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Lieutenant Alden Reade Stardate 71742.995 (9-29-17)

Posted on Fri Sep 29th, 2017 @ 11:32am by Lieutenant Alden Reade


Lieutenant Alden Reade sat in the lounge chair in a bar on Starbase 401. He was awaiting transit to the Arcadia and it wasn’t scheduled for many days.

From what he was told the ship was fairly new and shiney. His office and quarters would be slightly bigger than his last posting and he would probably have a larger department to boot.

What excited Alden more than anything though was the fact the ship had a fighter group. Sitting at the bar it was hard to hide his excitement and happiness of getting to fly in a Valkyrie again. It’s been two years and one month since he got to fly an actual mission. The holodecl could only provide so much realism but it missed the small vibrations Reade was use to.

He sipped at his whiskey some more. In normal clothes he sat in a bar and drank like a normal civilian. It was a rare luxury that one would get to do such a thing and while he wasn’t on leave he didn’t actually have any work today. He had projects but do to their classification nature he couldn’t access them aboard Starbase 401.

The fact that he sat here in the bar and his family, friends, and class mates all think he flys a fighter and did not realize that he was Starfleet Intelligence made him almost seem invisible. The fighter rating was a skill he picked up nothing more. A cover to tell his family, a secret to everyone but Starfleet. His personal file reflected pilot with specialized training. It wasn’t no secret on the ship that he was Intel but at the same time his file reflected more of an admin in that department and tied it with flight ops.

Most importantly he was happy with his life. One day he would be sitting in his ready room and not a bar. He would be in the Captains chair and not a lounge chair. Eventually he would be in a division of purpose that neither existed but exsisted at the same time but did that mean giving up everything he loved.


Lieutenant Alden Reade
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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