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Lieutenant Leonora Wollf

Name Leonora "Lea" Wollf

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 170cm
Weight 77kg
Hair Color sandy blonde
Eye Color blue-gray
Physical Description A well built woman of average height. Leonora's most striking feature are her long, thick sandy blonde hair and intense blue eyes. Her posture is confident and it shifts from open to closed depending on the situation.


Father Haakon Wollf - deceased
Mother Riia Askeland Wollf - Physician, Narvik General Hospital, Narvik, Norway, Earth
Brother(s) Harald Wollf (four years older) - Chief Science Officer, USS Kerserage (Lt.Cmdr.)
Sister(s) Cassandra Wollf Kashirina (two years older) - Samoyed Breeder, Severmorsk, Russia, Earth
Miranda Wollf (two years younger) - Biologist, Daystrom Institute
Other Family various distant relatives

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lea is a a woman who appears very soft and nurturing when one first meets her and has an innate ability to draw people out to share their thoughts and feelings with her. Underneath that soft veneer however is a fiercely intelligent, calculating, analytical mind. She has learned over the years how to use it to her advantage, particularly in her fieldwork with Intelligence. This being said however, doesn’t mean Leonora is cruel or evil, merely able to manipulate information out of people, whether because of an assignment or to help them. She is also a very adaptable person, logical and focused, able to compartmentalize to achieve what needs to be achieved.

To add to this, she is also a stable, collected individual, who doesn’t speak much, prefering to listen (unless otherwise mandated by situation or assignment). While giving off a serious appearance on the job, always elegantly dressed, with impeccable manners, off duty Leonora is very relaxed which shows in her dress sense and the fact she smiles lot more often.

She makes acquanitances easily, due to her outward appearance, both physical and mental, which has allowed her to play various roles during her career, from subdued social pariahs to being the alluring life of the party.

True friends however come a rarely and with some difficulty, as she is slow to trust and open up, as much due to her own nature as to her training. Naturally part of the reason there is also in the knowledge of other people that she is an intelligence officer, which in itself brings a level of caution, even mistrust.

Once she relaxes and lets people in, people can see that she is indeed a caring, nurturing individual who is quite selfless and loyal.

Leonora speaks with a soft, nordic accent. She can however school her speech pattern easily to fit the nevessary mission as she speaks several other languages as well; Russian, Romulan, Bajoran and Cardassian.

She keeps in shape by practicing the terran art of krav-maga, vulcan art of ke-tarya as well as running.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+Lea is first and foremost a gifted physician. She can temporarily perform GP services if needed and perform minor general surgery, but she is specialized in virology and forensic pathology in which she was a rising star before being recruited by intelligence.

+Excellent analyst and intelligence collector (primarily HUM-INT). Due to her appearance and nature she has a natural talent for drawing information out of people and has sizable experience in under cover operations.

+Quick thinking, adaptable, loyal officer with excellent research and investigation skills. She is also a good, pragmatic leader who quickly gains a loyal following from her officers.

-Lea often doesn’t know how to stop working and relax when she’s having difficulty figuring out the issue that keeps escaping her.

-Has difficulty trusting and opening up to people, especially in the realms of friendships and relationships, though she is wholly not opposed to such, but instinct and training are hard to shake.

-Although she knows how to combat it, she feels lonely and isolated from time to time, especially when her mother begins reiterating her displeasure at her trading her medical vocation for the intelligence one. Thankfully her siblings are a lot more supportive.

-She also hates hot climates and planets and often feels physically affected (slow, sleepy, reduced motorics) when in one.

-She uses prescription glasses when reading for long periods of time as her eyes get dry and tired. It's not a condition that warrants surgery. To boot she likes wearing glasses on occasion though she will not admit it.
Ambitions She’d love to join the CSI teams one day, whether at the civillian equivalent of Starfleet Intelligence - Federation Security, or within Starfleet Intelligence itself. For now though, her goal is to do the best job she can, help as many people as she can.

A long term, secret, not quite understood yet desire is to find an understanding, supportive partner, whether within the service or not.
Hobbies & Interests Lea loves to read, especially crime fiction and medical journals. She’s a very good barista and mixologist as well as a decent cook, liking to cook for her friends and loved ones when she has the time.

To keep up with her medical skills, she often researches within her specializations on the holodeck, especially forensic pathology cases.

Personal History Pre-Starfleet:
With the two elder children decidedly not following in their parent’s footsteps, plans were made from the early age for Leonora. At first, it looked like their plans would come to fruition as Lea displayed quite similar interests to her mother from the early age, preferring to read and research as opposed to the typical childhood joys; playing with friends, running around and dreaming of things only kids dream of.

Lea enjoyed company of others easily however, though she knew to prioritize things from early on, at the time finishing her schooling with good grades. Luckily she had support from her equally education oriented siblings, her older sister Cassandra studying towards becoming a veterinarian, while her younger sister Miranda went to study as a biologist. As the only child that chose to focus on medicine, Leonora, after finishing primary education applied for college education to study medicine. She was soon accepted to King’s College in Cambridge where she began her studies.

The first issues began however when it came to the choice of her specialization. Her mother pressured her into surgery, particularly neuro-surgery, but being of the thirst for knowledge, Lea was more interested in the fields of virology and forensic pathology, which she eventually decided on. She underwent her clinical studies at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for the required ammount of time to attain her qualifications and degree.

After attaining her doctorate, Leonora applied for internship with the FHO, Federation Health Organization and was readily accepted into a field research team. It was during her three year tenure with them that she came onto certain radars, for her research-investigative work in the Fhan-Thule Outbreak in 2379 on Ultima Thule, in the aftermath of the Dominion War.

***Further record classified: Rho 73 Blue***
After the completion of the Fhan-Thule case, Lea was approached by a Starfleet Intelligence agent, Lt.Cmdr. Thyra Danvedh and offered a position among their ranks. Mystery, intrigue and access to amazing resources to help people were what made the young woman say yes.
There was a condition to her service however, necessary Starfleet Academy training.

So Leonora applied and was accepted on her second entry exam sitting to a three year, fast track Academy course, in the medical research field. Focused on her studies and very little on social life, given that she was on a shortened course, time flew by for the young nord and before she knew it she was graduating Starfleet Academy and being fielded into Starfleet Intelligence Cross-Training.

After a year’s course, at the age of 29, she entered the service, or world of shadows as civillians liked to call it. As things go with cerebrally strong agents, she was first posted as am analyst at the Federation Embassy on Cardassia, her cover identity that of the Embassy physician, Valeria Terleyeva, MD.

Two years later, she was assigned as a field agent handler due to her cover, in which she could, after a time move more freely without rousing suspicion. With time, she became a field operative herself and eventually a team leader.

In 2390 she was recalled to Earth for a special assignment, an internal investigation of a SFI Section dedicated to montioring the goings on of the Orion Syndicate and space. It was code named: Brightstar The investigation lasted three long years the details of which are classified Security Council Access Only.

Following the completion of the investigation, Lea was reassigned to a wholly different posting she wasn't initially sure about. She was assigned as head of the Intelligence Department on a starship, namely the USS Arcadia. She'd never served with regular officers before, but she'd worked with non-Intelligence people before, during her days with the FHO, so she was confident she could make it work.
Service Record 2381-2384
Starfleet Academy Fast Track (Under Medical Track)

Starfleet Intelligence Cross Training

Federation Embassy To Cardassia
'Official Position' - Embassy Physician, Valeria Terleyeva, MD

Cardassia Station position:
analsyt (2385 - 2387)
field agent handler (2387 - 2388)
field agent (2388 - 2390)

Special Assignment On Earth - Operation: Brightstar

USS Arcadia - Chief Intelligence Officer