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Corporal Jennifer Muthkar

Name Jennifer Muthkar

Position Marine, 3rd Platoon

Rank Corporal

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half-Human/ Half-Klingon
Age 26

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 160
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jennifer inherited the physique of her Klingon father. She is powerful and stocky of build. Her hair is kept closely cropped, with no care about how she appears to anyone.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Durek of the House of Barrac
Mother Lilly Sindle
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jennifer is keen of mind and not shy about expressing her opinions. She has been reprimanded by Marine officers for continuing to push her opinions well past the point when she should give up. She's loyal and incredibly tough, but also cares about her fellow marines.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cunning

Ambitions Jennifer wants to bring honor to her family and die gloriously.

Service Record 6 June 2384: Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps

1 July 2385 - 21 October 2384: Attends MCRD Lone Palm - Terra Nova (Alpha Centauri) (Private)

14 November 2384 - 30 April 2385: Attends Ranger School at Camp Amazon - Earth (Private First Class / Lance Corporal)

30 April 2385- 01 November 2385: Diplomatic Assignment, Federation Embassy - Kronos (Lance Corporal)

01 November 2385- 15 January 2387: Special Warfare Operator Training - Great Lakes, Illinois (Earth)(Corporal)

15 January 2387 - 2 September 2391: Assigned to Charlie Company, 115th Special Operations Battalion, attached to USS Iowa (Demoted to Lance Corporal for Insubordinate Behavior)

2 September 2391 - 02 February 2393: Assigned to 1st SW Training Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Regiment, Great Lakes, Illinois (Earth) (Corporal)

02 February 2393 to Present: Assigned to USS Arcadia