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Lieutenant Zero One One & One Zero One

Name Zero One One & One Zero One

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Hermaphrodite
Species Bynar
Age 23

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 4.7ft
Weight 12 stone
Hair Color None
Eye Color Grey, flecked with Blue
Physical Description Physical Description: Zero One One is Male. One Zero One is Female. Both Bynars have dark lilac skin and enlarged skulls. Their most definitive characteristic is that they are interconnected with a master computer on Bynaus through a cybernetic implant that can be seen on the sides of their craniums.


Spouse Zero One One & One Zero One were genetically bonded to each other for life in their early years.
Children None
Father One One Zero
Mother One One Zero Zero
Brother(s) Zero One One has two brothers
Sister(s) One Zero One has a sister

Personality & Traits

General Overview This Bynar pair are just coming into their element as specialists in their field. But are naive to a galaxy they have not yet really explored.
Strengths & Weaknesses The Bynars high adaptability to technology and computers mean that they can access most computer systems across the galaxy. The ability to conduct electrical pulses with their bodies, and withstand most environments that humans or other humanoid species cant make them invaluable in the field of warp engineering.

Both Bynars are entirely integrated into their planet's computer network. Though they are part of a communal collective, that collective believes in self development and will not aid when called upon. The link to the Planet computer only works on their home world or near a Bynar Embassy. Though they can download information/knowledge to their implants they cannot absorb that information quickly they still have to process it like reading from a book.

Both have strong feelings of isolation, they feel they are outsiders around other federations species due to their unique form of cybernetic implants. Neither Bynar has much in the way of ‘people skills’

When speaking verbally in English they can be a hard to understand due to the speed of their speech. The Bynar species are physically weaker than most other humanoid sentients.
Ambitions As a whole their ambitions are the same. Each Bynar wants to develop their life experiences and gain a greater understanding of the ways of the galaxy. For two small aliens in a large galaxy, this is not as easy as it sounds
Hobbies & Interests A keen interest in the sciences and mechanical engineering. They seek to understand alien cultures so as to better understand the social interaction of different species in the galaxy. For both Bynars this comes down to gossiping....a lot.

Personal History Personal History: Born on Bynaus or 101100010100110 as it is better known to its inhabitants, Zero One One and One Zero One were genetically bonded later than is commonly custom in Bynar society. Zero One One suffered a genetic abnormality when he was born and needed a series of operations on his brain before he could be implanted. One Zero One, was born off world and was not implanted until her return. This means both Bynars share memories of a time before they were linked to their planets main computer through their implants.

At a very young age both Bynars moved to Memory Alpha as their consecutive parents made up part of a computer upgrade and reprogramming task force to the Federations biggest Computer. This project was ongoing for many years so Both Zero One One and One Zero One grew up on Memory Alpha though they did visit Bynaus on family vacations and holidays.

Growing up on Memory Alpha gave the two young Bynars the unique opportunity to accesses a vast repository of knowledge through their growing computer skills, this allowed them to develop their own knowledge of the galaxy but it was still a galaxy they had never really seen as they had only ever travelled between Bynaus and Memory Alpha. They had always been fascinated by stories of adventure and the galaxy from visiting travellers to Memory Alpha but had never actually seen any of it for themselves, so when they came of age they signed up to Starfleet Academy to see the wonders of the universe for themselves.

Service Record:

2383 Joins Starfleet Academy on seventeenth birthday. They begin studies in all subjects they can

2385: After a Cadet Training mission on-board utopia planitia fleet yards the Bynars make the joint decision to specialise in warp engineering to try and guarantee a starship posting upon graduation so they can explore the galaxy.

2386: Starfleet Academy; continues studies in the sciences and engineering

2388: Last year Cadet Posting USS Emancipation (Galaxy Class Starship) Given a field promotion to Ensign.

2388-2392: Utopia planitia fleet yards; They Bynar pair find that their expertise in warp propulsion theory does not necessarily mean a placement on board a starship, and despite numerous requests for a transfer are placed utopia planitia fleet yards by Starfleet to utilise the exact same skills they had developed to get away from a fixed base posting. Over four years they progress to lieutenant junior grade.