Lieutenant Commander Erich (“Adler”) Hartmann

Name Erich (“Adler”) Lothar Hartmann

Position Wing Commander, CVW-28

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 171 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Typically "Aryan". High forehead. Romanesque nose. Mildly prominent cheekbones, especially when smiling. Wide ears. He is of slim build, with skinny legs.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Manfred Dominic Hartmann
Mother Gertrude "Gertie" Monique Hartmann
Brother(s) Manfred Jr. - 35
Sister(s) Helga - 29

Personality & Traits

General Overview Believes fully in the notion of being a "knight of the air". Strong opinions of chivalry amongst combatants. Prefers an informal working environment amongst his pilots, but outside of Pilot Territory generally adheres to proper protocol.

Usually a man of few shames, he is however very sensative to the outside perception of his men, himself, and the Fighter Corps.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Easy to like
+ A Team Player
+ An excellent defensive pilot

Ambitions - Very introverted with his own team; will look after them first as opposed to the ship.
Hobbies & Interests - Building model craft
- Knitting
- Gardening

Personal History Erich Hartmann was born in Osnabrueck, Germany. His parents worked for the New Berlin Merchant Fleet, his father as an administrator, his mother as a helmsman.

The middle child, Erich often acted out growing up, feeling that his older brother Manfred got the lion's share of the attention of his parents, and later his sister Helga, as the only girl. Consequently, he has a strained relationship with his siblings.

He had a love of flying from an early age, constantly testing model planes before joining a gliding club at age 11. His diligence paid off when he earned a private shuttle license at age 17, the youngest age allowed to earn the license.

Erich decided to join Starfleet when he saw a recruiting poster for the Fighter Corps listing the many and varied craft entrants could learnt o fly. The holonovels and books of dashing young fighter pilots did little to discourage him in these goals.

He graduated from the Academy in four years, and was posted to Luna for pilot training. Deciding on fighters, he was posted to Fighter Pilot Instructional Trainee Squadron One (FPITS-1). It was there he earned the callsign that he carries to this day.

His instructor, being a native of New Berlin, and familar with the German language, asked him if his plan for a weekend was to go play cards or go to a holonovel. When the young trainee stated his weekend plans were to study and train for an upcoming exam he was nervous about, the instructor stated that was an odd choice for a fighter pilot, and that pilots must learn to relax lest their eagle-eyes turn blurry. The instructor then asked Hartmann to remind him of the German word for 'eagle', which Erich stated was 'adler'. Due to the way the German word is pronounced ("Odd-Lurr"), the Instructor used the name from that point on for Hartmann, since he was the "oddest Eagle-wannabe I had ever seen".

His first assignment after pilot school was with Alpha Flight, 1st Squadron, 12th Fighter Group, 941st Interceptor Wing, stationed at Tycho IV, as a pilot. During his tenure, he was promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Afterwards, he was assigned to Bravo Flight, 2nd Squadron, 54th Fighter Group, 100th Assault Wing, as an Assistant Flight Commander, Stationed with USS Delaware.

Later, he was posted to Alpha Flight, 1st Squadron, 1st Fighter Group, 1st Demonstration Wing, as a Staff Officer. The 1st Demo Wing was the premier acrobatic team of the Fighter Corps, serving primarily as a recruiting tool and ambassador for the FC. During his time there, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

Later, he was assigned to Charlie Flight, 3rd Squadron, 69th Reconnaissance Group, 188th Reconnaissance Wing as a Flight Commander, serving for two years. His Flight was assigned to the USS Adams.

Afterwards, he joined 2nd Squadron, 363rd Training Group, 80th Training Wing, as an Instructor and Assistant Squadron Commander.

He later was transferred to 5th Squadron, 15th Group, 19th Bomber Wing as a Staff officer.

Still later, he was assigned to 1st Squadron, 12th Fighter Group, 941st Fighter Wing, as a Squadron Commander. During his tenure, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and transferred to Group HQ to serve as interim Group XO, a term that became permanent.

Finally, Erich was transferred to USS Arcadia to serve as Wing Commander.

Service Record TBD