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Lieutenant Alkan Malaya

Name Alkan Malaya PhD

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 30

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 110lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Due to being born malnourished and premature by Bajoran standards, Malaya is shorter than most Bajoran females you're likely to come across. Her blond hair is always kept in a tight pony-tail and her uniform very clean.

As she is scrawny, most of Malaya's clothes are a bit baggy on her. Due to this fact, she is also lacking in muscle. She can lift her own body weight out of water, but given how much she weighs, that is not saying much by Starfleet PT standards.

As far as her mannerisms... Many see her as twitchy, due to her PPD-NOS. She rarely looks people in the eyes and if she has too, it is not but for a few seconds. Pacing is often very common of her, as it is part of her thought process.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Vedek Alkan Lank
Mother Alkan Rysa
Brother(s) Major Alkan Torban (36, XO of the 23rd Ground Forces, in the Bajoran Militia)
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Malaya's life has been all about perseverance and overcoming prejudices in achieving every goal she's ever wanted. A high-functioning PPD-NOS and savant, she has never lacked in the thirst of knowledge. Her ability to process information is second only to a Vulcan's computer-like mind.

That said, she does miss important social cues on an almost regular basis. Expressing empathy is not a strong point, though she is very good at troubleshooting almost any technical situation to come her way.

And while she cannot process most social cues well, she does navigate well with most situations using her Starfleet and uni handbooks that cover department administration. If she cannot find an answer in them, Malaya is not afraid to ask someone else how they might handle a situation.

Malaya's social disability gives her a unique way of seeing things most people do not. Counselors would most often deem it a "child-like" view. Malaya is anything but childlike. Her approach to people is often blunt, but not intended to be rude. And her time in the Bajoran Occupation has given her a degree of realism.

Emotional expressions are not generally common with her – not beyond smiling and the rare laugh. However, she does feel a range of emotions like any other person, but most of the time has a muted reaction of X emotion (which people often read incorrectly as her not caring or being fake).
Strengths & Weaknesses + High Spatial Awareness
+ Savant-level IQ
+ Has good response times to situations.

+/- Follows Orders Blindly
+/- OCD about schedules.

- Doesn't read social cues well.
- Lacking in strong self-defense.
- Takes things literally.
- Doubts herself when she has to deviate from what a manual tells her to do.
Ambitions Malaya currently wants to serve a few tours aboard a ship so she can eventually qualify to become a teaching Professor of Theoretical Engineering Science at Starfleet Academy... or MIT. Which ever comes first, in her opinion.
Hobbies & Interests Malaya loves running experiments, reading books, and observing people in social settings.

Personal History Malaya was born on Bajor in 2363. During the Occupation. She was born three weeks early and into a deeply devout household that believed strongly in prayer. More so with lack of medical treatment and food.

Maybe this was the reason Malaya developed what humans would label as an “Autistic-spectrum” disorder. The cause is still unknown. Her parents did all they could to help her learn to communicate with them, during the early stages of her development.

Her dad, while a monk in the Bajoran religious order, had become a good thief, helping the people in her village get what they needed in the latter years of the Occupation. Sometimes he nicked a Cardassian tech's PADD for her to read.

Malaya was six when the Occupation ended. Her father was rising in the ranks of the Bajoran church and was in dire need on Bajor as a result. So once Starfleet arrived, it was Malaya, her older brother, and her mother that left the planet with Starfleet aid workers.

If not for them, Malaya might not ever have become the person she is today. With medication to treat some of her ticks, and assessing her learning process, Malaya began to absorb any book put in front of her. Added to that, she built a connection with the chief engineer of the medical ship, USS Star of David.

The three months she was aboard, Malaya proved to be an engineering savant. Taking apart and putting things back together rather quickly. Repair manuals were her favorite things to read at such a young age.

Earth would be where Malaya would spend most of her time. They lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the rest of her childhood. Both MIT and Harvard offered the young Bajoran lab space, when it became apparent she was far too advanced in learning with peers her own age.

While not technically a student with the university, Malaya was given the afternoons to share a lab space with Professor Xavior Adenington. A warp theory scientist who observed and helped guide her mind with all engineering aspects she had a thirst for.

While most kids played sports for their extra curricular, her next four years would be building small engines and testing new power sources.

Age eleven, she gained entrance into MIT due to a strong tetryon particle reactor theory she composed, based on cleaner energy use is space travel. The entrance paper was not ground-breaking since the particle had always been seen as unstable, but the amount of research put into it impressed many in MIT.

She graduated the Bachelors program there in three years – taking summer classes to expedite the process. She earned her bachelors in Mechanical and Computer Engineering.

Because of her high GPA, Malaya had no problems gaining entrance into the Masters program of MIT. Two masters, actually. Theoretical FTL Design, and a Masters of Engineering – Sharship Mechanics.

The two-year Masters program put her at age 16. Too young to join Starfleet – which is what she wanted to do since meeting the Starfleet personnel that rescued her from Bajor. It was Professor Adenington who encouraged her to get her doctorate and made a few calls with the Vulcan Science Institute to continue her studies.

Her keen intellect and FTL designs are what got her the interview and entrance into such a prestigious institute. And after three years of hard study, she earned her Doctorate in Theoretical FTL Design.

Due to having many degrees and credentials in engineering AND being a Bajoran, Malaya was sent straight to Starfleet Academy's OCS program. Politics as is, Bajoran officers were still highly sought in the fleet by the fleet brass.

Malaya continued her tetryon particle studies and wrote several papers and research studies on proper containment and usage. She was also a common staple in most technological symposiums too, Post Academy.

December 9th, 2385, she was a guest speaker at Starfleet Medical's yearly Medical Conference in Paris. She was asked to speak about her ability to overcome most of her social handicaps with the aid of some of Starfleet's newest advancements in mental health treatment.

In the scholastic world, Malaya is seen as a rising star in Theoretical FTL Design, as well as an exceptional leader - leading by example. However, she longs to become a professor of a prestigious school and in her field of expertise, she lacks practical testing of her FTL theories.

...Thus she applied for a ship assignment where she can hopefully test some of her FTL improvements out in the field. Which is how she got to the Arcadia.
Service Record May 23rd, 2382 - Starfleet Academy, BT (16 Weeks)

September 29th, 2382- Starfleet Academy, OCS (16 Weeks)

January 30th, 2382 - Graduated OCS, promoted to Lieutenant JG.

February 18th, 2382 - Assigned to the Sol Sector Fleetyards as an engine design specialist.

October 6th, 2385 - Promoted to Beta Shift leader and full Lieutenant of Shipyard Six. Placed in charge of capitol/massive ship repairs and particle decontamination.

July 9th, 2390 - Transferred to a top secret research base known only as Gryphon. Location, REDACTED.

2393 (Current) – Chief Engineer, USS Arcadia