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Act 3 Is Upon Us!!

Posted on Mon Jan 25th, 2016 @ 7:04am by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

With our latest post Confusion and Love - Part 1 "Wanted" we are now officially in Act 3 of our mission (I have meant for another post to mark the beginning of act 3, but our marine CO had some great ideas so we are re-working that one now.)

In act 3, Oliver makes his move against Bolanus and retakes Earth (there are some really interesting twists during the battle that I'm quite excited about!) It will culminates in the restoration of the legitimate government and soon afterwards the end of the war and the fall of the Federation. After that, a short epilogue will end in the Themyscira traveling back to the present to change the past, thus commencing our next mission: Episode 04 - Truth.

All new posts should be time stamped as Late 2416 (Alpha). Of course, you may keep any ongoing posts Mid 2416 (Alpha) if they fit the larger story better that way. Back posts are certainly permitted, but please mark them clearly. And of course, I'll periodically update our suggested reading order to smooth out any chronology confusion.

As always, any questions or suggestions, my inbox is always open to you.


Commander Oliver A. Lee
CO, USS Bunker Hill


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