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Lieutenant Jarred Wallace

Name Jarred Michael Wallace

Position Temporary Assignment

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human-betazoid
Age 42

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 225
Hair Color Black with grey streaks
Eye Color One eye is green the other is prostetic
Physical Description Jarred has shorter hair compared to his time during the Dominion war, but in the last few years his face and body bear the scars of several injuries and other wounds suffered from missions for intelligence. His left eye while looking real is not.


Spouse Marie McKenzie (Divorced)
Children Alison, David (twins age 8)
Father Jean-micheal
Mother Dianne
Brother(s) John (presumed KIA C.2377, now CO USS Victory)
Sister(s) Allison (Estranged)
Other Family Too Many to list

Personality & Traits

General Overview Out going and generally friendly but he has picked up some Klingon mannerisms after spending many months aboard a Klingon ship
Strengths & Weaknesses Uses some of the Betazoid telepathic abilities too learn about people around him, but has the habit too get too personally involved with some missions. Tends to come off as arrogant at times.
Ambitions None, Jarred has struggled in the past with keeping out of trouble following a bar brawl with an Admiral.
Hobbies & Interests Music from the mid 20th century too the early 21st century.

Personal History Jarred Grew up around starships, his father was a shift leader at Utopia Planetia. His mother was a Bar-tender at the nearby rec center. Jarred and his brother both joined Starfleet academy in there late teens. William was an honours cadet and earned a commission out of the academy. Jarred joined the Intelligence section and would hold many positions.

Jarreds history in starfleet begins like alot of others, but unlike alot of others Jarred wasn't a child prodigy, he was an average student and an allstar athlete. His prowess wasn't restricted to the athletic field or the class room. He showed a talent or small arms and information analysis. The ability with small arms showed up during the marksmanship contest at the academy, Jarred was the only naval winner of the contest in its history. following the win in the contest Jarred was asked to take a semester at the London campus, which is housed in the historical home o the British MI6. There Jarred became well trained at the art of first hand intelligence gathering. Jarred became better trained at the martial arts, information analysis, and numerous other covert arts.

Jarred was assigned to the USS Hornet in the fall of 2969, as an Intelligence officer. While on a Diplomatic escort mission he uncovered a plot to assassinate the governor of a colony that wanted its interdependence. Jarred took action that by many as considered drastic, when he saw the suicide bomber approaching he grabbed the bomber and shattered the arm that held the bombs trigger. He was awarded a commendation and quickly promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade. After several months more on the Hornet he was transferred to the USS Asia, many of his activities to this day are still classified, but many who know him suspect he was involved in some top-secret mission, most of his activities are still Classified to this day.

Jarred was promoted to Chief Intelligence officer aboard the USS Wellington, there Jarred spent the majority of the time working on counter-intelligence activities, collecting analysing and reporting on Romulan fleet movements. It as during a high risk rescue mission that jarred demonstrated his unwilling nature to give up, The USS Chandler had been disabled by an unexplained static discharge, Jarred too what his Commanding officer considered an unnecessary risk to rescue the remaining crew that were trapped before the ship was destroyed.

After he left the USS Melbourne most of Jarreds activities are clouded in the realms of Top-secret and Classified, Jarred refuses to speak about alot of it and the rest he simply cannot due to security, much of this period was during the dominion war, the only known and Declassified mission was the rescue of a Romulan Warbird Commander during the third battle of Chintakka. Officially he was assigned as an intelligence liason to the Klingon Imperial Navy, there are sketchy reports he was involved in rescues of any survivors of several battles, though many of these reports are either incomplete or unclear.

The now Ensign Wallace was facing a tough decision and a tougher period in his life. His brother a marine died during the marine assault on Cardassia, Jarred and his family were devastated, Jarred's reaction was to lead a commando raid against the Dominion unit that had killed his brother, while many accounts of the battle indicate that Jarred went on a killing spree the only official account of the raid does indicate the Jemhidar unit being wiped out. After the war was over Jarred disappeared, no one knows what he did during this period, one to-date unconfirmed report was that he and an elite unit were tasked with demolishing many Dominion weapons of mass destruction and dealing with remaining resistance from the dominion.

In December of 2384 Jarred resurfaced, officially a wanted man Jarred turned himself over to Federation authorities, after what was deemed "an extended debriefing" Jarred was sent to DS5 to help deal with the growing piracy problem. to this point Jarred has not spoken of his activities during the dominion war and the years after.

Jarred is known to be romantically involved with with fellow Deep Space five crew, Claire McKenzie. As of the time of this Bio update Miss McKenzie has relocated to the Corsica Colony to raise their children.

Presumed killed in action 2385 STATUS: UNKNOWN

Jarred returned to regular duty in late 2389 after a situation that put several of his family members and other colleagues at risk, an operation to bring these individuals to justice resulted in jarred returning to Starfleet presumably to resume his intelligence duties. It is rumored that he and Ms McKenzie are no longer involved or have chosen to live separate lives.
Service Record StarFleet Academy- intelligence graduate; Langley Campus (2369 to 2372)
USS Hornet - Jr. Intelligence officer (2372 to mid 2373)
USS Asia - (Assignment Classified Level 5 Clearance Required) (Mid 2373 to 2377)
USS Wellington - (Assignment Classified Level 5 Clearance Required) (2377)
(Assignment Classified Level 5 Clearance Required) (2377 to may 2378)
USS Melbourne(A) - Intelligence officer (demoted to ensign reason -Classified-) (June 2378 to March 2379)
IKS Kar'gah - Special intelligence Liaison (Classified Level 5 clearance required) (March 2379 to 2383?)
Assigned too Deep Space 3 Assistant chief Intelligence officer - Promoted to Chief Of intel for DS3 (December 2384 to present)
Presumed killed in action 2392 STATUS: UNKNOWN
Returned to service in 2392: Transfers pending