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Lieutenant Commander Isbee Foster M.D.

Name Isbee Foster M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ferengi
Age 36

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'
Weight 96 lbs.
Hair Color none
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description A small Ferengi female possessing delicate features, with warm brown eyes and a genuinely inviting smile. Isbee often wears a traditional headdress, simple in design with fabric matching her department color. When on duty she usually wears a lab coat. She always moves quickly with her head held high.


Spouse Phylicia Lewis Foster
Father Commander Edward Foster, MD
Mother Captain Annabelle Foster
Brother(s) Chase Foster
Other Family Bianca Foster, MD (grandmother)
Andrew Pierce (uncle)
Sophie Pierce (cousin)
Gayle Lewis (mother-in-law)
Quentin Lewis (father-in-law)
unknown biological family

Personality & Traits

General Overview A Ferengi orphan who found a family with Starfleet officers, Isbee has grown into a diligent professional who deeply believes in the values of her adopted culture. Kind and gentle, she uses her unique perspective to assist those in her care. Isbee is all too aware of the reputation Ferengi have acquired throughout the galaxy and she strives to live her life as an example that one should never make assumptions about another.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Immune to telepathy
(+) Quick and agile
(+) Qualified sharpshooter
(+/-) Enhanced hearing
(-) Afraid of being left out or left behind
(-) Defensive, sarcastic if threatened/challenged
Ambitions Isbee’s driving professional goal is to become an exemplary physician and officer; however, a more personal desire is to find her birth family in an effort to understand why she was abandoned. This has taken on more urgency as she and Phylicia have started to discuss beginning a family of their own.
Hobbies & Interests Dance, Theater, Vocal Music, Hiking, Camping, Meditation

Personal History Before the fire, Isbee's memories are vague - she remembers the sound of metal grinding, the smell of spoiled food, and a hunched over shadow that would shout her name and tell her to be still. The fire itself is almost too vivid. The brightness of the flame, the sting of smoke in the air, and the calm crackling of her surroundings being consumed. It was through this inferno that two strangers in odd uniforms appeared. The one in blue swept her into his arms while the one in gold cleared a path of escape. This is how the young, frightened girl met her new parents.

Not that she was adopted immediately, of course. She had been found on an abandoned freighter that had taken fire from both Klingon and Orion weapons. The officers who had found Isbee (Ensign Edward and Lt. Annabelle Foster) treated her injuries and tried their best to locate any relatives. When they finally made contact with a Ferengi vessel, the DaiMon was less than helpful, refusing to 'rescue' the child unless he was paid five bars of gold pressed latinum. When no relatives could be found (or afforded) the Fosters were given legal custody of Isbee.

Isbee had a happy childhood. She lived with her parents and older brother Chase on a Federation starship. Chase loved his new sister dearly, and helped her adjust to her new and wonderful life. She was a friendly and curious child, and she found she could quickly win over any of the crew she encountered. She made friends with the other children on board, and as she grew she developed a love of theater. She began organizing dramatic productions that soon became a fixture on the ship's social calendar.

When the Dominion War broke out during her teenage years, Isbee was sent back to Earth to live with her grandmother while their parents were assigned to the front. This period of time was of great significance to Isbee, and it would help set the course of her life. For the first time, she experienced the isolation of being the only Ferengi among a group that had mostly heard rumors and hearsay. This was not the sheltered environment in which she had become accustomed, and while no one was physically abusive, many were less than kind. Chase, who was already living on earth attending culinary school, would visit as often as he could; however, her big brother could no longer fight her battles for her, and Isbee had to learn to stand up for herself.

It was also during this time that Isbee became aware of the immense pain inflicted by the war. Even though she felt less accepted than before, she could see the worry, fear and loss in those around her and her instinct was to offer comfort. Her grandmother, though retired, returned to work at a local hospital and Isbee went along as a volunteer. She had felt drawn to her father’s work as a medical officer before, but helping as she could alongside her experienced grandmother cemented her decision to go into the family business. In her spare time, she would learn as much as she could about medicine. She'd heard of a young Ferengi who had been admitted to Starfleet Academy, and once her parents had returned safely at the conclusion of the war, she made her intentions known.

With the support of her family, Isbee applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Mindful of the feelings other species had about Ferengi, she pushed herself to excel and she went on to complete eight years of study. She proved herself a capable cadet, and did her best to counter any stereotype someone might hold about her - she even took extension courses in security to become a more well rounded officer. The recent war was a reminder that space was far from safe, and she did not want her small frame and lack of physical strength to be a detriment to those with whom she would serve. To her surprise, she qualified as a sharpshooter, and continues target practice in order to keep her skills honed.

After graduation, Isbee went on to complete her internship and has since served with distinction. Her last assignment was as Chief Medical Officer of the Nebula class USS Tchaikovsky. At first afraid she might not be taken seriously as a department head and member of the senior staff, her worries proved unfounded. She was embraced by the crew and awarded due respect for both her position and abilities. Her time on board the Tchaikovsky was rewarding, but she was recently notified that she would be reassigned. As she made arrangements for her pending departure, Doctor Isbee Foster found she was ready for the change and excited to see what was next.
Service Record 2375-2379: Starfleet Academy - Cadet, Pre-Med/Biology
2379-2383: Starfleet Medical Academy - Cadet, emergency medicine and general surgery
2383-2384: USS Piaget - Internship, Ensign
2384-2385: USS Piaget – Medical Officer, promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385-2387: USS Shawnee – Medical Officer
2387-2390: USS Shawnee – Assistant Chief Medical Officer, promoted to Lieutenant
2390-2393: USS Tchaikovsky – Chief Medical Officer
2393: USS Arcadia - Chief Medical Officer, promoted to Lieutenant Commander