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Lieutenant Terri Lee

Name Terri Cornelia Lee

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 125 lb
Hair Color Platinum
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Terri is of average stature. She has an athletic, but by no means voluptuous, figure. Her platinum blonde hair is usually kept short and often in pixie cut. She has a very sweet face, but you often find it covered in dirt and bruises since she has a tendency of getting into fist fights.


Father Admiral Oliver A. Lee (deceased)
Mother 1st Lieutenant Korra Ymir (deceased)
Other Family Stepmother: Captain Michaela Taylor (deceased)
Stepbrother: Alexander Taylor (deceased)
Stepsister: Erin Taylor (deceased)

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses +brave
+showing prodigious aptitude in temporal sciences as well as an uncanny and instinctive perception of space-time, possibly due to the circumstances of her birth

-not entirely mature
-prone to physical violence
-Lacking inter-personal skills
Ambitions With her own originating reality erased and almost everyone she ever loved gone, Terri is lost and adrift in a universe and time so familiar yet so foreign. She no longer knows what she wants and struggles to find a purpose and place for herself.
Hobbies & Interests = working on her own personal science/tech projects

= practicing various forms of martial arts, especially the Klingon Mok'bara, preferably against real opponents, or at least with holodeck safety protocols off

= reading poetry

Personal History Terri was born in 2394 to then Captain Oliver A. Lee and 1st Lieutenant Korra Ymir aboard the USS Bunker Hill. Her parents had been the closest of friends since childhood, but were not in a relationship at the time of her birth. She was conceived during a first contact mission gone awry when Captain Lee and Lieutenant Ymir were briefly possessed by two non-corporeal life forms. Due to unforeseen complications Lt. Ymir died giving birth to her daughter, a fact that would haunt Terri for the rest of her life. Shortly afterwards, Terri's father assumed command of the USS Themyscira, a Luna-class long-range explorer. She grew up on the Themyscira with her father and step-mother Dr. Michaela Taylor, the ship's chief medical officer.

Throughout her childhood, the otherwise affable Captain Lee was distant and aloof toward Terri as she reminded him too much of her mother and his best friend as well as what he believed to be his failure as a commanding officer to protect his crew. Fortunately Dr. Taylor's loving care filled some of that void in her life. Nevertheless much of what Terri did was to gain her father's approval and, more importantly, his affection.

Therefore, it was not at all surprising that she applied and entered Starfleet Academy just like her father, albeit with far more enthusiasm than her father had. Having always shown an exceptional aptitude for and interest in the scientific fields, she majored in sciences with a minor in tactical operations. In her senior year, her thesis paper on temporal mechanics won her the prestigious K'Ren medal. After graduating the Academy she joined Starfleet Research and Development.

By the time she graduated in 2416 the 2nd Dominion War had been raging for nearly 12 years. By 2419 the Federation had begun to steadily lose ground to the Dominions. Riding on a wave of discontent both within and without Starfleet, respected Marine General Ardon Bolanus launched a coup d'tat against the corrupt and incompetent government of President J'vek, promising a swift reversion of the Federation's declining fortune. Terri's father, who had been promoted to admiral after a long series of successes against the Dominions, was then the commander of the Kalandra Sector. Having rescued N'Verix, the Transportation Secretary, from Bolanus' clutch, Admiral Lee convinced her to assume the vacant presidency before setting out to suppress the coup and restore the constitutional order, all despite his own dismay over the rampant government corruption and incompetence. As his father pushed toward Earth with the 7th Fleet, Terri joined the local resistance movement and played a small but important role in the eventual collapse of the Bolanus regime a few month later.

The brief civil war, however, severely weakened the already over-stretched Starfleet. By late 2421 the Dominions had begun to threaten Earth itself. Admiral Lee, who had just brokered a new alliance with the Romulan Republic, was able to convince President N'Verix to withdraw her government from Earth and continue resisting the Dominions with their new Romulan allies. Before evacuation could begin, however, N'Verix and most of her cabinet were killed in a terrorist bombing of the Palace de Concorde. Lee was immediately accused as the mastermind behind the bombing and was charged for high treason. His arrest enraged many who had served under him during the war, and the 7th Fleet outright refused to obey the new president's orders. Terri helped hatch a plan to break his father out of prison, but before they could reach the transport that was bringing the admiral to a new holding facility, the ship was attacked under mysterious circumstances. Terri and her rescue party arrived too late to save the admiral, who died in the arms of his daughter before he could tell her how much he loved her. Three months later the Federation formally surrendered to the Dominions.

Terri again found herself in the resistance together with remnants of Starfleet - mostly of the 7th Fleet - who had refused to lay down their weapons as stipulated in the 2nd Treaty of Bajor. The Klingons, however, soon joined the scramble to carve out a piece of the once mighty Federation for themselves. Assaulted on all sides by every major power except the Romulans and the Cardarsians, the resistance soon found itself on the precipice of destruction. As a last gamble, Captain Nami Ishikawa, Admiral Lee's former chief of staff, recruited Terri, a prodigy in the temporal sciences, into Project Catalyst so that she could help finish the time travel device that had been in development since the last days of the war. Once complete, the device would be installed on the USS Themyscira, a ship holding a special significance for Terri as the Themyscira, in addition to being her late father's second command and then his flagship, was also where she grew up and spent nearly all her childhood.









Before the temporal device could undergo all the necessary tests, however, a surprise Klingon attack on the rebel base forced the Themyscira to jump into the time stream ahead of schedule and pursued by a Klingon battle cruiser. When both vessels emerged from the time stream, they found themselves in 2393. Badly damaged, the Themyscira was saved from destruction when the USS Arcadia came to her rescue. As it turned out, the Arcadia was under the command of none other than Captain Oliver A. Lee. This strange turn of events meant that Terri was now face to face with the younger versions of not only her father, but also her mother, whom she had never met, a situation that was both surreal and emotionally taxing for her.

It wasn't long before the Arcadia crew discovered Captain Ishikawa's true mission of exterminating the Founders through a genophage virus, one that was far more deadly and fast acting than the morphogenic virus from the First Dominion War. After a few days of hide and seek followed by a climatic battle, the Themyscira was destroyed before the virus could be deployed. Terri was among the few from the Themyscira crew who survived the battle.

After thorough debriefing and inquiry by Starfleet Intelligence and the Department of Temporal Investigation, Terri was cleared of any serious charges as she had not been aware of the true nature of the Themyscira's genocidal mission. She was released back to Captain Lee's supervision aboard the Arcadia under certain conditions. It soon, however, became clear that the presence of the younger versions of her deceased parents aboard the Elysium class ship was too much to bear even for someone as strong willed as Terri. When the USS Tranquility discovered a lost world submerged in temporal flux, her expertise in temporal mechanics as well as her actual experience with time travel made her an ideal mission advisor, and she quickly seized the opportunity to get off the Arcadia.
Service Record 2394

Born to Captain Lee and 1st Lieutenant Ymir aboard the USS Bunker Hill


2nd Dominion War Begins


Attends Starfleet Academy


Works at Starfleet R&D, Ensign/Lieutenant JG


Resistance Movement during GEN. Bolanus' Coup


Returns to Starfleet R&D, Lieutenant JG


Federation Surrenders; 2nd Dominion War Ends


Resistance Movement/USS Themyscira, Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant


Returns to 2393 aboard the USS Themyscira