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New Crew and New Updates

Posted on Sat Mar 31st, 2018 @ 11:45pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

First of all, please join me and welcome aboard the latest member of our crew, Brandon, who will be writing Lieutenant JG Jace Crystan, our resident archeologist. Let's get the digging started! =D

The long promised - my bad! - award system is finally here! There will be two types of awards: out-of-character and in-character. You can find the lists of awards, eligibility requirements and criteria in this Google document ( For the IC awards I also listed the corresponding awards in the US Navy. If you see anything amiss, please let me know.

I didn't want us to be bogged down by an overly extensive and complicated award system - after all getting awards is not the principal reason why any of us joined the Arcadia - so OOC awards are for now limited to eight, half of which are awarded automatically upon criteria fulfillment, e.g. the service citations. Three are chosen by the CO and one is nominated by the crew. For these there won't be a fixed monthly or quarterly schedule when they are handed out, so if you feel anyone deserves to be commended for any reason, just PM me with the nomination. (the service citations will be handed out retroactively for anyone who has met the time served criteria.)

As for the IC awards, these will be based solely on a character's background bio and in-story actions/events. When I get a chance I'll go over every character's bio again and see if any awards are merited. Also feel free to send suggestions my way. IC awards are entirely for immersion purposes and are not mandatory. If you do want a ribbon or two for your characters, please be realistic and make sure they meet the eligibility requirement. A 25 year old Lieutenant junior grade, for instance, is not gonna be eligible for the Dominion War Service Medal. Please also keep in mind that as with character creations, super hero syndrome is highly discouraged. In other words, no character is gonna have three Medals of Honor, five Star Crosses, eight Distinguished Service Medals, and a shuttle load of other ribbons and medals under their belt.

Last, but not the least, we are now officially on Wattpad! ( For those of you who are not familiar with Wattpad - I just found out about it from a friend myself a few weeks ago - it's a site where writers post their stories and . . . well, that's pretty much it actually. lol As some of you know, I have always wanted to turn our mission posts into a more e-book like format and share it with anyone who might be interested in reading, which was one reason why I started doing the whole suggested reading order thing, and I think Wattpad might just be the perfect place to do it. They even let you upload your own customized book covers!

I have started posting chapters of our first book on Wattpad with the title Star Trek Arcadia: A Future That Was. It's essentially the story in our Episode 3 - The Future That Was, with rearrangement of some plot elements as well as elimination of plot threads that were started, but were never completed for one reason or another. For Episode 4, our current mission, I did a series of flashback posts that condensed and retold the story contained in Episode 3 so that no one has to go back and read all the posts in the previous mission. The chapters of the book are more or less the same as those flashback posts. There are, however, some important additions that either fill in plot holes or add more to character development. The already posted chapter 2 and the upcoming chapters 11,17, and 18 are good examples of these new additions (well, new as in they weren't included in the flashback posts). So take a look when you get a chance. Also, follow and like if you can since that would help us raise our visibility on Wattpad and hopefully gain more readers and maybe even a new recruit or two. I'll also do some advertising for our Wattpad page when I get a chance.

Well, that's it for this update. I'll see everyone in the writing room!

Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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