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Captain Jackson Werner

Name Jackson Charles Werner

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 203 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Greyish-blue
Physical Description Though average in height and weight, Jackson exudes an aura of somone who knows how to handle themself in any type of situation. His eyes are contantly scanning for threats of any kind and, though they seem hard, they can soften in an instant when he relaxes.

He does carry a few scars of his time in the Corps, some internally and others out on the surface. Most notable is a long slash scar, on his back, that runs diagonally from his left shoulder to his right hip. He also has several tattoos on his arms and chest.

Alternates periodically between being clean shaven and wearing a full beard. However, when he does have a beard, he keeps it within regulations. Whenever he goes on a combat mission, he always wears his weathered "good luck" Boston Red Sox ballcap.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Colonel Rutherford H. Werner, Retired SFMC (64)
Mother Margarita Werner (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Jonathon J. Werner (62, Uncle, History Professor, Oxford University)

Personality & Traits

General Overview "God, Corps, Federation, Self." That is the slogan that best describes how Jackson believes life works. As the child of a career military officer, all he has known his entire life is the Corps. He felt that it was not merely his duty to serve, but his calling.

While he does follow the rulebook very closely, as an experienced operator, he has learned just when the rules are followed, and when they are bent....or broken.

Above all other concerns, his Marines are more important to him than his own life. He would gladly sacrifice himself, if it meant protecting his people. On the other side of the coin, however, he would send his Marines to their deaths, if it meant the Federation was protected.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Strong, analytical mind
+Able to multitask flawlessly
+Highly intelligent
+Steadfastly loyal
+Expert marksman

-Can be loyal to a fault
-Callous at times
-Rarely takes time for himself
-Possesses the tendencies neccessary to become obsessed with a target.
-Unforgiving when crossed
Ambitions His sole ambition is to protect the Federation at all costs. He will continue to do that job for as long as he is able. Unfortunately, this ambition of his precludes any possability of him ever having a family of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Reading anything he can get his hands on with a voracious appetite. He is also constantly training his body and mind, in an effort to keep himself as knife-sharp as possible. He possesses a brown belt in Karate and Judo. He also holds the current SFMC record for knife throwing.

He also enjoys swimming, hiking, rappeling, orbital skydiving and scuba diving.

He is fluent in: Federation Standard Sign Language, Federation Standard Speech, Bajoran, Cardassian and High Klingon. Has passable knowledge in Common Klingon, Breen and two different dialects of Romulan.

Personal History Born 16 December, 2361, at McDonavan Medical Center, Camp Erely, on Mars. His father was Captain Rutherford H. Werner, company commander of one of the Marine units stationed at Erely. His mother was Margarita Werner, an elementry school teacher at John J. Arbuckle Elementry School, also located on the base. He would be the couple's only child.

Growing up on Mars, Jackson had a typical military dependent childhood. For most of the first eight years of his life, his father was rarely home, as he was deployed for one mission or patrol after another.

During the summer break between his fifth and sixth grade years, his father, after being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, was transferred to the newly built SFMC installation, Camp Thunderfoot, located in the Drakaar Provence of Bajor. The family would spend the next five years there, during which time, Jackson learned as much as he could about both the Bajoran and Cardassian people.

While on Bajor, Jackson started to rebel against his parents (as most preteens do). He would get into fights with other children. His school work also started to suffer. More than once, he skipped school altogether. One night, a month before his thirteenth birthday, the rebelious behaviour reached a dangerous point. His father was off on yet another mission somewhere, and Jackson decided to go have some "fun". He snuck out of his home and prowled the neighborhood. He found an unsecured hovercar, and decided to take it for a spin. Shortly into the joyride, a security patrol found and stopped him. He was immediatly arrested for vehicular theft.

After he was taken to the camp security office, and was processed, it was quickly determined who his father was. As his father was off-world, his mother had to come pick him up. He was then released into her custody, with a court date appearence scheduled for the following month.

His father returned a few days prior to the court date. After speaking to both the Camp Commander and the Provost Marshall, it was decided that in lieu of standing trial, Jackson would be summarily found guilty. However, as it was his first offense, instead of being sent to a juvenile detention center, he was given one hundred and fifty hours of community service, plus the stipulation that, while he was still a minor, should he be arrested for anything again, he would be immediately sent to juvenile detention and remain there until he turned eighteen.

Needless to say, Jackson quickly adjusted himself. He compleyed the community service without error, buckled down in school, and kept his nose clean.

Shortly before his junior year of high school, his father was promoted again, to Colonel. As before, the promotion meant another family movement. This time, they moved to Earth, the first time he had ever stepped foot on the UFP homeworld. They settled at Parris Island, where his father had been made a Regimental Commander. Jackson quickly saw how the young, raw recruits were changed into hardcharging Marines in Starfleet. He was immediatly hooked. He knew exactly what he wanted to do after he graduated from high school.

The day after he graduated, he immediatly made his way to the nearest recruiter's office and enlisted. He began his training a week later.

He did quite well in Boot Camp, finding a sense of normality amid it's teachings. It was as if the child he was when he was arrested had never been. The change made his parents very proud in him.

Following Boot, he shipped out to Twenty-Nine Palms, another historic Marine base, where he attended and successfully completed his Advanced Infantry Training. After that graduation, he was then transferred south, to Camp Amazon, to begin his Ranger training. As before, he excelled in his studies, becoming more and more focused as he went. Finally, his determination was rewarded when he graduated third in his class.

His first actual duty assignment sent him back home, to Bajor. He was actually sent to his father's old unit. Though, by this time, all of the personnel he had known had rotated out to other commands. He would use his time wisely, doing what he could to advance his knowledge and experience.

Nearly a year later, his hard work, again, paid off. Three slots, reserved for his camp, at Officer Candidate School opened up. He immediately requested permission from his company commander to apply. The approval was given almost at once. Once all of the neccessary paperwork had been completed, he was released from his unit and returned to Earth.

He spent nearly a month in a hold company, where he waited for the next class cycle to begin. Once it did, he attacked his studies like a man possessed. During the next four years, not only did he complete his military schooling, but he also began attending (via subspace) Yale University. By the time he had graduated and recieved his commission, he had earned degrees in two serious courses.

After he recieved his commission, he was slated to be shipped out to a Marine Detachment aboard the USS Tecumseh. Regrettably, this did not happen, as he went home instead, to attend his mother's funeral. She had died suddenly when the shuttle she was riding in exploded in Earth orbit. Following the investigation, it was discovered that there was a microscopic fracture in the shuttle's fuel cell. When the pilot accelerated, the fracture ruptured, igniting the fuel, causing the shuttle to explode before any problem was even detected. Jackson and his father both consoled each other that his mother had died instantly and painlessly.

Two weeks later, Jackson was finally shipped out to the fleet. His first duty assignment was as Platoon Leader of 3rd Platoon, Charlie Company, a Marone Detachment, attached to the USS Yorktown.

While aboard the Yorktown, his unit took part in the evacuation of colonists from Ilicom Prime's fourth moon, Ardola, after it was struck by a meteor the size of the former state known as Texas. Unfortunately, by the time the Yorktown arrived, seventy percent of the populous had perished. The survivors were transported to Pacifica, where they recieved much needed medical treatment and counselling.

A few months later, he was transferred to another command. This time, he was assigned to the Marine Detachment attached to the USS Deliverence. A year later, he was promoted to First Lieutenant. The time he spent on the Deliverence was mostly quiet, normal duty. His days were filled with training rotations, both in the holodeck and around the ship, shooting ranges and close order drill.

In the beginning of March of 2389, he was one of two hundred Marines, Corps-wide, to be chosen to participate in a series of skill-based challenges, in order to qualify for entrance into the prestigious SFMC Special Operations School. During his time in the school, he learned many new skills that made him an even more dangerous weapon in the Corps arsenal. At the end of his training rotation, he was ranked first of his entire class.


The information contained between the dates of 13 November 2389 and 1 January 2393, have been listed as highly classified. Only those flag officers or UFP officials with OMEGA BLACK Clearance may access this information.


The first four months of 2393 found Jackson on convalescent leave, following surgical procedures performed to repair the serious injuries he had recieved during ***CLASSIFIED***. He used the time as best as he could, to gain more knowledge, in order to become a better Marine. During this time, he was promoted to Captain.

After he was given a clean bill of health and returned to active duty, he was assigned to the USS Arcadia, to assume the duties of Marine Commanding Officer of the detachment attached to the Elysium class starship.

What happens next is up to the Fates...
Service Record 8 June 2379: Enlists in Starfleet Marine Corps. Entered as E-2, Private First Class.

15 June 2379 to 14 June 2379: Assigned, SFMC Recruit Training Depot, Parris Island, Earth.

15 June 2379 to 16 December 2379: Assigned, Advanced Infantry Training School, Twenty-Nine Palms, Earth. Promoted to Lance Corporal.

2 January 2380 to 10 April 2380: Assigned, 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon, Bravo Co, 801st Ranger BN, Camp Amazon, Earth. RTC (Ranger Training Class) 1-2380. Graduated 3rd in class.

11 April 2380 to 5 March 2381: Assigned, 8th MEU, 4th BN/2nd Regiment, Alpha Company, "Death Dealers", Camp Thunderfoot, Bajor. EOD training. Promoted to Corporal.

6 March 2381: Applied to OCS. Was accepted. Transfered to Camp Lejeune, Earth to begin officer training.

18 March 2381 to 1 April 2381: Assigned, 501st Cadet Training Hold Company, while awaiting OCS Class 2477 to begin.

2 April 2381 to 1 April 2385: Attended OCS. Earned two degrees and several awards/commendations. (See below).

2 April 2385: Graduated second in class. Commissioned as Second Lieutenant.

3 April 2385: Given two week emergency leave to attend family funeral.

18 April 2385: Assigned, 2nd Officer Retention BN, Langley, while awaiting orders.

19 April 2385 to 5 December 2387: Assigned, Marine Detachment (9th MEU, 3rd BN/3rd Regiment, Charlie Company), Platoon Leader, 3rd Platoon, "Sinful Sappers", attached, USS Yorktown.

6 December 2387 to 5 March 2389: Assigned, Marine Detachment (7th MEU, 1st BN/1st Regiment, Delta Company). Platoon Leader, 1st Platoon, "Hell Raisers", attached, USS Deliverence. 4 December 2388, promoted to First Lieutenant.

6 March 2389 to 12 November 2389: Assigned, 2nd Ranger BN, Alpha Company, Camp Amazon. Undergoes SpecOps training.

13 November 2389: Graduated First in class.

13 November 2389 to 1 January 2393: ***CLASSIFIED*** Only those with OMEGA BLACK Clearance may access the information contained within these dates.

1 January 2393 to 29 April 2393: Convalescent Leave to recover from injuries. 3 March 2383, Promoted to Captain.

08 May 2393 to Present: Assigned, Marine Detachment (8th MEU, 2nd Battalion/3rd Regiment, Echo Company), Company Commander, attached to USS Arcadia.

Schools Attended/Graduated (military):

•Parris Island SFMC Boot Camp (2379)
•Zero-G Training (2379)
•Deep Forest Training (2379)
•Desert Training (2379)
•Artic Training (2380)
•Urban Training (2380)
•SFMC Ranger School (2380)
•EOD School (2381)
•OCS (2385)
•Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Training (2385)
•SERE School (2389)

Schools Attended/Graduated and Honors earned(civilian):

•Yale (via subspace) (2381-2385)
•Bachelors Degree in Psychology
•Associates Degree in Physics

Military Awards/Decorations:
•Starfleet Cross
•Bronze Star
•Purple Heart (x3)
•Humanitarian Medal
•Good Conduct Medal with Gold Star
•UFP Defense Medal
•SFMC Service Ribbon
•Master Orbital Jump Wings
•Master Diver Badge
•EOD Badge
•Expert Rifleman Badge, Phaser Rifle
•Sharpshooter Badge, Phaser Pistol
•Ranger Tab
•SpecOps Tab