Episode 4.5 - Shore Leave

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The crew of the Arcadia makes preparation to boldly go where no one has gone before: a brand new galaxy!

Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way

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The Arcadia rescues the USS Themyscira and her crew, refugees from a dystopian future, where the once proud Federation had succumbed to fourteen years of devastating war. Captain Nami Ishikawa, commanding officer of the Themyscira and a woman whose past is inseparably intertwined with Oliver's future, details the dark days that are to befall the Federation, but there is something even darker that she hides. Will the crew of the Arcadia find out her true mission before it is too late? Is there a price too high for justice? Is there a price too high for saving the Federation?

Part of Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way

Character Background Stories

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This is a collection of stories that shed light on our characters' past, but do not directly relate to the on-going mission.

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Episode 3 - The Future That Was

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25 years in the future, in the year 2416, the 2nd Dominion War has dragged on for more than 10 years. Fighting alone, the Federation is slowly, but steadily, losing the war.

When Marine General Ardon Bolanus, a highly decorated and respected career officer, seizes power on Earth in a coup d'etat, promising an end to government corruption and a path to final victory, the former crew of the USS Bunker Hill, who have long since gone their separate ways, suddenly find themselves on opposing sides of a bloody civil war.

As the Dominions continue to advance, as the Federation inches toward collapse, some ask: "To save the Federation, is there a price too high?"

"No. And Temporal Prime Directive be damned."

Part of Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way

Episode 2 - Aftermath

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With her former XO now in command, the Bunker Hill takes on new crew and awaits her next assignment. Meanwhile a team of specialists comes aboard to assist in the murder investigation that began during the Bunker Hill's previous mission. Are they really here to help, or is there something more sinister?

Episode 1 - The Bunker Hill Incident

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A secret diplomatic conference on the USS Bunker Hill ends in disaster when the Romulan ambassador was murdered in his quarters. As the investigation progresses and the mystery is unwrapped, it soon becomes evident that the good of the Federation, more than anything else, is on the line. But what is the good of the Federation? As that question divides the Bunker Hill crew into opposing sides, can the unity of the ship survive this mission?

Episode 3.5 - Welcome to Paradise

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As the USS Bunker Hill undergoes extensive refit, some of its crew, including Captain Oliver A. Lee, are reassigned to the newly commissioned USS Arcadia, the second ship of the Elysium class and a crown jewel of Starfleet. As the crew gets to know their new ship and their new shipmates, an admiral with a grudge against the Arcadia's new commanding officer comes aboard for a snap inspection. What could possibly go wrong?

Part of Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way

Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis

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As the Bunker Hill prepares for her new mission at the space dock, Lieutenant Commander Enright reassigns most of the crew to security training, leaving several departments in dire personnel shortage and setting the veteran Starfleet officer on a collision course with his newly appointed second-in-command, Lieutenant Oliver Lee, a disgraced former investigator for the Inspector General's Office.