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Lieutenant Kynah of Clan Hoeressthyn

Name Kynah of Clan Hoeressthyn

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Corzynite
Age 52

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 134lbs
Hair Color Platnium Blonde
Eye Color Ice-Blue (Almost Grey)
Physical Description Kynah, like all in her race, has platinum blonde hair, and blue (icy-blue in her case) eyes. The skin is near-white due to far fewer hours of sunlight on her homeworld. Though one cannot tell, her left eye is a prosthetic and fully-functional with basic infrared and bio-scan capability.

If in shorts, one will notice a knee brace on her right knee. There is no limp, but the knee itself does have several surgical scars from multiple knee surgeries and a minor reconstruction.

She is average in height, for her people. However, groomed from birth to be a fighter, she is muscular and much stronger than humans take her for. You can see much of her muscles if she is forced to wear tight shirts. Her broad shoulders, when in uniform, gives some idea of her strong build.

Uniform-wise, she wears her black jump boots, black cargo pants tucked into said boots, and the black utility/combat vest with various pockets and pouches over her solid red department shirt. That is, unless, the CO specifics a different Uniform of the Day.

Her combadge is also different. Because she completed jump school, she is authorized to wear the jump wings/badge. For her badge, she has the Master Jump Wings (20+ Combat Jumps). So her badge has gold wings with a silver comet. Inside the classic comet is a gold-engraved open parachute.

Civilian attire, she wears gender-neutral high-shin-length piltyns (Corzynite skirts) made of brown leather, gray long-sleeve shirts, and a matching brown doublet. The outfit is finished with a good pair of warm leather boots and a warm wool cloak. For special Corzynite ceremonies, you may see her wearing a fancy iron or silver gorget with her family crest on it.


Spouse N/A
Children - Lauryn (14)
Father Durnyn (97), High Chieftain of Ryngaria, Chief of Clan Hoeressthyn
Mother Illyth (84), Queen of Clan Hoeressthyn
Brother(s) - Meekyn (28, Civilian Doctor)
- Koryn (49, Clan Representative to the Corzyn Union's House of Laws)
- Lyam (Died at Age 28, Captain in the Federation Marine Corps. KIA during Operation Return)
Sister(s) - Murnah (49, CEO of Murnah Produce)
Other Family - Lord Zym of Clan Lymesser, Future Chief of Clan Lymesser (49, Divorced)
- Grandfather Meekyn (133, Retired High Chieftain of Ryngaria, Father of Durnyn)
- Grandmother Nurbah (129, Retired Queen of Clan Hoeressthyn, Mother of Durnyn)
- Grandfather Percyn, Chief of Clan Bathesdyn (115, Illyth's Father)
- Grandmother Abellah, Queen of Clan Bathesdyn (112, Illyth's Mother)
- Aunt Zyllnah of Clan Deswythton (79, Formally of Clan Hoeressthyn, Youngest Sibling of High Chief Duryn)
- Uncle Evyn of Clan Deswythton. (83, Related By Marriage)
- Aunt Kenah of Clan Bathesdyn (64, Related By Marriage)
- Uncle Morryce Of Clan Bathesdyn (74)
- Kearnah (11, Niece, Daughter of Koryn)
- Loryn (15, Nephew, Son of Koryn)
- Rohyllnah (7, Niece, Daughter of Meekyn)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kynah has an uncanny way of compartmentalizing her feelings. On-duty, she becomes micro-focused, unwavering to rules, and extremely detail-oriented. She tends to focus on the goals given, and nothing else.

Off-duty, she's easy-going, enjoys a good laugh, and can be the most loving and supportive person. Her need to want to protect her crew and family, however, can become almost OCD in nature, and bothersome to those that do not understand Kynah's dedicated and precise work ethic.

As to her leadership skills, while many see her to be too strict on the rules, she goes out of her way to encourage others to be better than they are. Often she will help enlisted into the OCS (Officer Candidate School) process or even help someone learn new occupational skills (if it is within her ability to do so).

Despite what many believe, she is not fearless. Through the rigorous training in SAR (Search and Rescue) and the hundreds of patrols with her MWDs (Military Working Dogs) and SAR Teams, she has learned to fight through the fear and get the job done.

Her horrors, as a result, often come in the form of nightmares. As such, Kynah actively seeks help to treat her PTSD symptoms when they flare up. Mostly she attends counseling and takes medication to control outbursts (which are extremely rare) and talks about her dreams to professionals – or friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hard Worker
+ Naturally Super Strong (Compared to Human Standards)
+ Role Model
+ Decisive Leader
+ Master Dog Trainer
+ Great Tactician
+ Martial Weaponmaster
+ Strength Aside, A Fair Hand-to-Hand
+ Rifle Marksmen
+ Certified SAR Team Member

+/- Her Extreme Hard line on Even Minor Rule Infractions Can Be a Good or Bad Thing, Depending on the Situation.
+/- Passable Family Cook

- Prone Far Easier to Infections, Given Her Species' Soft Epidermis
- Does Not Do Well in Extreme Heat For Long Periods of Time
- Struggles From Time to Time w/Balancing Work and Family (Latter Being the One to Suffer)
Ambitions Kynah once thought of commanding a ship - until she discovered an O-5 billet had to include a desk job (admin role), and thus part of the command pipeline. She knows she has a passion for teaching and training others within the Spec. Ops community - specifically, Jump School and SAR (Search and Rescue).

Thus, Kynah sees herself commanding either one of two non-desk job flag billets - The SAR School, on Andora. Or the primary Joint-Military Working Dog Training Center at Independence City, Kansas - Earth. Beyond that, she does not care for commanding fleets or thousands and thousands of people.

Even though she knows that to attain her dream job she would have to take on an admin position at some point, Kynah may have to bite the bullet upon her next re-signing and take said billet.

After she retires, however, Kynah loves the idea of becoming a dog breeder and trainer.
Hobbies & Interests * Grooming Her Dogs
* Spending Time w/Her Family
* Practicing Her Weapon/Martial Art Drills
* Holodeck Adventures w/Friends and Family

Personal History Born in 2341, Kynah (Pronounced: Kee-Nah) was raised in her homeworld of Corzyn - A planet in the Corzyn System, found in the Trill Sector.

She was lucky to of been born into a family of nobility - her father being a clan chief. To be more exact, the High Chief to the planet's biggest farming continent/country – Ryngaria. About the size of Australia, but as cold and temperate as Greenland, this place filled Kynah with a desire to explore her world and when she was older, the galaxy.

Her younger sister, Murnah, she had very little in common with. Despite Corzyn being non-binary culture, Murnah was considered to be very girly. Never liked getting dirty, never enjoyed combat training. However, both she and her younger brother Koryn were the best of friends and often idolized their eldest sibling and heir of the clan - Lyam. Even though he was three years younger, Koryn possessed mad skills in combat training - especially in the sword. Lyam commented often that his younger brother was far above his age in skill.

Lyam was the biggest reason she and Koryn did so well scholastically in school and in combat. He encouraged them to follow whatever path they felt The Gods were calling them into - not what their father wanted for them.

When she was twelve, her people made their first FTL test, which caught Trill's attention. Because her father was a High Chief, he and the rest of Kynah's clan got to meet the Trill ambassadors. Hearing of Starfleet, the Federation, and all the other worlds out there, she knew she was meant for bigger things.

While Corzyn was considered very technological - more so with medical and computing advancements, The Council of High Chiefs agreed that exploration was not The Will of The Gods. It was this decision that caused a rift between the younger generation and the older generation.

A bloody, two-year war broke out, as a result. Separatists against the Traditionalists. It was the first time in Corzyn history that the lines were drawn, not by which clan disliked another clan. No. It was a full-blown civil war. Brother and sister fighting against each other.

Her brother Lyam, sixteen years old, was the spark that lit the pyres. Koryn and Kynah watched painfully as Lyam's Separatists lost battle after battle. Their father had forbidden both of them to fight, as Lyam was no longer the next-in-line for clan chief. It did not matter though, not to Kynah.

Two months towards the end of the fighting, a fourteen-year-old Kynah snuck behind the enemy lines to see Lyam. To talk to him. Much to her shock, Trill ambassadors were in Lyam's command post, trying to talk him into surrendering or risk losing Federation support for the entire planet. Lyam of course refused. He had the numbers, after all. But sadly, the Separatists lacked in experience.

The damage was done, however. Her father believed Lyam had kidnapped her. And thus the battles grew more intense and Lyam grew more stubborn, refusing to listen to any reason Kynah might have brought to the table.

Earth calendar, September 17th, 2355. The Battle of The Kurnthyntine Dikes. Kynah went with him armed with her hyff (an energy-amped sword). Her brother had taken the dikes without contest. However, three days later her father mounted the largest offensive he could muster to prevent Lyam from flooding the valley below, thus ridding the world of two rival traditionalist clans.

In the end, it was a melee contest due to most energy-weapons failing from a trick Lyam used with an EMP generator. Kynah had watched from afar as the battle raged a good two-hours before she rushed past Lyam's vanguard. The Traditionalists had outflanked Lyam on all sides except the long drop off the dikes.

Lyam had decided the only way to win, was to kill his father, thus Kynah fought so hard for her way through the lines. Moments away from a twenty-foot drop, Kynah came from behind her father, knocking him hard on the back of the head. This act caused two things to happen all at once. She held her sword to Lyam's neck while he too was still down on the ground, and both sides ceased fire not too long after.

This action ended the fighting, but The Council of High Chiefs did not change their minds on exploration. A concession was made that technology could continue to advance, but not in the direction of interstellar travel. Several Separatists were, as part of the agreement, exiled from the planet - including Lyam.

This decision broke Kynah's heart and opened a rift between her and her father. Forgiveness was something she was taught since birth, and because her father only cared about saving his image, she hated him for it. So she left in exile with Lyam, out of protest.

It would be several years before her father and she would repair their rift and become civil with each other - mostly because of Lyam's passing. Her Aunt Zyllnah also left with her and Lyam – a concession that she made with High Chief Durnyn in order to be a bridge for the warring parts of the family.

Lyam attended college on Earth. Specifically Texas A&M and entered the SFROTC program there. She lived close by, mostly by herself, but attended the local magnate school – Dawson-Turney High School of Humanitarian and Political Sciences. She saw Lyam a few times a week, while she worked after school at a local diner, busing tables. Her Aunt Zyllnah checked in on her daily as well but chose to give Kynah her space as long as she was responsible.

Sometimes her aunt took her shopping, other times they worked on her swordsmanship. On rare occasion, Aunt Zyllnah would stay with Kynah – mostly in times where Kynah had gotten sick or had a rough day.

Several times her parents tried to contact her, even Koryn. They begged her to come home daily - until she turned her personal communication transceiver off and bought a new, private one only Lyam and Zyllnah could contact her on. Her focus was school, taking care of her needs, finding who she was, who she wanted to be – all in that order. Aunt Zyllnah helped to some degree, mostly by not pushing her to forgive or encourage her to hate any more than she currently had. Though Kynah missed her family greatly, she made friends in her school and sometimes had dinner at their houses.

When she turned eighteen, Kynah looked at joining Starfleet. However, with the news that Corzyn had signed documents of alliance with The Federation, not two days later she found UFP government officials at her door one day after school. They insisted on assigning security details to her.

...The security detail lasted all of two days. That was when she signed her enlistment papers, sighed away her diplomatic immunity status, and attained dual-citizenship with Earth and Corzyn. The happiest day of her life? Making the Soldier's Oath in front of her now-commissioned brother Lyam. A Second Lieutenant in the Federation Marine Corps.

She was put on a delayed-entry program while she finished up her schooling. And she attained high enough MAT (Military Aptitude Test) scores to be given a contract for Master-at-Arms Fleet Occupation School.

Her BT was not very eventful, up until her RPOC (Recruit Petty Officer In Charge) was rolled back due to serious knee injuries during the obstacle course. Because of her willingness to help others, attention to detail, and numerous passed-inspections, she became her Division's new RPOC.

Sadly, she could not lead her division to Honor Division for graduation, but they gave it a good run for their money. She was given a small bump in rank for her performance, so there is a silver lining there. Her mother even came to see her passing out - against her father's wishes.

Her occupation school was not too difficult. More rifle and hand-phaser training, hand-to-hand combat training, and security procedures for the Fleet. Those were the easy classes. MAA trainees also had to learn deescalation tactics, advanced patrol training, and proper brig maintenance and prisoner upkeep/apprehension procedures.

Kynah found herself studying very long and very hard in her dorm. She chose not to party, as many of her classmates did after-hours. And it showed. Ninety-two percent rifle average, written tests were ninety-five percent average. She was lacking a little on combat tactics. Only eighty-three percent average there. However, most of her scores, at the end of MAA School, qualified her for Handler Training - an advanced specialty school of MAA.

She had animals growing up but did not really understand what it meant to be a military animal handler. So when given the offer and told a promotion to E-4 was possible if she had an overall ninety-percent average in Handler School? She took it... A decision that to this day she is both glad of and saddened by.

A six-month program, Kynah was taught to be a trainer, a veterinary field medtech, and a top-notch MWD field operator for small units. The various search and tactical skills required to maintain her dog as well as assess dangers for a patrol team were many and extremely difficult to master. Basically, if she had not dedicated herself to studying and bonding with her dog Gibbs, she'd likely not of barely scrapped a 90-percent in the rigorous course load.

Her first duty station was Starbase 21. A stardock class station that relied heavily upon security personnel for maintaining safety and controlling unlawful imports and exports of goods. It took another three months for her and Gibbs to bond fully and become a dynamic team.

Her service was par during this period. Nothing extraordinary made her stand out for promotion boards - aside from her brute strength. She and Gibbs performed their duties to the high standards expected of them. However, Kynah began to struggle with homesickness. She missed her brothers, her sister, her Aunt Zyllnah, and her mother greatly.

After talking to her brother over subspace one evening, she realized Lyam had found a way to cope by making friends. Thus she did as well. And once she became happier with her personal life, her duty performance also picked up with Gibbs. Out of the twenty-seven MWD pairs on the station, she and Gibbs were ranked third in the unit overall, with having the most search successes for four monthly evaluations straight.

When it came time to re-up her enlistment, she did not hesitate, having finally found her stride. However, her next billet would not be a ship, as it was supposed to be. Due to combat intensifying with the Cardassians, Kynah and Gibbs were transferred to Outpost T'Pem - a temporary base settled on the planet of Fullis II (a planet now resting on the Cardassian's side of the DMZ).

Fullis II was once a vibrant planet teeming with life. That was until the Cardassian Union put boots on the ground and tried to conquer the planet for their own. For almost ten years, the planet was a jungle battlefield. So it was very daunting to Kynah and Gibbs. They were assigned to a joint-unit of Federation Marines - the 5th Division, 2nd Light Armored Battalion, Echo Company... And the 24th Starfleet Security Forces, 1st Regiment, Beta Company.

The Brass back at SFHQ, Paris, called the joint-unit the 3rd Joint Division - nicknamed The Spearhead. Tasked with manning and protecting the outpost, as well as performing recon on the enemy - in theory... In practice, it may have well been another Vietnam War. Enemy lines shifted, bugouts were almost monthly, and it was impossible to transfer injured off-world, whenever the Cardassian Union blockaded the planet.

More often than not, Kynah and Gibbs were pulling ordinance patrols with marine EOD units, than joint combat missions with the rest of the Spearheads. That was not to say that she had an easy time. Oh no. Her first taste of true combat, she froze on, during her fourth patrol into the jungle, looking for roadside IEDs and hidden Cardassians. She only found her courage when Gibbs was nearly hit with phaser fire.

At that point, she learned to lean on a goal that was so powerful, it would allow her to push through her fear. That, and many of her marine friends gave her several ground combat pointers that Starfleet Security usually was not taught. She and Gibbs quickly became the pair any EOD team on the base wanted in their patrols because of how well Kynah listened to what her patrol leaders wanted, and how exceptional she was with handling Gibbs to achieve their objective.

Three months in and forty-seven patrols later, Gibbs was injured from a plasma mine that caused third-degree burns to his chest. Many handlers and MWDs were targeted by the Cardassians at this point, though Gibbs was the first in the MWD unit to be taken off active duty.

Kynah kept him as a pet, but always felt it was her fault she did not notice the mine. Her battle buddies tried for weeks to convince her otherwise, but she carried the guilt with her for years to come. Her new MWD - Samsom, made her feel even more guilty too. She felt as if she were cheating on Gibbs with her new German Sheppard. Eventually, she grew to accept Samson, more so upon hearing his last handler was separated and then murdered in front of the poor dog.

Kynah and Samson were not as solid of a pair as she and Gibbs were. However, Samson was a brilliant attack dog. On more than twenty patrols, he took down fleeing Cardassian troops. Her second dog was not nearly as people-friendly as Gibbs, though. So when in crowds outside of combat zones, he was muzzled.

March 13th, 2360 is to this day, the start of THE darkest period of her life. Low in supplies, running on minimal power to reduce the risk of proton shelling, the base was extremely depleted in fresh water. She and Samson, along with almost 200 others from Spearhead were charged with escorting the water treatment specialists to a river ten miles south of the base.

With the planet currently blockaded by the Cardassians, they were forced to a spot that was very clearly meant to be a trap. The river's bridge had long been blown and there was only one spot to ford through, just far enough in with a hose to attain large amounts of water to fill the water tanks quickly. The road to the river was also downhill, however, the path back to base was steep.

All seemed great the first ten minutes of the filling operation. Spearhead setup sandbags and mortar stations behind a wall of sandbags. While that went on, she and the other three handlers took their dogs along the river's edge. No team found picked up anything close by. However, the bloodiest battle on Fullis II (Battle of Fullis River) occurred within a matter of seconds. Shells from across the river (only 200 yards across) had been automated to fire six shells per minute, per launcher. However, there were so many shells being fired, it was hard to see where they were fired from.

Starfleet and Marine mortar teams had to pullout due to many enemy shelling stations aimed at them. The sniper teams must have been take care of before the shelling, for no one checked in on the comms.

Second Lieutenant Forester - their unit commander, was so green and so shocked by all the chaos within the first fifteen seconds that he was hit with a proton mortar. Dead on impact. Gunny Lofty was next-in-line and quickly ordered a basic drill-to-fallback position. However, it was this point all the MWDs went crazy, for Cardassians deployed orbital combat jumpers, flanking them and firing madly from the sky as they landed.

The marine mortar teams tried to setup another station, just off the road, but the falling chutes of Cardassians fired on any attempting to retreat from the road. Gunny was forced to call for a dig-in and fire. Out in the open, he and likely most others in Spearhead knew this was likely their death.

All of their water transports were demolished from the jungles to Kynah's right - likely a sniper shot to the trucks' power core. Kynah had to put her leash on Samson due to all the commotion going on. He wanted nothing more than to attack and likely had been traumatized from some near-misses of shellfire.

Spearhead was forced to fight on both sides and the amount of falling bodies of their own, was staggering. They were pushed closer and closer back to the river - into shellfire once the Cardassian combat jumpers began to take out Spearhead's mortar teams. Bodies behind her and in front of her were making it hard for her to move.

Once the personal grenades started to fly, it became a race to punch a hole through the dead bodies and escape through the jungle. Down to her last grenade, and an EMP at that, a look of realization hit her and the Gunny. Both of them tossed their grenades in the direction of the Cardassian combat jumpers. Phasers shards shredded through their vanguard and their people were able to move up the hill again.

For a time, the battle turned in Spearhead's favor, giving their people more time to get up the road and meet back up with reinforcements that would arrive in less than ten minutes. All the non-combatants were able to punch through the chaos and retreat into the jungles, once they got to the top. However, this retreat did not have that long.

A second wave of Cardassian combat jumped landed atop the hill and began to push back. While that happened, a Cardassian amphibious assault unit was now on hovercraft, containing the rear combat zone. Lack of cover, out of heavy artillery, the Gunny called a surrender. The Cardassian troops were ruthless, however. Once Starfleet had been disarmed, almost seventy-five percent of their remaining unit were shot without warning.

Kynah watched very painfully as Samsum was ripped from her, and shot point-blank in the head. Because she was his handler, her and many of the survivors were rounded up, cuffed, hooded, and taken to some dark hole that to this day, Kynah could not tell you the exact location of.

POW Camp Labor Camp 16 was a city of tent shelters, split up into 4 quadrants by a single building in the middle. The camp was also surrounded by a dome forcefield, with the admin building in the shape of a cross in the middle. Each pylon of the building housed special cells for special prisoners and the center hub housed the main guard tower, warden's office, medical center, and armory.

Every day the overcrowded camp would wake up, eat, be put in chains/hoods, and then loaded into trucks. Mining was the work the POWs did. Worked so hard escape was not something thought possible. What few escape attempts happened, were quickly thwarted and failed-escapees killed in front of the POW camp as a deterrent. Sleep was the only thought on most prisoners' minds, every time they came back from the mines.

The guards were abusive as well. If one grew bored, they picked a prisoner at random to punish. If you fought back, the resident Obsidian Order Operative got to have fun with you... Something Kynah found out first-hand, after being in that hell hole for over three years.

She was taken to one of the holding cells in the admin building, poked, prodded, tortured every other day. Sometimes they fed her to keep her extremely healthy, other times there would be months where she ate very little. As if testing the physical limits of her species. They stopped keeping her healthy, however, a year into her torture. This was because she strangled a guard that came in to give her a food tray and was shot in the shoulder while trying to escape.

That is how she lost her left eye. The Obsidian Order agent cut it out of her slowly while she was held down. After that, she was tossed in an isolation cell. A few corpsmen would check in on her occasionally, to tend to her high fevers and wounds, give her water and bits of bread. Medicine was scarce, so the corpsmen had to sneak antibiotics to her. However, no Cardassian gave her any rations. They did not care one way or another if she died.

August 15th, 2370, she and the very last of the POWs in her camp were once again rounded up, hooded, and shoved into a transport. It must have been made for space travel for there was no room to move, nowhere to bathroom. She was so underfed and weak that the corpsmen constantly held on to her and let her rest on them.

They were finally handed over to Starfleet, at DS9. Extreme cases such as she were very quickly put on the fastest starships and whisked to Starfleet Medical, Earth. For her, it would be a long recovery. But her family visited daily. All but her father. She still refused his company.

During her recovery, she was promoted to Petty Officer First Class. The recovery itself, however, took nine months of therapy, physical rehab, and three surgeries to repair the damage done to her eye before she was finally able to rejoin the fleet. Though it was nice to see her mother, Koryn, and her other family from Corzyn, Lyam and Aunt Zyllnah were her biggest reasons for learning to cope.

She, at the time, was told her assignments could not be direct-combat, by the Medical Review Board. She had to fight for a place in Security, and through many stress and physical tests, eventually convinced the review board she was a great candidate for SAR (Search And Rescue).

May 2nd, she was assigned to Andora and 2 weeks later started SAR training. This was 4 weeks of endurance PT, orbital jump training, orienteering training, and then once you got your jump wings, another eight weeks in recovery, search, and evasion tactics.

On top of this, she would spend her weekends at Andora's MWD facility, trying to recertify as a handler. Connecting with a canine, proved the best therapy for her. And that is also where she would meet her next MWD, Dilly. A Belgium Malinois who learned a bit slower than most in her litter.

Unofficially, Dilly was hers through training so that Dilly could certify in SAR as well. And both of them did so well with SAR school that upon graduation, they officially became a pair.

When the Federation-Klingon War occurred, many worlds saw ground warfare of untold horrors. Initially, Kynah and Dilly were assigned to the USS Dragon as Customs officers. However, on July 3rd of 2372, they received TAD (Temporary Active Duty) orders to Cerna IV.

She and Dilly were assigned to the 31st Federation Marine Detachment as SAR specialists. That was the official story. What actually happened, was her brother Lyam talked his superior officers into fudging records a little so they could get Kynah assigned to their detachment - to teach them proper swordsmanship.

A few patrols were done here and there for minor issues of young, inexperienced marines getting lost in the woods, but for the most part, she and Dilly had an easy TAD assignment. Lyam and she were sights to behold, as expert sword fighters. Two unique styles, though hers most assuredly catered to species that weren't very strong.

Outpost Dewlin, the name of the base she was TAD with, eventually was attacked by a Klingon company. Her first live combat since being placed back on active duty. She pinned Dilly and went into the fight. There, she was amazed to see so many marines at melee range, holding their own. Likely more Lyam's doing than hers.

At the end of the engagement, her sword was coated in blood, and most of the outpost was still intact. And on August 17th, she was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and given a Unit Commendation of Merit with a golden H (See Service Record).

She did not like combat, and she had nightmares that came and went, but she was learning to cope - All thanks to Lyam treating her with dignity, whereas Starfleet Medical wanted Starfleet as a whole to treat her with gloved hands.

Due to the nature of the war, hers and Dilly's skillsets, and need for them, the majority of the Federation-Klingon War would be TAD assignments from there on out. Lost personnel unaccounted for? She was sent to a ship or outpost with an RRT (Rapid Response Team) and SAR group for said assignment.

One such assignment - Camp Freedom, she and her SAR team were given bad intel on activity in an area. It was supposed to be a simple pickup of downed pilots and then book-it quickly back to base. What ended up happening was a patrol of Klingons running after them.

The enemy must have done the same thing she did, for once her SAR team reached their base, the enemy had transported in three companies of Klingon ground forces. By the time they got inside the wire heavy fire happened. Dilly once again pinned up, Kynah ran into the fray and joined a rifle team on the upper-east ramparts.

All they had to do was hold out long enough for returning hover tanks to reach the base. For the most part, the plan worked, but a small group of Klingons breached the eastern wall with disruptor mortars and heavy tricobolt shells, where she and fifteen other riflemen were.

The blast rang her bell good, but she saw a young private about to get sliced by one of the klingons. If she had not attained a small concussion from the fall, the outcome may have been better. For her, she got her kneecap kicked almost out of the skin, and the same Klingon proceeded to slice it off. Would have too, if not for her driving her sword through his heart on his wind-up.

The young private she saved, in turn, dragged her out of the fray and into the arms of medics. That Private First Class received the Christopher Pike Medal of Valour for saving her and three others from this battle and is now a Marine First Lieutenant - OCS graduate upon the recommendation of Kynah herself. Kynah would earn her second Purple Heart and a nomination for the Bronze Star for meritorious valor in the face of danger - The nomination is still pending due to conflicting witness reports and declassification issues.

When she was not on a TAD, her official housing billet was on DS9, due to the closeness Starfleet believed most of her assignments would be. This is where she met Lord Zym of Clan Lymesser. He was from Corzyn, like her. And he worked the pharmaceutical trade for his clan.

Unknown to her, her father sent him there to represent Corzyn with the Bajoran Provisional Government, hoping to run into her. It worked. They married on January 4th, 2373. Though family was not in their plans that that time, however. He wanted to support her and he taught her how to have fun again but taking her to the holosuites often.

Soon, they would have to vacate DS9 with the war. Earth was where Zym and she decided to make a permanent home. North Dakota. Horse farm. She saw far less than she would have liked, due to numerous TADs during The Dominion War. More so when the Lucca Protocol was approved - allowing previously active combat-banned personnel to serve on the frontlines.

She and Dilly were sent to the USS Anderson, a Nebula-Class starship equipped with a troop carrier pod. Anderson would ferry Task Force Silver Falcon where ever they needed to go. At first wargames and exercises to get the task force comfortable with each other. Then, once the war arrived, they were ferried to key installations they needed to hold on the ground.

The listening outpost on Kauwn II was nothing but dull, the first four months. It soon became one of the first planets Starfleet would flee to with their injured after one decimated battle after another. However, once Betazed was taken, many SAR teams from Silver Falcon were responsible for sneaking over four hundred Starfleet officers out of Betazed.

Kynah, specifically, found herself on cleanup assignments. Going to places the Dominion backed out of. Recovering assets left for dead. Dilly and she racked up quite the record of live-finds. Dead-finds, however, was not a record she wanted. She would have preferred live, but at least her SAR teams were finding bodies of dead and returning them home for burials.

The only battle she was noted to of taken part in during the war, was Operation Bunker Buster. It was a high-stakes offensive that saw the destruction of a secret Dominion weapons research facility. Heavily guarded too. She was given command of the MDW unit - assigned to go after shrowded Jem'Hadar.

The enemy soon learned you cannot fool a canine's nose. The nearly three-hundred dogs were able to quietly sniff-out the enemy scouts and like clockwork, downed them before too many reinforcements could be called. The Dominion was outnumbered, outgunned, and outmatched with marine tanks showing up and ripping down the facility's defenses.

Kynah and Dilly were accredited with sixteen kills and the takedown of a fleeing Vorta, out the western perimeter, near the close of the battle. With the MWDs hiding in the forest, along the edges of the weapons plant, the enemy had nowhere to flee and the space above was The Alliance's.

At the end of the war, she was promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer. Many brass wanted her and Dilly to certify with the Rapid Response Training Center. For Dilly that was impossible. The amount of activity in the wars put a strain on her body and she was declared unfit and retired to pet status with Kynah. Dilly spent the rest of her years on the farm with Zym and Kynah (whenever she could get time to visit).

Kynah made it through hell week of RRT but eventually had to be medically dropped due to a cut she refused to see Medical over - out of fear of having to be sent home. As a result, she finished out her enlisted career as a Recruit Drill Instructor at Starfleet Academy. Specifically, their primary weapons instructor.

While not teaching recruits, Kynahlooked into other career paths. She did not want to have the next four years as a general instructor. Officer started to appeal to her once she saw the various things security officers did. With the appointment of..... (TBC)
Service Record 2359-
* May 3rd: Arrived at SFA Enlisted Campus for Basic Training.

* May 6th: Assigned to the 4th Division Barracks, Compartment 2.

* June 18th: Earned both the Rifle and Phaser Proficiency Qualifications.

* July 12th: Appoint RPOC (Recruit Petty Officer In Charge) of the 4th Recruit Division.

* August 3rd: Graduated in the Top 5% of the Recruits' Class. Granted Crewman Apprentice (E-2).

* August 12th: Arrived for Master-At-Arms Training School, SFA Enlisted Campus.

* November 11th: Graduated MAA School, Qualified for MWQ (Military War Dog) Training.

* November 29th: Reported to Joint-Military Working Dog Training Center at Independence City, Kansas - Earth for Handler Training.

* February 14th: Promoted to Crewman (E-3)

* May 11th: Graduated Handler's School, Granted Petty Officer 3rd Class (E-4)

* May 17th: Officially Assigned SFS-2358-06-112 MWD Gibbs. A Belgian Malinois. Assigned to Starbase 21, Security and Customs Detail.

* May 30th: Reports to her department CO, Commander Christopher Long.

* June 2nd: Transferred to Outpost T'Pem as MWD assets with the 24th Starfleet Security Force, 1st Regiment, Gamma Company.

* September 4th: Gibbs is injured during a routine patrol four miles out from the North-West section of the jungle from Outpost T'Pem. PO3 Hoeressthyn

* September 12th: An Incident Review Board is Convened. The result was Gibbs medically retiring from service, due to injuries received in the line of duty. PO3 Kynah Hoeressthyn was not found negligent in the incident as Gibbs' handler. The injury was declared as unavoidable and unforeseen.

* November 11th: PO3 Kynah Hoeressthyn is assigned SFS-2360-11-307 MWD Samson as her new dog.

* January 26th: Promoted to PO2 (Petty Officer Second Class).

* March 13th: Captured by the Cardassian Union's 4th Regiment and taken to a POW Camp. Through debrief of several survivors six years later, Starfleet Intelligence has deemed the facility was called Labor Camp 16 - location unknown but is believed to be deep in Cardassian Space.

* August 15th: Released from the POW Camp 16. Transferred to Starfleet Medical. Treated for malnutrition, given a new prosthetic eye, and counseling.

* December 11th: Promoted to PO1 (Petty Officer First Class).

* May 2nd: Released from Starfleet Medical. Sent to Search and Rescue Training School, Andora.

* September 17th: Graduated SAR School with honors. Assigned a new MWD - SFS-2368-01-002 Dilly. Another Belgium Malinois. Sent to Starfleet Academy for MAA/Handler Reassessment.

* March 23rd: Assigned to the 10th Fleet, USS Dragon. An Akira-class cannon boat as part of their security detachment.

* July 3rd: Beamed down from the USS Dragon with Samson as a TAD (Temporary Active Duty) assignment, to relieve battered ground troops fighting in the Federation-Klingon War, on Cerna IV.

* August 17th: Given a Unit Commendation of Merit with a golden "H" (Stands for Honor - Equivalent of US Navy Valor Merit [V] found on specific ribbons). Promoted to Chief Petty Officer.

* November 11th: TAD assignment to Betazed as added security for the Klingon-Federation Peace Summit.

* November 24th: TAD assignment, USS Thompson, Customs Officer.

* December 12th: TAD assignment, SAR Team 12, Federation Camp Freedom.

* December 25th: Wounded with a slice to the right knee during the Defense of Camp Freedom.

* January 9th: Awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received during the Defense of Camp Freedom.

* March 30th: Due to a great need for solid handler/MWD warzone assets in the coming war, Starfleet Command forced Starfleet Medical to approve Kynah and many other handlers officially medically discharged from Combat Duty, to reverse the rulings with the Lucca Protocol - a method of allowing medically-regulated handlers combat duty if they met the slightly lowered physical and mental standards - so long as the handler attended or had holo sessions with a counselor after every combat engagement.

* April 10th: Assigned to Joint-Task Force Silver Falcon, a Federation Marine, KDF, and Starfleet personnel ferried by the USS Anderson.

* June 27th: Silver Falcon assigned to keep the Mizar Sector secure and hold a listening outpost on Kauwn II.

* April 9th: Operation Bunker Buster is implemented on Darious Prime. Awarded a Unit Citation for achieving the goal.

* July 23rd: Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

* September 1st: Dilly is medically discharged from service due to severe hip dysplasia. Assigned to Kynah as her pet.

* October 11th: Reported to Starfleet Academy's Advanced Security and Tactics College Campus, San Francisco for Rapid Response Team training.

* December 29th: Sustained injuries so sever to that a medical drop from the program was issued. Decided not to re-sign in the enlisted program.

* January 27th: Sent to Starfleet Academy's Enlisted Campus for a TAD as an RDI (Recruit Drill Instructor) to finish out her enlisted career.

* May 5th: Honorably discharged from service.

* August 11th: Reinstated into Starfleet on Reserve Status as a Cadet 4th Class in the University of Missouri's SFROTC program.

* May 15th: Reports to SFHQ, Paris as part of an intern program for Starfleet Security Cadets.

* August 7th: Begins Sophomore Cadet Year.

* April 17th: Granted a maternity waiver from strenuous PT.

* August 2nd: Begins Junior Cadet Year

* May 6th: Enters Summer PT program to get back into fighting shape.

* August 12th: Begins Senior Cadet Year, Promoted to Cadet Lieutenant Commander and given Command of Alpha Company.

* May 4th: Graduates University of Missouri with Bachelors in Animal Behavioral Science, and a Bachelors in Criminal Law. Commissioned as Ensign.

*May 19th: Assigned to Starbase McKinley as Beta Shift Officer-In-Charge for the Security Department.

* April 27th: Promoted to Lieutenant JG.

* January 2nd: Assigned to the hospital ship, USS Mercy as Chief Security Officer.

* June 11th: Assigned MWD SFS-2380-05-123 Olive, a pure-white Andorian Cargir as her SAR-Trained asset.

* August 21st: Given a Note of Commendation for taking MWD Olive into hostile territory and finding fourteen survivors of the downed wayvern, Mendal.

* April 16th: Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned to joint-base Outpost Sullivan as the MWD Training Program Director.

* May 6th: Promotion Board turned down her appointment to Lieutenant Commander due to a non-distinctive officer career.

* February 12th: Assigned to the SAR Training School, Andora. Assigned a non-specific staff position for Captain Elizabeth Winters. Later re-designated MDW SAR Training Instructor.

* July 23rd: Letter of Reprimand placed in the file, by Captain Winters, noting Lieutenant Hoeressthyn deliberately doing par on her past three performances. Captain Winters believes this is because she does not want an admin billet in her next posting.

* October 4th: Note of Commendation for the retrieval of four lost school children lost in the mountains of Andora.

* December 17th: MWD Olive is retired due to congestive heart failure. Humanely put down as a result.

* March 10th: Assigned 2 MWDs. An all-purpose Belgium Malinois, SFS-2389-10-1024 Jax. The other, a black and white scent/therapy springer spaniel named Tiffany - SFS-2386-11-2403.

* Current: Assigned to the USS Arcadia as Chief of Security.