0900 hours tomorrow).

Commander Oliver A. Lee
CO, USS Bunker Hill


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