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Corporal George Charles

Name George Melvin Charles

Position Marine, 4th Platoon

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 197
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Greyish-blue
Physical Description Though average in height and looks, he tends to stay quiet and seperated from others, thus allowing him to blend in easily to most locations, George does possess a few Marine-style tattoos.

Right Arm
-Traditional Marine Corps Globe and Anchor (outside of upper arm)

Left Arm
-A dagger with a scroll wrapped around it three times, with the words: DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, written upon the scroll. (inside of forearm)

In addition to his tattoos, George has fifteen circular scars on his back. Each one measuring roughly a quarter inch in diameter. When asked about their origin, he only replies with a dark look. He has had the opportunity to have them removed, however, he chose to keep them to act as a reminder to himself that he would never be mistreated again by anyone.


Spouse None
Children NA
Father Hector Florez (foster father) (DECEASED)
Mother Monica Florez (foster mother) (INCARCERATED)
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) Emily Charles (twin) (currently assigned to USS Republic as a surgical nurse.)
Other Family None that is known.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though George is quiet and reserved, he still seems to be the kind of guy that everyone wants to be friends with. When he isn't feeling morose, he usually has an easy smile on his face and his eyes have a way of bringing one closer to him. However, those same eyes are constantly scanning those around him, looking for any sign of danger. This is certainly a side effect of his childhood.

He will always help someone in need. Once he makes a friend with someone, he will be their friend through thick and thin.

While he has a long fuse, once he loses his temper, he tends to lose control and rages. It will take him a while to calm down if he does not vent out the built up energy. Once he has been wronged by someone, it is next to impossible to get back into his good graces again.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong analytical mind
+steadfastly loyal
+Strong charisma

-lack of forgiveness to most
-has rage issues when angered
-speaks his mind at inopportune times
-does show signs of insubordination from time to time
Ambitions Now that he has joined the ranks of Marine snipers, all he wishes to to do is to protect the innocent from the evil of others.
Hobbies & Interests While not training or on missions, George enjoys reading, painting, swimming and spending as much time as possible with his twin sister.

He is also holds a brown belt in the open hand and weapons techniques of Shoren-Ryo, a form of Karate created in Okinowa, Japan.

Personal History Born around 16 December, 2366, near New Dallas, Mars. The exact date and place of both his and his sister's birth remains a mystery, as they were both abandoned on the steps of a convent. All that was with them in their baskets was a small, handwritten note, with their names on them.

The nuns took both newborns in and attempted to locate their parents. After several days, they found nothing. It was then decided that the twins would be sent to the local orphanage to be raised until new parents came along to adopt them.

Shortly before the twins turned two years old, the orphanage caught fire and all of the children were evacuated to foster families. George and Emily were sent to live with Hector and Monica Florez, a middle-aged couple who were unable to have children of their own. Instead of legally adopting the children, however, the Florez' decided to simply foster them. It would not be learned until much later that their reasoning was strictly financially motivated.

The first few years, the twins had a reasonably happy childhood. They did well in primary school and started to grow a small circle of friends around them. Unfortunately, this was not to last.

Three days before the twins eighth birthday, the Florez' packed them up and the whole family left Mars. They moved to a small mining moon near Alpha Centuri. Hector had just been hired as the graveyard shift manager for one of the small mineral mines on Fester's Folly, as the moon was named. Upon arriving, it was discovered that there were no other children where they were living. Nor was there a school. Monica was therefore forced to attempt to educate the children while Hector worked in the mine.

It did not take long before the abuse began.

Things started off small, of course, a spanking here, a slap across the face there. The children seemed to always get punished for something. Unfortunately, as there was no school for them to attend, there were no other adults that would see the children on a regular basis that would have seen any change in the children.

Over the next several years, the level of abuse rose to new heights. When the children were nearly eleven, Their foster mother would have them stand on all fours and act as end tables for her chair as she lounged about. George and Emily would be forced to stay motionless for hours, under the threat of receiving a beating from their foster father when he returned home. Regrettably, once Hector did return home, usually drunk, he would beat the children anyway.

Once the children reached their teens, the depravity of their foster parents found and even more disgusting level. They started to force the children to do...things...and make recordings to sell on the black market.

This abuse went on for two long years.

The final night that George and Emily were under the Florez' roof became a very bloody one. The twins had just been sent to bed without any dinner, due to the fact that Emily had accidently dropped one of the dinner plates, when Hector returned home early. He had just been informed that the mine was shutting down and that he was now unemployed. Needless to say, he was in a very foul mood.

Monica reported to him about the broken dish and he flew into a rage. He burst into the small room that the wins were forced to share and dragged Emily out by her wrists. George got up and tried to help his sister, only to get backhanded and then suckered to the gut, collapsing him to the floor.

Hector began to beat Emily fiercely. After several minutes, she too was on the floor, bloody and bruised. That was when Hector went to the darkest place ever. Looking down at Emily in her ripped nightgown, he sneered. He reached down and grabbed her by the back of her neck and forced her to her feet. He then dragged her to his bedroom and closed the door. The screams that Emily made following were both bone chilling and bloodcurdling.

George, hearing the screams, finally snapped. While Monica wasn't looking, he grabbed the club that Hector would use to be at him with and he swung it against the back of her head, knocking her unconscious. He then ran to the bedroom and slammed open the door.

To his horror, he saw Hector forcing himself upon Emily, which was more than he could take. He charged at Hector and, in his fury, loosed his anger, frustration and the years of abuse back upon Hector until nothing remained. When finally he could no longer lift his arms, the harsh reality should have come crashing down but, instead, he gathered up his sister in a daze-like state. He wrapped her in the bedsheet and carried her from the apartment. He walked, not really knowing where he was going until he was stopped by a local constable.

Seeing the state of the two teenagers, the constable quickly took them to the local police station and soon learned just what the twins had been living through.

After a quick trial, Monica was sentenced to life without parole to the nearest penal colony. Due to the circumstances, George was never charged with the murder or Hector, it had been ruled self defense.

The twins were safely removed and transported back to Earth by the Federation Child Safety Commission. They were brought to the Pesquera Child Mental Health Facility, located in picturesque Hawaii, to begin receiving much needed mental and medical aid. They would remain there for the next three years.

When the twins turned 19, they were released and given a clean bill of health George tried to find some work so that he could take care of the both of them. Two weeks later, he saw an advertisement for the Starfleet Marine Corps enlistment drive. As soon as he saw the advertisement, he instantly knew what he wanted to do. The next day he made his way down to the recruiters office and enlisted on the spot.

After he enlisted he shipped off to MCRD San Diego to complete his basic infantry training. Afterwards, he transferred to historic Parris Island Marine Corps training facility to attend School of Infantry. While he was training, his sister Emily, enlisted in Starfleet as a nurse. After George graduated, he requested cross-service training with the United Federation MACO's and was shipped off to their independent Ranger School located at Fort Amazon in South America. After graduating fourth in his class, he finally was sent out to the fleet.

His first billet was with Alpha Company, 7th Ranger Battalion, assigned to the Starfleet vessel, USS Amagansett. While aboard the Amagansett, he began to further his education, by taking history and math courses. Unfortunately, during his time aboard the Amagansett, he did get into an altercation with a young second lieutenant that had rotated in a few weeks into January of 2391. While the details of the altercation were kept in-house, the fact that George was immediately transferred put of the unit can only hint at a negative event.

His next billet was to the USS Arcadia, to fill the empty slot of scout sniper in Fourth Platoon.

What happens next is up to fate...
Service Record 7 January 2385: Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps

8 January 2385 - 28 April 2385: Attends MCRD San Diego - Earth (Private)

29 April 2385 - 30 April 2387: Attends SOI at SFMC Parris Island- Earth (Private First Class / Lance Corporal)

31 April 2387 - 15 September 2387: Attends Ranger School at Camp Amazon - Earth (Lance Corporal)

20 September - 15 December 2391: Assigned to Alpha Company, 7th Ranger Battalion, attached to USS Amagansett (Lance Corporal / Coporal)

19 December 2391 - Present: Assigned to8th MEU, 2nd Battalion/3rd Regiment, Echo Company, 4th Platoon (Scout Sniper), attached to USS Arcadia. (Corporal)

(Listed on order of precedence)

•Gold Nebula
•Starfleet Cross
•Cross of Valor
•Leader's Commendation
•Expert Badge (with the below attached tabs)
•Sharpshooter (with the below attached tabs)
-Phaser I
-Phaser II
•Ranger Tab
•Orbital Drop Wings