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Lieutenant Commander Eva 'Pariah' Steiner

Name Eva 'Pariah' Steiner

Position Wing Commander, CVW-28

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 112 lbs
Hair Color Blond, Long, Tied Back
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description She keeps her uniform in modest shape, though she wears a squadron bomber jacket over the uniform. She also wears a worn cross under her uniform jacket. It belonged to her mother, and it was the only way she survived the Dominion's cruelty.

She is fit, enough to fly a Space Superiority fighter.


Father Heinrich 'Kaiser' Steiner. Former CAG, 301st Betazed. Maquis Rebel. (MIA)
Mother Elise 'Freya' Steiner, Former Starfleet Interceptor pilot, Maquis Rebel (MIA)
Brother(s) Reinhardt 'Thor' Steiner, Former Helmsman, USS Victory, Maquis Rebel (KIA)
Sister(s) Heidi 'Valkyrie' Steiner, Security officer, USS Archer, Maquis Rebel. (Missing)
Other Family Grandfather: Rudolf 'Odin' Steiner

Personality & Traits

General Overview Eva is a woman who lives in the now, and prefers to deal with things when they happen. She's had plenty of wounds in her life, both physical and mental, that she wishes to move on from. The woman is a puzzle for any Counselor. She presents a calm and focused demeanor, and dose not allow too many to get too close. Eva is not completely antisocial, but she's not the center of attention. Eva is loyal, dedicated to her pilots and crew, calm and professional, but slow to open herself up. If she makes friends, it will be only those who have truly earned her trust. She is smart though, and she prefers planning her squadron's moves out before the battle.

Eva is best described as an Outgoing Introvert. She's outgoing enough as long as she has her safety zone, or an exit door, close at hand, and she's been known to, for example; party with her friends one moment, and disappear the next, preferring to wind down with a quiet after-party walk. She will at least socialize, but everything else to Eva Steiner is to be done withing the bounds of her comfort zone. But it's in the cockpit where she truly feels at home and at peace. When she's flying, there is only her, no betrayals, no treacheries, no politics. Just her. Eva has no patience for politicians though, and she has no intention to climb the ranks of Starfleet. She believes even the rank of Lieutenant is enough ambition for her.

She is a controversial figure though, her entire family left starfleet at the same time to join the Maquis Resistance, which as made many in starfleet question her true loyalties. She was just a girl at the time, but she supported her family's desire to defend their world from what they viewed as Cardassian aggression and a Federation betrayal. Eva keeps her thoughts on the matter to herself, when the Dominion destroyed the Maquis, Eva herself was given all the courtesies of a Cardassian Labor Camp. There is a quiet and all consuming anger towards the Cardassians in her, as well as a desire never to be broken again by any Cardassian. Eva used to hate the Cardassians deeply, she doesn't now, but she'll never turn her back on a Cardassian
Strengths & Weaknesses Eva has learned how to fly from her grandfather, he taught her the basics of the Steiner's formidable piloting skill combined with what she experienced and learned from commanding a cadet squadron. The downsides to Eva is her dislike of diplomats and politicians, as they betrayed her home colony to the Cardassian union for a small amount of peace and betrayed their own people. She values the leadership of true Starfleet Officers, but politiicans will shunned and ignored.

She has a code of honour though, which can be both an asset and a hinderance. On one hand, she'll refuse to open fire on an unarmed combatant, as it is disgraceful to attack an unarmed opponent. And if she was ordered to do so, she'd rather cool off in the brig that compromise her values.
Ambitions To find a true home.
Hobbies & Interests Eva is extremely skilled in swordfighting and piloting, both are sports that require a degree of mastery and grace. She has taken up dancing as a way to train her mind and body not to make wasteful movements. Ballet is one of her more enjoyable talents.

Personal History Eva was born on one of the Demilitarized Zone colonies known as New Bremen during a tumultuous time in Federation history known as the Maquis Insurrections. She grew up in an environment where Cardassian and Federation colonists were at each other's throats through constant, and nearly unending violence that was promoted by both sides. The Cardassians in a proxy war with the Federation, and the Federation's own diplomats who were willing to hand over colonies just to Normalize relations.

Eva grew up in a world where fear and anger was commonplace, and before the DMZ treaty, there were some good and some bad on the frontiers of the galaxy. She was raised by a family of pilots with a lineage of knighthood extending back to Earth's first world wars, and raised with an unofficial code of knighthood, that governed all of her family's actions. Her father Heinrich, and his family, had served Starfleet since the first NX starships were launched. It would be the family's code that would send them to join the Maquis.

Engaging in violence against Federation Law was repulsive to them; yes, but the Federations leaders, handing their homes and worlds over to the Cardassians for signature on a worthless treaty was even more disgraceful. It was a betrayal to the Steiner family. And when men and women, who had never put on a Starfleet Uniform in their lives, were using them for favors and career advancement, it angered Heinrich's family. Eva was sent to Earth to live with her grandfather, and she was too young to fight in the Maquis uprisings. She never arrived on Earth.

She was captured by the Cardassians during a border skirmish and held at a Labor Camp for most of her formative years, as a hostage to 'deal with the Steiners, however the Dominion destroyed the Maquis Colonies, and a cruel Cardassian overseer at the Camp attempted to break Eva's spirits by showing her recordings of Federation fighters being destroyed. She resisted the lies and did not break, and her punishment for that was being whipped by a standard issue Cardassian uniform belt.

Fortunately the war ended. Eva remained unbroken and it drove the Lagos III overseer insane. She was then liberated by Starfleet Marines once the war ended, and it was the Steiner's famous stubborness that kept her alive. 'A Steiner may bend, but we don't break, and death was better than dishonour' as her grandfather explained to the counselors that tried often to get Eva to talk about her incarceration. She finally learned that her mother and brother died attempting to free her. And her father and sister were still missing in action and presumed dead. But what Eva truly needed was her Grandfather rather than a counselor. Rudolf would teach her his family's famous occupation, beginning with spacewalking outside Earth Spacedock to teach her how not to make wasteful movements, and use gravity to her advantage. Feel which way she was being drawn and use that to her advantage. It was flying her grandfather's planes and shuttles that gave her an outlet for all the anger and rage she felt, even more so that a trauma psychologist, who's endless talking reminded Eva of what she disliked about the Federation. The 'endless rhetoric and bullsh*t.' But what drew Eva to Starfleet, was the chance to prevent more children from being tortured in any more Cardassian hellholes.

Starfleet Academy was both a fascination and an obstacle to Eva. She had a chance to refine the skills her grandfather taught her, but she also endured the spoken judgments of her peers and was something of an pariah at the academy. The opinion on the Maquis was so divisive at the academy, several instructors that did not favor the Maquis attempted to fail her by changing questions in the middle of the test, fortunately Eva was ready for this. She programmed her PADD to keep a record of every single assignment, quiz, and test she was ever given, as she knew what she was stepping into when she went to Starfleet Academy. The One-up-manship at the academy also annoyed her. Eva was determined to rise by her own merits, not by joining some 'zirkus' as she tactlessly called them. Which lead Eva and what remained of red squad, even though they never regained the prestige they once had at the academy, into something of a rivalry. At first Eva despised them, then she tolerated them because every time they would try to prove how inadequate Eva was, how much of a failure she was for having a family of traitors. She would push herself to greater levels see their smug faces evaporate.

Eva did so well, competing with Red Squad, she was assigned to lead her Academy Fighter Squadron; Squadron 15. At first she refused, she she didn't care for a leadership position until she found some of the red squad fools in her training unit. She couldn't refuse the chance to make them beg. She would castigate these fools every chance she got, and even teach them some of her flying skill. But they learned from each other, and one of those 'clowns' even manged to get a date from her. She became more outgoing, but she still preferred her own saftey zone to retreat to.

She would graduate second in her class, and the two clowns she befriended. Cadet James Murphy and Cadet Sharanas would both take first and third respectively. They would have one last exchange of insults, judgements, and pre- concieved notions at a bar in San Francisco before shipping off for their first assignments.

Eva would be assigned to Starbase 357 and immediately given the post of Group Commander, as Starfleet was experiencing a lack of qualified personnel for key positions in the aftermath of the Dominion War. She would command VF-21A Galm Wing in several low key anti-piracy campaigns in the systems close to Trill and Bajoran space. The assignment was boring and uneventful and her squadron commander soon felt that she deserved her own command after five years of dodging promotions to remain a Lieutenant. To Eva, she wanted to avoid becoming a bureaucrat in uniform like the 'arseholes in the diplomatic corps. So the CO of Starbase 357 pulled some strings and got her transferred to the Arcadia.
Service Record Starfleet Academy Squadron 15
Cadet Squadron Commander

Starbase 357 Galm Squadron, Wing A
Group Commander

USS Arcadia
Wing Commander