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Forum. Forum! Forum!!

Posted on Wed Mar 2nd, 2016 @ 12:23am by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Our new forum is finally open for business!! Please head over there and register. Once you submit your registration, I'll approve it as soon as I get a chance. (I disabled automatic registration because of our early experience with spam bots on the old forum.)

It's the same phpBB forum as the old one, but with the latest version and a new look that hopefully matches our site nicely. I really hope that we would be using the forum a lot more often than we used to with the previous. To get the conversation started, I put up several posts. So respond, or start your own topic!! Oh, and you can start polls, too now!!

I can't set automatic notifications for all new posts so please subscribe to all the forum. Of course, you don't have to reply to every post, but it would help tremendously with forum participation and conversation if we are all aware of that has been posted.

Commander Oliver A. Lee
CO, USS Bunker Hill

PS: I'm not sure if there should be separate forums for episodes and mission arcs or if they should be combined into one. I started a post on that topic. So chime in and let me know what you think.


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Category: General News