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Mackinzie "Mac" Williams

Name Mackinzie "Mac" Louise Williams

Position Reporter

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37

Starfleet Profile

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Platinum Blond (Dyed)
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Mac is a slender woman. She's had so much plastic surgery over the years, she looks nothing like the photos in her youth. Aristocratic chin, tanned skin, tiny nose. She even has her unibrow shaved regularly so as to appear to have two separate brows.

For her height, she appears a bit on the thin side. Apple-shaped, really. Her suits and sundresses are all expensive too. From the manner she presents herself, it is clear she comes from money.


Spouse Jacob Williams (34)
Children Carrie Elizabeth Williams (7)
Father Connor Jones (67)
Mother Martha Jones (65)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mac is a bubbly woman to the public eye. Caring, enigmatic. She once was described as a crazy lunatic for falsifying War Correspondent reporter credentials during her younger reporting years, just so she could be on the front lines, reporting on the Romulan Warlord epidemic.

Privately, she has self-esteem issues. Body issues. The need to look relevant and pretty has driven her to extremes. Mostly likely psychological damage from an expectant and unforeseen pulse barrage of disruptor fire that burned half her face off during aforementioned conflict.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Assertive
+ Empathetic

- Insecure about her body.
- Has PTSD
- Can be pretty vain.
Ambitions She wants to be the lead anchor of the Federation News Network (FNN).
Hobbies & Interests Ballet, obsessing over fashion, and

Personal History Mac's story is mostly simple. She was born in Manhattan, New York, to a wealthy family heavily invested in dilithium. She herself never had to visit any of the mines her father owned.

Her life was that of privilege. Best boarding schools, top dancing academies. Bought onto cheerleading squads since she was a middle schooler. The only team she made on her own, was cross-country and track.

Growing up, she watched the news reports coming in from the Dominion War. Those stories she seen made her crave being a reporter. So... her parents bought her into her high school paper.

There, she chased stories the Senior Editor (who was in the senior class) never published. Called them gossip rags. Mac was challenged for the first time in her life.

Mister Barker, the journalism teacher of her high school, encouraged her to keep trying. That eventually she'll learn what good editors want in a new company. So she did.

She went from reporting gossip about teen dating/cheating, to landing a story that would eventually pave her way into getting into NYU's School of Journalism.

Mac broke the school's brains with unraveling a Varsity Soccer cheating scandal. This in turn got the attention of the New York Post, who asked to reprint with her name on the byline.

Mac took her first two years of ROTC at NYU so as to have a general idea of how to survive in combat. Any further commitments would meant she would actually have to committed to a 5-year Starfleet Officer Commissioning Contract, after graduating.

It was not that Mac did not want to serve. She just wanted to serve the public by a different means. She wanted to be a war correspondent that would not be a detriment on the front lines.

Mac had a hard time getting pre-contracted to any major media companies, during her last semester at NYU. The fact she was dating future Yankee 3rd basemen (Jacob Williams) did get her interviews, but not the ones that meant a career for her.

With the help of a hacker pal, two months after graduating, she was shipped to the USS Tython as an independent contracted war correspondent. And when she started covering the injured on the ship, after a hard-fought battle against Romulan Warlord Karris?

Well FNN actually did like her style. And the access she had. They finally picked up her stories and Mac was easily a staple of their evening programming.

Starfleet's PR department also liked her style as well. Mac had the ability to tell enough facts without causing hysteria, and also try to end a segment with a silver lining. So Starfleet became more eager to let her move from ship to ship during the Romulan Warlord incidents.

Mac was eventually injured during an unforeseen ground assault, while she was covering a Starfleet segment about a humanitarian mission. It changed her, at least behind the camera.

Jacob married her during her time away from the front lines. They eventually had a little girl together too. But Mac ultimately dialed back on the war stories. She started doing more pop cultural pieces for FNN.

In the end, Mac never really liked the transition to civilian pieces but she also did not want to become a full-time war correspondent either. More so with a kid now. Eventually she saw the USS Arcadia pop up on the list of ships willing to take a reporter.

That is how Mac ended up on the ship. She could do the puff pieces and also report on fleet matters. The best of bother worlds, really.