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Lieutenant Commander I'lien Slvar

Name I'lien Slvar

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Human
Age 78

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"1
Weight 189
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description I'lien is a prototypical looking Vulcan. He is somewhat more muscular than other male Vulcans but not enough to fall outside of the norms of the society. He often holds his hands behind him when he walks. Some of his fellow Starfleet officers consider him to be aloof, although much of that sentiment comes from his tendency to resort to strict adherence to Starfleet protocol when faced with uncomfortable social interactions.


Spouse P'lanth
Children I'lien has no children as yet.
Father Riley Lends
Mother I'vess
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) K'irtah
Other Family I'lien's father's family hails from Risa and they are a boisterous bunch of numerous quantity. I'lien has spent much time on Risa, to his embarrassment.

His mother's family is headed by his grandfather T'rak, who is formal and stiff with his grandson. While I'lien grew up splitting time between the two families, he was never truly comfortable in either.

Personality & Traits

General Overview I'lien is a careful, thoughtful person. He considers himself a Starfleet officer first, and a Vulcan/Human second. He is a perfectionist in most things, except his art, which is rather chaotic and vibrant. He is a stickler for Starfleet custom and regulation and considers the welfare of his crew to be paramount to all things.
Strengths & Weaknesses Decisive

Emotionally distant
Difficulty in creating friendships
Ambitions I'lien desires to find a community where he can feel at home. He hopes to ascend to his own command someday but currently feels that day is far away. Would like to reunite with his wife someday.
Hobbies & Interests Painting, reading, fencing, puzzles, cooking.

Personal History I'lien was born from the wayward tryst between a Vulcan mother who was escorting her employer to Risa for business negotiations regarding the repair and upkeep of the Risan Weather Control System. During the visit, I'vess, consumed a heavily laced Romulan ale and ended up in the bed of one of the human men on Risa, I'lein's father. When the two parted, I'vess was troubled by her conduct, which only grew when she discovered she was pregnant.

Duty bound to the child, I'vess contacted Riley, I'lien's father, and the two worked out an amicable arrangement where he would spend half of each year with a parent. The contrast between his Vulcan family and his human family could not have been more pronounced. I'lien spent most of his time on Vulcan learning how to control himself and then spent an equal amount of time on Risa learning how to "have fun". The result was a young person who felt torn in two and did not truly belong to either culture.

When he turned 18, I'lien fled both parents and enrolled at Starfleet Academy. His scores were excellent but not superb, likely due to his lack of studying half of his time as a minor.
He worked exceptionally hard and slowly, during his four years at the academy, rose towards the top of his class. During his time at the academy I'lien studied Astrophysics and earned top honors in the field within his cohort.

Upon graduation, I'lien was commissioned as an Ensign and posted aboard the USS Banta, a Saber Class vessel. During his time on the Banta, I'lien acted as a second watch helmsman, and eventually was promoted to Lt. jg by Captain Lilly Marcusa. The Banta participated in Operation Serenity, acting mostly as a fast scout and escort for transports who were acting to assist a new colony on the edge of Federation space that was being raided by rogue Cardassian ships. During the operation I'lien was injured when the Banta was damaged during a fight with two Cardassian cruisers. His quick reactions and superb flying, helped the Banta escape, albeit with major damage. I'lien suffered a punctured lung and a broken leg that required extensive rest and recuperation. The Banta was sent to the Utopia Planitia Shipyard for a complete overhaul. Due to the severity of the repairs, the surviving Banta crew were all reassigned.

Upon his recovery, which spanned five months, I'lien was reassigned as the second officer on the USS Intrepid, the original Intrepid class vessel. I'lien found out quickly that the life as a second officer was quite different from that of the chief helmsman. He excelled at the logistical operations required with the position but found the interpersonal skills to be a challenge. However, he spent the next six years working to become the best officer he could. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander during his fifth year and given additional command responsibilities, including leading away missions. When the Intrepid's five year mission ended, it returned for refit on Earth. The Captain of the Intrepid informed I'lien of an opening on the USS arcadia and wrote him a glowing recommendation when he applied for the position.
Service Record 2381- 2384 Starfleet Academy, San Francisco.
2384-2388 USS Banta- Helmsman
2388-2394 USS Intrepid- Second Officer