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Captain Rebecca Post

Name Rebecca Post

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8''
Weight 144lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Rebecca stands at 178 cm (5'8") and weighs 65.1kg (143.5 lbs), as a result of this she is fairly thin and nimble, able to crawl through tight spaces easily. Not particularly muscular she is never the less physically fit enough to be able to stand the rigours of Starfleet Marine training and service.


Father Vice Admiral Jack Post
Mother Commodore Jessica Post
Brother(s) Major Harmon Post (SFMC)
Lieutenant Commander Jack Post (Starfleet)

Personality & Traits

General Overview On first glance Rebecca is a normal, happy cheerful young Starfleet Marine Officer, dedicated to her work but more than happy to have a laugh with her people when the moment called for it, and for a fair part of the time this is true. Ultimately however this is a cover, a mask that she wears because she cannot bear to allow herself to look deep inside at the trauma caused by the horrors she went through on her first assignment. As a result of this whilst she is normally a fairly outgoing individual, if conversations turn to more darker matters, particularly detailed discussion of war, Rebecca will tend to go quiet, or on some occasions bite the head off of the offending individual if they are not showing the proper respect due the dead. As a result of this she has spent more than her fair share of time with counsellors, and the main reason she is still in Starfleet is that at the end of the day she is still a good Marine, capable and dedicated to both the Marine Corps and the Federation as a whole, and it is this focus that allows her, for the most part, to keep the horrors locked away.

In terms of her command style Rebecca adopts a firm, but fair, attitude; she is more than happy to discipline those that are out of line but she will only do so if the situation warrants it, and the punishment will fit the crime. An extremely loyal individual, Rebecca takes betrayal or dishonesty badly, and has a tendency to lash out in such cases.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Overall Ability, Dedication, Loyalty

Weakness: Emotional and Physical scarring
Ambitions To rise through the ranks and continue commanding Starfleet Marines.

To find someone to love her despite her emotional baggage
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts
Rock Climbing

Personal History Born in 2365, Rebecca is the youngest of the three children of Kieran and Jessica Post, both career Starfleet officers. She has two brothers; Harmon Post who at the age of thirty-eight is ten years older than her and is a Marine Officer serving aboard the USS Gladiator as its Marine Commanding Officer, as well as Jack Post only a few years older than herself currently serving in Starfleet.

Rebecca spent most of her early life aboard Starships, a result of her parents career and her status as a Starfleet Brat, she did however grow close to her oldest brother in the early years of her life and was devastated when he left for Starfleet Academy, but not before he was able to plant the seeds of the Marine Corps in her mind. In the following years she remained either aboard ship or with her grandparents on earth, this allowed her to see Harm more often and continued her education and it would be this that ultimately led her down the road towards the Starfleet Marine Corps. There had never really been much question that she would ultimately end up in the Military, and as Jack departed for the Academy she was left alone for long periods of time and she spent a lot of her spare time wandering the countryside and gained herself a number of survival skills as well as a good intuition.

At the age of eighteen, 2383, Rebecca joined Starfleet Academy for her degree, majoring in History, and spent the next four years doing everything that she could to further her education and prepare herself for the years ahead. After four years in the Academy she graduated with honours and promptly enlisted in the Marine Corps, attending Basic Training at Parris Island. The basic training was a body and culture shock, despite her relatively active lifestyle, but it was something she enjoyed, when she was not in constant fatigue and pain, and the seventy-two hour Crucible is something that she would never forget. After a weeks downtime she attended Officer Candidate School, followed promptly after by the Basic School and in December of 2387 Rebecca was commissioned into the Starfleet Marine Corps and posted to Kavalis Colony, on the very edge of Federation Space.

Kavalis was a beautiful world, virtually unspoilt, and home to only four thousand inhabitants. In the first few months of 2387 she enjoyed her first assignment, and developed a relationship with the son of the Colony Governor, much to his father's chagrin. Despite this during her time on the colony her conduct was exemplary and she soon began to be recognised for it by her senior officer, she was put up for potential training and reassignment to the elite recon battalions. Unfortunately this was not to be the case. The Colony however was in unsafe territory, being on the edge of Federation space brought freedom, but it also brought problems. In June of 2387 the Colony was attacked and conquered by an unknown species. Fifty percent of the population was wiped out in the first few days, including the vast majority of Starfleet personnel, to the extent that Second Lieutenant Rebecca Post was the only surviving officer in charge of a handful of Marines and Starfleet personnel, tasked with retaking the world. In the weeks that followed she fought a gurilla war against the enemy, managing to prevent some of the horrors being wrought on the captives, but it was in the act of freeing a group of children that Rebecca herself was captured (and incident that would gain her the Exemplary Courage Medal). During her time in captivity Rebecca was tortured and raped almost daily, but never gave up any information. On the last day of 2387, the Colony was relieved by the USS Intrepid and a small task force that had received the garbled and low-powered distress call that had taken months to reach the nearest Federation facility. Rebecca was personally rescued by then-Captain Harmon Post, her big brother.

Rebecca spent the vast majority of 2388 either in hospital or undergoing physc evaluation to ascertain if she was mentally capable of returning to active service. There was talk of giving her a medical discharge but she would have none of it and steadfastly refused any attempt to get her to leave the Corps, after some time she was permitted to remain and she spent the latter half of the year recovering her lost fitness as well as taking a number of courses, including gaining the prestigious President's One Hundred bade as well as various others. On January 1 2389 she was assigned to Marine Detatchment aboard the USS Normandy, serving as a platoon commander. Although she had mostly recovered she still found this time difficult, but over the next three years she managed to compartmentalise her memories from Kavalis and managed to thrive.

In 2393 she was reassigned to the USS Ticonderoga as the detachments executive officer. This assignment was to last only a few days before she was reassigned to the USS Arcadia as its detachments commanding officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Marine Basic Training
Marine Officer Candidate School
Marine The Basic School
Marine Corps Garrison, Kavalis Colony (Second Lieutenant, Platoon Commander)
-Exemplary Courage Medal
Medical Leave
USS Normandy (First Lieutenant, Platoon Commander)
USS Ticonderoga (Captain, Marine Executive Officer)
USS Arcadia (Captain, Marine Commanding Officer)