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Dallas Risi

Name Dallas Luke Risi

Position Lounge Manager

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 72kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Dallas is tall and built. His brown hair is thick with the sides shaved and slightly longer on the top. Eyes are a hazel green. On his left forearm, there used to be a quote tattooed that said "We're all mad here" with a top hat and pocket watch from Alice in Wonderland before it had been crudely sliced off as a "trophy" during a hostage crisis. A long scar from his shoulder to corresponding hip, a stab wound just above his navel, scars from being slashed multiple times, and a smaller scar along his cheek bone from where it was fractured can also be seen.

He is often seen when working to be wearing a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up just above the elbows, a pair of jeans, and nice dress shoes. Outside of work, Dallas is usually in a singlet and track pants.


Father Jacob Risi
Mother Leila Risi
Brother(s) Kayden Risi (28)
Brenton Risi (26)
Other Family Tristan Logan (6) - currently under the care of Dallas

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dallas has never been one of those people to shy away from fun and excitement when it comes to his job, and is in his element when mixing drinks and providing food for everyone.

Outside of work, Dallas is a very private person who jumps at the slightest noises and has flashbacks to when he was tortured for hours on end before being rescued. He keeps his mind off the past by focusing on keeping fit and looking after his little cousin Tristan.
Strengths & Weaknesses (S) Being around family and friends
(W) Being alone for long periods of time with just his thoughts to occupy himself
(S) Bartending
Ambitions To find his place in the world, whether it be with another person or by himself.
A career being a bartender in a high end restaurant or club would be ideal.
Being the best mentor to Tristan and have him grow up the way his mother Danielle would have liked.
Hobbies & Interests Flair bartending
Keeping his fitness up
Different cultures

Personal History A loving and understanding upbringing worked out well for Dallas, as he was allowed to express himself in any way he chose. Two older brothers kept him in line at school, mum and dad were wrapped around his little finger at home. As a kid, Dallas would always be devoting his spare time to either reading or helping out in the community, and there were many accolades given from everyone who knew him.

Dallas was an average student who almost failed gym, but excelled at chemistry and maths, giving him the badge of being "geekishly cool". After applying for and getting into college to study chemistry, Dallas found that working a local campus bar was an exciting and fun job, leading him to a couple of local restaurants part time and switching his major to business management. These few years were the time for Dallas to explore his sexuality and he found himself having no preference for one gender over the other, ending up in casual relationships with both ladies and gents. He finished university around the middle of the class, but with a degree in business management nonetheless.

A position at a very prestigious bar in New Berlin became available and Dallas took the chance, figuring he'd probably have one in a million shot as getting it, given that he was probably too young even though he could smooth talk people into doing pretty much anything. Once he was accepted into the position of junior bartender, Dallas had an absolute ball and loved every minute of it: the night life, the fact he could experiment with new drink concoctions, meet new people, and working at something he'd always dreamt of.

After six months in New Berlin, there was word that the USS Sentinel was going to be passing by, the same ship Dallas had heard his cousin Danielle Logan was the Executive Officer on, and looked up if there was a position for bartender. Viola! There was one available, under the control of the legendary Dominic Hudson no less! Two days later, Dallas had his transfer paperwork and had boarded on the next available shuttle.

A stint on the Sentinel gave way to a full time position on the USS Asgard as the Lounge Manager and everything was going great. Until the Tzenkethi attacked and took him and three others hostage. Dallas was tortured relentlessly and beaten and broken to the point he didn't care if he lived or died there, with multiple cuts, slashes, bruises and fractures. The main one that almost killed Dallas was the long knife his reptilian captor had plunged through his stomach just above the navel and skewered him to the wall behind. After the rescue came the surgeries to repair Dallas and he was never the same as before.

This saw Dallas return to Earth for six months of rehabilitation, counselling and healing. Through counselling sessions Dallas met Tobin, a man who made Dallas have hope for the future. News that his cousin Commander Danielle Logan, Executive Officer of the USS Sentinel had passed away due to an airborne virus knocked Dallas for six again, and through a series of events that played out with the family, Dallas ended up being charged with taking care of her six year old son Tristan. He needed a male figure in his life, his uncles weren't in the position to look after him, his father was MIA, so it fell to the next person in line: Dallas.

A month and a half later, keeping Tobin and Tristan in mind, he reapplied for a civilian position again as Lounge Manager and provided all necessary medical, physical and psychological reports to prove he was fit to resume doing what he loved. The position was for the Sentinel, a place he felt most at home.
Service Record USS Sentinel - civilian passenger / part-time bartender

USS Asgard - Lounge Manager
- left due to emotional and physical trauma

USS Sentinel - Lounge Manager
- resigned due to family issues