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Lieutenant Commander Hsina Amman

Name Hsina Amman

Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (Preserver DNA)
Age 46 (140)

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 205lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall, muscular human female looks far younger than her age. Middle-eastern/Greek mixed heritage. Hsina is simply imposing to look at, a wall of muscle despite her feminine proportions. Her gaze is perhaps even more intimidating than her stature, though when she smiles the dimples in her cheeks come into view and give her almost a teenaged schoolgirl look.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Mohammed Amman (Deceased)
Mother Sophia Kouros (Deceased)
Brother(s) Uday Amman (Deceased)
Sister(s) Nina Amman (Deceased)
Samira Amma. (Deceased)
Other Family Nasser Amman, Great Grand Nephew
Hsina Amman, Great Grand Niece

Personality & Traits

General Overview Efficient is the best word to describe her personality. Hsina wastes no time with people, tasks or rules that get in the way with the mission and has little tolerance for those who do. She can be downright abrasive and has rather radical views on many things, not to mention she's just downright abnormal.

She is hardened to loss and has learned to like pain. Naturally this has led her to extreme sports and fanatical levels of physical fitness.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Strength. Hsina is impossibly strong for a human female, a trait that runs in her family. She can easily out-muscle the vast majority of human males and comes close to Klingons in terms of pure brute muscle power.

Linguistic Ability. Hsina is a gifted linguist who actually deciphered the mysterious Preserver race's script as her doctoral research project at Oxford.

High Pain Tolerance. It isn't that Hsina doesn't feel pain like everyone else, just that she usually enjoys it.

Psi-Null. Hsina cannot be read by telepaths or empaths. Its as though she were simply a lump of coal as far as empathic senses go, though touch based means may work, such as a forced Vulcan mind-meld.

No fear. Hsina simply isn' afraid of much of anything including death. Death to her is just a natural part of life, is inevitable, and of course we humans are beyond insignificant in the grand scheme of the universe anyway. Also, while dying might hurt she likes pain, and once one is dead, there is just nothing.

Intolerance. Hsina is extremely intolerant of tedious tasks, paperwork and rules for rules sake. She is disgusted by bureaucracy and the bureaucrats who work it, and considers administrators, clerks and the like just barely above insects and invertebrates on the evolutionary ladder.

Emotional Distance. After losing her parents, Hsina is extremely hardened to loss and attachment. She tries very hard not to get close to anyone

Colorblind. Hsina is completely colorblind and sees everything in grayscale.

Crazy. She's nuts. Lost her parents as a child, then absutely everyone and everything when she spent 94 years in stasis. She is socially awkward and downright abrasive to most. She is here because she knows how to give the answers "they" want on psych evals and understands the autonomic responses to lying and therefore can cover her tells.

Psi-Null. Just as Hsina cannot be read, which is a good thing from a privacy standpoint, she cannot be read, which is a bad thing from a "help, they're going to kill me" standpoint.

No fear. This is not an "I'm tough" or "I'll figure out the answer" kind of no fear, but rather the the mentally defective, natural fear response is missing sort of no fear. The unhealthy kind that may prevent a much needed fight or flight reaction instead of Hsina's normal and often inappropriate calm and cool demeanor.
Ambitions To unlock the mysteries left behind by the Preservers and figure out where they came from and where they went, and why her DNA is an EXACT match for a that of a woman who died over 5,000-years-ago.
Hobbies & Interests Boxing, spelunking, high-cliff diving, heavy drinking and anything else that can remind her that she is still alive.

Personal History Hsina was born in Mosul, Iraq to an Iraqi father and a Greek mother. Raised as a Muslim, Hsina's world was turned upside down twice at a young age. Her father was a police detective, killed in action when Hsina was six. Hsina's mother was a nurse, died in far more mundane circumstances when she tripped and fell down the stairs. Hsina was 12 at the time, and went to live with her older brother who was a professional boxer and an amateur drunk.

Despite her painful childhood, or perhaps because of it, Hsina quickly abandoned religion and her normal place in society. She attacked her studies with vigor, but also attacked society and cultural norms. She started amateur boxing at age 13 and still competes to this day.

Hsina graduated from high school early at age 16 and received a scholarship for McGill University in Montreal where she obtained a dual BA/BS in Anthropology and Applied Mathematics. Her MS, also in Applied Mathematics was at New York University and then she went to Oxford University in the UK to complete a Ph.D in Archaeology.

After graduation, Dr. Amman became a professor at Oxford and a staff archaeologist at the British Museum. She disappeared 94-years-ago on a deep space dig investigating a Preserver artifact, with Hsina being Earth's foremost expert on the legendary progenitor species

The Preserver dig was a Starfleet operation with civilian support, and Hsina was on board as lead archaeologist. What actually happened was the Romulans attacked the Curiosity after the artifact had been recovered and stole the artifact, leaving the crippled ship drifting in space. Hsina was one of six survivors, and with life support failing the survivors went into stasis. They were recovered by a civilian salvage crew 2-years-ago, at which time Hsina joined Starfleet and was branched as a science officer
Service Record 2249 Born in Mosul, Iraq, Earth
2261 - 2264 Nineveh College Preparatory High School
2264 - 2267 McGill University, BA/BS Anthropology/Applied Mathematics
2267 - 2268 New York University, MS Applied Mathematics
2268 - 2270 Oxford University, Ph.D. Arhaeology
2270 - 2273 Staff Archaeologist, British Museum,London, UK, Earth
2271 - 2272 Seoul University, MS Geology
2272 - 2273 University of Southern California, MS Organic Chemistry
2273 - 2284 Oxford University, Professor of Antiquities
2285 - 2293 Starfleet, Civilian Archaeologist
2293 - 2389 Lost aboard USS Curiosity, Civilian Archaeologist, in stasis
2389 Direct Commission as Ensign
2389 - 2390 Assigned Assistant Science Officer, USS Discovery
2390 - 2391 Promoted Lieutenant JG and Assigned Chief of Security, USS Discover
2391 - Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS Bunker Hill