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Lieutenant Louis Champagne

Name Louis Charles Champagne

Position Temporary Assignment

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 21

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 125
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Louis is 5'10" tall. He has blond hair blue eyes. Over the 21 years that he has been alive, he has allowed his hair to grow out to about shoulder length. He is slender and attractive. His eyes seem to draw people in and that seems to make them very talkative around him. He tends to be very sleek and stylish about his appearance, in such a way that even a uniform can't make him unattractive. He is very compulsive about keeping a neat appearance and feels disdain for those who don't keep a neat appearance.


Father Estranged
Mother Estranged
Brother(s) Estranged with the exception of Pierre Champagne (age 12)
Sister(s) Estranged
Other Family No contact known but scattered throughout Earth and the Galaxy.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Louis has a very strong willed personality. He follows orders but he never does so blindly. Without some explanation or reason as to why he is being given the orders, and often the environment alone makes it clear enough that he doesn't have to ask, he is less likely to follow them and more likely to piss someone off by asking 'Why do you want me to do this?' or 'What are you trying to accomplish? There must be an easier way to accomplish it.' His strong suits are few, but they are very powerful strong suits. Among them are his stubbornness, his courage, his integrity, and his convictions.
Strengths & Weaknesses His stubbornness usually works in his favor because he never gives up until he has accomplished the goal set in front of him, whether he set it or whether someone else set it and he agreed with it. It can often work against him as it also makes him less likely to follow orders until he has a reason explaining why he is being given those orders.

His courage always works in his favor because he is never afraid of a fight, he is never afraid to put himself in front of someone else in order to protect them, and he is never afraid to act alone if he feels what needs to be done would endanger others. It also works against him because he is also not shy about making it known when someone else, no matter how high up the chain of command, is wrong or is doing something that is morally wrong. It also tends to lead him to calling them out on those matters, which has often led to court-martial trials or explaining himself and his actions to his commanding officer. However, it has also led to the downfall of many corrupt individuals who were tarnishing the good name of the Federation and more importantly the good name of Starfleet.

Louis is absolutely always honest. While this works for him when dealing with his superiors, especially over his own mistakes and flaws, it works against him in far more ways than it works for him. Louis is the kind of honest person who always tells it exactly like it is, even when you don't want to hear it. He is the one person who will tell you that you look hideous in that outfit if you do, the one who will tell you that those pants do, indeed, make your ass look big. He is, however, also the one who will honestly tell you that you are one of the best leaders he has worked under or that you would be a great leader but that this, that, and the other are the things you need to improve upon to get there.

Louis' integrity is only outweighed by one thing, his convictions. Louis was raised with a set belief in right and wrong. Unlike many people who have their moral compass corrected when joining the military, Louis found his moral compass strengthened by his training, making it almost incapable of going astray at all. He found that everything he had spent his entire life believing lined up perfectly with what he was trained. However, his convictions lead him to do what he believes is right without getting permission first, and to ask forgiveness later. Basically, if he believes your orders go against Starfleet or the Federation, he will act on it bluntly and blindly with or without your knowledge or permission, and later when you are chewing him out you will find him citing every single example and regulation that supports his actions. It really gets rather quite frustrating, especially when any action you may choose to take could very easily be contested in a court of law or even worse, a court-martial. While he never threatens it, he is the kind of person that you know deep down inside will report every word to your superiors when requesting a court-martial of you, and he is probably the one person who would find the legal validation for such a trial.

Basically, many have called him a thorn in the side, many have called him a lunatic, and many more owe their lives to him. The only question you need to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to bring him on board is, 'which of these will he be for you?'.
Ambitions Louis' primary goal is to work his way up through the ranks from the lowest enlisted position to the highest officer position. His goal is to prove himself in the long run to be the best member of Starfleet that they have ever had or needed. He wants to live his life, have fun, and die knowing he did the best he could at everything he did and that he did it his way, that he was able to do honor and good by Starfleet and the Federation.

During his time assigned to the USS Tokyo, he pursued a degree in theoretical engineering. Accomplishing his Bachelor's degree, Starfleet intervened, required that he undergo some officers correspondence courses, and promoted him to being a junior officer. Louis had never wanted to be a ring knocker, and now he wasn't. The only question, after a rocky time as the Acting Chief Operations Officer was this...could he handle the position in full now that he had the prior experience under his belt?
Hobbies & Interests Louis' goals are very few. He wants to see his homemade wines make it into any events hosted on whatever ship he serves on, but he also wants to gain as much experience, knowledge, and learning as he can over the course of his life. His goal is to become well enough rounded to be able to serve in any position at any time before he dies.

Personal History Louis was born and raised in Champagne, France. His ancestors had founded the city in ancient times and had made it famous by producing wine from the grapes that grew there. Over the centuries they became less prominent as most of the family tree scattered across the world and later throughout space, however, Louis and his family, all the way back to those founding ancestors, had continued to live in the ancestral manor.

Louis had grown up in a household with his great-grandparents, his grandparents, his parents, and his seven siblings. He was the oldest of the children. He only had one thing in common with any of them. He and the youngest brother were both homosexual. While the other siblings ostracized them, even before they made it known that they were gay, their siblings all knew that something was different about them.

Most of Louis' classmates also ostracized him, seeming to also know that he was somehow different. The lack of friends and the lack of fun when playing with his siblings drove Louis to excel at school. He had an Associates Degree at the age of 18 and was working on his Bachelors Degree when he decided it was time to join Starfleet and see what the rest of the galaxy held for him.

His youngest brother had also always had plans of joining Starfleet, and throughout the years, Louis had been the only support, aside from the teachers, to help nourish that dream. Their parents and siblings all tried pushing them to go into agriculture, especially wine making.

Louis had mastered wine making better than his siblings, even exceeding the quality of wine his parents made, before he was twelve years old. He had turned it into a hobby that he carried into Starfleet with him. He has been known to be able to take an absolutely foreign fruit, even ones imported from other planets, and to make the most delicious wines with them.

He hopes to eventually have his wines served at diplomatic functions and command parties, even memorial services, but to never be famous for it, simply to be the one who enjoys having others enjoy the fruits of his labors and hobbies.

While Louis is young, he is extremely smart, so much so that often he tries to find a complicated solution to a simple problem when in reality the simplest solution is often the best one. This tends to often result in others telling him 'I told you so' and tends to frustrate him, but he is learning to work past it and to gradually come up with simpler solutions.

Louis is very combative about defending others whom he defines as different, or not mainstream. This stems from having been outcast himself for being different. Sometimes such defenses can get volatile, but normally it doesn't escalate into being a problem, as long as the other party either backs down, or concedes that maybe they have reached the wrong conclusion.

When Louis joined Starfleet, he didn't join through Starfleet Academy, instead, he prefers to work his way up through the ranks from the bottom of the enlisted to the top of the Officer ranks, he feels that it is truly best to lead when you know what everyone under you is going through or has been through. He has no doubt he will make a fine officer some day and that he will be able to put on rank very quickly.

After leaving home, Louis has never gone back, and in fact only ever calls home to talk to Charlemagne, his youngest brother. The tension between he and the rest of the family will probably never be reconciled, but if it ever is, perhaps it will work out well. Louis looked forward to being bounced across every department and gaining a full understanding and excellent working knowledge of all departments before finally deciding on one that he wants to settle into.

Instead, he was assigned to the Operations Department on the USS Tokyo, which at the time had no Chief Operations Officer. Forced, as the senior enlisted person in that department, to assume the role of the Acting Chief Operations Officer, Louis had to learn quickly and grow on the job. While he has the job skills, his methods may leave a little something to be desired, but he finds his methods to have been effective, no matter how questionable they may have been.
Service Record Louis enlisted in Starfleet at the age of 18. He did not attend the academy, he is a fresh recruit who was sent to basic training and assigned to a ship to fill whatever positions were needed. He chose not to come in with a specific job choice, and as a result, this is the first ship to which he has been assigned and he eventually hopes and expects to have served in every department to learn what he can about the various jobs and assignments in each department.

USS Epsilon - 2388-2389 - Operations Officer
USS Indigo - 2389-2390 - Operations Officer
USS Tokyo - 2390-2391 - Operations Officer, Acting Chief Operations Officer
USS Bunker Hill - 2391-Present - Chief Operations Officer