Alexei Eagle

Name Alexei Eagle

Position Family Member

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El Aurian Hybrid
Age 16

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 1.52 m
Weight 68.04 Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Tall and lanky for his age, Alexei has an olive complexion similar to his great-grandfather, green eyes and long hair.

He also bares a group of scars of varying ages on his back of his body, from the shoulder blades down to the back of his knees, indicative of a whip, or some similar instrument.


Father Nicholas Eagle (Deceased)
Mother Xias (Deceased)
Other Family MATERNAL:
Ilep (Great Grandmother) (Deceased)
Lt. (JG) Zax (Great Grandfather)

Dr. Eugene Eagle (Grandfather)
Captain Alexandra Putavol-Eagle, Ph.D (Grandmother) (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fairly reserved for a teen-aged human, Alexei acts very mature for his age. He tends to primarily keep to himself, unlike his great-grandfather, Zax, whom will almost certainly seek out companionship at every chance. This has mostly to do with his upbringing. His mother was both abusive as well as neglectful, so as a defense mechanism, Alexei is slow to trust others for fear of being abandoned and/or used. The only exception to this was his great-grandfather, whom, despite everything that his mother had told him, was willing to sacrifice his own life in order to save Alexei's.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alexei is careful and slow to trust others, but this also gives him the chance to assess those around him. Because of his upbringing, he has become an excellent judge of character.

He's also something of a book-worm, something which his great-grandfather has always encouraged, admittedly, much to his own confusion. From this, he's learned a small collection of local Alpha Quadrant languages and cultures, yet, he also understands that he lacks in the necessary social skills to adequately use them.

Recently, he has been trying to locate other living members of his family. Relying on any means necessary, legal or otherwise. Though most consider him benign, every ship and starbase he's come to visit considers him a security risk by the time he leaves.
Ambitions At the moment, all that he want's to do is to learn as much as he can about the family that he never got to meet, such as his father along with his family.
Hobbies & Interests Alexei loves to play chess, and Kal-tou along with other board games. He also possesses an undying love of books, of any kind and language, though his current favorite are ancient Earth mythology and literature.

Alexei also has a knack for languages; this is evident by the small number that he's managed to amass in the months that he's lived with great-grandfather, Zax.

Personal History Born in 2377 to an El Aurian woman named Xias, and a Human Starfleet officer, Lt. Nicholas Eagle, Alexei never knew his father. Indeed, his mother had born him while in a coma, and woke soon after his birth. Upon learning that she had bore a child to a human man, she tried, initially to run, leaving both her child and one-time lover behind. But no matter how far she ran, neither were very far from her mind. So in 2379, two years after leaving, she returned to her family to reclaim her child. By the time anyone had learned of her intentions, Lt. Eagle laid dead in a pool of his own blood, and Alexei, now just shy of two, was missing.

Alexei spent the next several years on the run with his mother, though to him it was nothing more than a game due to his age. It wasn't until he grew older that he began to realize that there was something wrong with his mother. Initially, she was a very attentive and caring person; always fawning over every little thing he did. But then, she began to grow more and more distant. First, she would blame him for things which he neither had done, nor had any control over. Then after a time, her anger became physical.

At first, as he began to grow closer to adolescence, she would merely smack him, but then she began escalating the violence as her mental state became less and less stable. With each passing "session", the beatings would become worse, and there would always be a single word that would trigger the attacks: the name of his great-grandfather. His mother had told him stories from his earliest memories about Zax and his betrayals, but it wasn't until he actually met his great-grandfather when he was 13 that he realized much of the horrible deeds was merely the anger and delusions of his mother when Zax stopped her from beating him at the cost of his bio-synthetic limb.

His mother had originally intended to raise him to be an animal with which to hunt down, and not only kill her grandfather, but to make him suffer. However, Alexei was still too young, and she had sabotaged her own work by not only showing, but giving the love of a mother early on. Naturally, Alexei was confused as to his mother's increasingly erratic behavior. It wasn't until, while learning how to use a phaser rifle, that he realized that she was insane when she murdered the entire crew of the transport ship they had been traveling on right in front of him. Not long after that, they encountered the vessel his great-grandfather was serving on: The USS Einstein.

Using Alexei, Xias captured her grandfather, and proceeded to torture him in the most monstrous way possible: by returning to each world he ever visited, and using a biogetic weapon that he had inadvertently created one year earlier to wipe-out their populations. When she ordered Alexei to first the weapon himself, he knew that what she was doing was wrong, so, he refused. This infuriated Xias, whom saw her grandfather's eyes staring back from her son's face. She flew into a rage and began beating him; she would have killed him had his great-grandfather not intervened.

Furious that he would dare interfere with how she should raise her own son, Xias attacked her grandfather with the intent of killing him. However, her mistake was putting a weapon into Alexei's hand, and telling him to kill the one who was the greatest threat to his happiness. During the fight with Zax, Xias spilled all of her secrets, including that it was she, not her grandfather as she had told him, whom had killed his father. Seeing his chance, he fired at his mother. Mortally wounded, she collapsed to the ground. He wept and ran to her and with his grandfather, stayed with her in her final moments. However, this brought him no solace, as the very last thing she said to either of them was her undying hatred.

Free of his mother and her delusions, Alexei has been living with his great-grandfather Zax, whom has been giving what he has craved for too long: A loving family.

Once he and his great-grandfather Zax had settled into their lives aboard the USS Bunker Hill, Alexei began digging through the Federation databases for information concerning his family. Soon enough, he fell back into his old ways of hacking and breaching ship security once he found out that his fraternal grandmother's personnel file had been classified and all of his attempts at requesting those files only meant that they were reclassified at a higher security level.

As such, he has now been placed under the watch of the ship's science department, where the damage that he can now is severely limited.
Service Record 2390 - 91: USS Einstein - Civilian (Dependent)

2391: New Pittsburgh Colony (4 Months Counseling)

2391 - 2393: USS Bunker Hill - Civilian (Dependent)

2393: USS Arcadia - Civilian (Dependent)