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Captain Oliver Lee

Name Oliver Antoninus Lee PhD

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 165 lb
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Oliver has an average build. He is not overtly muscular, but keeps himself fit through regular workouts. He is a handsome man with a disarming smile, although some might find his indefatigable cheerfulness annoying at times. He always keeps himself well groomed. As he puts it, you never know whom you will meet. When off duty, he prefers casual, but tasteful clothing. This is not to say that he is averse to formal wear. In fact, he is quite fond of dress uniforms at formal functions. What is important is to have the right outfit for the right occasion.


Father Horatio Lee (deceased)
Mother Renee Tillman (deceased)
Other Family Grandfather: Admiral Jonathan Alexander Lee, Deputy Chief of Starfleet Operations

Personality & Traits

General Overview Oliver possesses an acute intellect and a penetrating mind, with a particular flair for obscure and mostly dead languages. When left to himself, he is given to deep and even philosophical contemplations. Being one of the few officers with a doctoral degree in history, he is the archetypical warrior-scholar, preferring good strategies to brute force. As such he has easily distinguished himself in the field of strategic operations and in other positions that require more brain than brawn. He is not averse to the use of force, but always frowns on any foolish and unnecessary abuse of it. Prevention is a strategy far more congenial to his temper than reaction. Paradoxically this line of thought sometimes justifies – in his mind – the application of preemptive strikes, provided no other preventative measures remain viable.

Despite his contemplative nature and intellectual prowess, he is far better known for his gregarious disposition. In social interactions he is relaxed and carefree, always ready for some fun. He often appears frivolous and perhaps even superficial. This is in part a reflection of his good-hearted nature, but it is also a desperate effort to be approachable so as not to turn people away. In fact, his sense of insecurity and the need to be liked by those around him motivates many of his behaviors. This can be partially ascribed to his childhood experience.

The relative poverty and instability of his early childhood taught Oliver the hardship of life, a lesson he vehemently resented. Then at age ten he was suddenly thrown into a life of affluence and high society when his grandparents took over his custody following his parents’ death. This was the life he had dreamed of, and he embraced it with all his heart. But he soon found himself stranded between the two worlds, accepted by neither. The boy reacted to his heightened sense of insecurity with a desperate charm offensive targeted at his peers and the adults around him. His frantic endeavor for acceptance was hugely successful, thanks to his wonderful affability and charming disposition. Yet despite all his popularity, the bitter fear of rejection still lurks deep within him.

This fear of rejection also partly results from his experience of losing his parents at a very young age, and it has had conflicting influences on his romantic relationships. On the one hand, he longs for something truly meaningful. On the other hand, he is afraid to commit to anything serious. Consequently he has had no shortage of one-night stands, but serious relationships have been few and far between. As a result he has gained a playboy reputation, a reputation he thinks undeserved.

Oliver’s desire to be liked does not mean an aversion to all conflicts. He is a principled man and believes strongly in the ideals of “truth, justice, and the Federation way.” Whenever these and other high principles are at stake, he is not afraid of directly confronting people, even those in power. In fact, he takes particular pleasure in confronting the powerful who have abused their positions. He considers them bullies, and he does not like bullies, having himself been a victim of bullying while a kid. This determination was suited well his position at the Inspector General’s Office, which prides itself as “the conscience of Starfleet.” While there, he helped uncover several high profile cases of embezzlement and abuse, making more than a few enemies in the process.
Strengths & Weaknesses + bright and strategically minded
+ eloquent and talented with words
+ empathetic and compassionate
+ strong moral compass

– much improvement needed in close-quarter combat skills
– relatively weak in the scientific and technical side of things
– insecure and craves approval
– can seem overly ambitious at times
Ambitions Ever since his grandparents took over his custody while he was ten, Oliver has led a life of affluence and respectability. He intends to keep it that way and never go back to the poverty and contempt he often experienced in his early childhood. But he is well aware that he cannot depend on his grandparents or anyone else for that. He must make it his own. That means securing an especially successful career, which at the moment is with Starfleet. His eyes are clearly set on the admiralty, but even within that select group he aims for the top.

Of course, his more contemplative self understands perfectly well that such ambition is fed by pride and fear of rejection and that both are contemptible vices that would be soundly rejected by the more enlightened beings such as the great Marcus Aurelius, in whose honor he was given the middle name of Antoninus. But he is not Marcus Aurelius. He is far more flawed. He accepts that and is content with his flawed ambition.
Hobbies & Interests Oliver is a very intellectual man and is especially interested in ancient history, constitutional theory and political philosophy. He tries to write on these subjects whenever he can and has managed to have several of his writings published in leading academic journals. This, however, is not something he actively publicizes since he has found in his experience that many people find it snobbish and off-putting.

Oliver enjoys group activities such as camping and especially parties. He also likes to indulge himself in any forms of sensory pleasures. He has a particular fondness for good food, though not necessarily fine cuisine. Having a soft spot for berries, he keeps a supply of the various fruits and juices whenever it is practical to do so. If he cannot find fresh and natural berries, he would not mind settling for the replicated variety.

Oliver is also an avid collector of comic books, both the holographic and the rarer paper versions. He has on a number of occasions tried to write a comic book himself, but has so far failed in that endeavor.

Personal History Oliver Antoninus Lee was born to Steffen Horatius Lee and Renee Tillman in New Amsterdam, one of the great metropolises on Earth’s moon. Steffen had an estranged relationship with his own father Jonathan, a career Starfleet officer, because of his decision to pursue a career in music rather than in Starfleet as Jonathan had wished. Consequently, Oliver spent the first ten years of his life without knowing his paternal grandparents. Nor did he get to know his father as Steffen passed away when he was merely two. For the next eight years Oliver and his mother moved from one world to another, never staying in one place for too long. Such an itinerant way of life without a stable source of financial support was often precarious and difficult. All this, however, changed when his mother died when the transport ship they were on was presumably boarded by Orion raiders. Captain Lee and his wife, since they were the closest kin, gained custody of the boy.

Thus Oliver grew up under the strict tutelage of his grandfather, who personally took charge of his education. From the very beginning he was groomed for a stellar career in Starfleet. Captain Lee was demanding in his expectations, holding Oliver to the highest standard in everything the boy did. It was as if he wanted to realize in his grandson what he had failed to realize in his son. Such a life would have been unbearably dreary and oppressive if not for the loving care of his grandmother, who showed her love in a more tender and affectionate manner than her husband.

Oliver excelled academically, and when he graduated from high school at 17, he could have entered any of the top universities in the Federation, but there was never a doubt where he would go: Starfleet Academy. His grandfather, now admiral, had already made the decision for him. Despite some strong misgivings, he dutifully obeyed his elder’s wish.

At the Academy Oliver went through the same core curriculum as everyone else. When it came time to choose a major he surprised his grandfather with his choice of history, but was able to convince the admiral that since only a small minority of cadets were allowed to pick a field in the humanities every year, it would add “an honorable distinction to the family’s illustrious tradition with Starfleet.” The words were somewhat disingenuous, but the elder Lee loved nothing more than furthering the good name of the Lee family, so all opposition was dropped. Any remaining doubt on the part of the admiral was placated when Oliver picked a second major in tactical operations. Truth be told, that decision was based more on a momentary, though intense, infatuation with a certain Trill cadet in tactical than on any concerns for his own career or the good name of the family. But the admiral did not need to know that.

In his sophomore year, Oliver was offered the opportunity to join the elite Red Squad, and to everyone’s surprise he declined, becoming one of the few to ever turn down the prestigious honor. When interviewed by the Academy student newspaper, he explained half-jokingly that life was too short to waste on the extra practice time required of the Squad members. His grandfather was not at all amused by either his decision or his explanation, but that was exactly the point. As Oliver’s counselor noted at the time, it was his way of rebelling against the admiral’s oppressively high standards and expectations. In any event, Oliver excelled in the Academy without seeming to make much of an effort and graduated in the top five percent of his class, all the while earning himself a reputation for being a playboy who never missed out on a good party.

In his senior year Oliver was selected as a recipient of the prestigious T’Lok Scholarship. The award required its recipients to pursue a postgraduate degree at the University of Betazed. He chose comparative constitutions for his major field of study and completed the doctoral program in three years. This meant three years away from Starfleet, but the top brass, his grandfather included, were eager to add another name to the Academy’s list of T’Lok scholars after several years of embarrassing drought.

Oliver’s first posting after his return from Betazed was as tactical officer aboard the heavy cruiser USS Gotham at the rank of lieutenant junior grade, but that was more of a placeholder until a suitable position opened up at Fleet Headquarters. Within a year, he was transferred to Admiral Raje’s personal staff at Strategic Operations Command, where he assisted in tasks ranging from tactical analysis to training exercises. He quickly made a name for himself, particularly in war game simulations and was voted the most promising young strategist in the 2385 Tillman Competition even though his team failed to reach the final.

When Admiral Raje was appointed Inspector General of the Fleet, Oliver followed his mentor to his new post with the new rank of full lieutenant. His first assignment there was in the Division of Intelligence Oversight where he worked to ensure that Starfleet intelligence operations were in conformity with all laws and regulations and that the rights of Federation citizens were protected from the unwarranted intrusion of military intelligence. Oliver loved the ideals behind his new job, but the actual work itself was rather tedious and repetitive. He spent most of his time in front of a computer terminal either reading or writing reports, not exactly how he had imagined he would rise through the ranks.

It was, therefore, a welcoming change when he was transferred internally to the Division of Investigation, where he labored with his colleagues to root out embezzlement, abuse of power, and other official misconduct that imperiled fleet morale within and public trust without. Oliver truly shined in his new position, and 92% of the cases that he was involved with resulted in successful prosecution. It was not long before he was promoted to lieutenant commander and then commander.

He made a name for himself when he spearheaded a successful corruption investigation that led to the resignation of an admiral and the court-martial of several senior officers. Shortly afterwards, he was offered the XO's position aboard the heavy frigate USS Bunker Hill. The offer was rather controversial due to his relative lack of shipboard experience - he had spent most of his career so far planet-side, but he eagerly seized the opportunity. The Bunker Hill might not have been the biggest or the newest ship in the fleet, but it was the next step in his quest to obtain his own command.

A year later, after his CO's retirement, Oliver assumed command of the Bunker Hill. For the next four years, the ship took on a variety of missions from border patrols to humanitarian aid. Following an unexpected diplomatic mission in which he successfully brokered a ceasefire agreement among the warring factions of Galia IV, he was assigned to the soon-to-be-commissioned USS Arcadia as her commanding officer. While he was surprised that such a prestigious command - the Arcadia was one of the largest and most advanced ships in the entire fleet - was given to him rather than someone with more command experience, he did not hesitate and seized the chance to make an even bigger name for himself.

Oliver Antoninus Lee was ambitious if nothing else.
Service Record 2374 – 2378

Starfleet Academy, Double Majors: Tactical Operations + History

2378 – 2380

PhD Program in Comparative Constitutions, University of Betazed

2380 – 2381

USS Gotham, Tactical Officer, LTJG

2381 – 2383

Strategic Operations Command, Admiral Raje’s Staff, LT

2383 – 2384

Division of Intelligence Oversight, Office of Inspector General, LT

2384 - 2388

Division of Investigations, Office of Inspector General, LCDR


Division of Investigations, Office of Inspector General, CDR

2388 – 2389

USS Bunker Hill, Executive Officer, CDR

2389 - 2393

USS Bunker Hill, Commanding Officer, CDR

2393 - Present

USS Arcadia, Commanding Officer, CAPT