My Next Assignment

Posted on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 9:30am by Lieutenant Alkan Malaya PhD
Edited on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 9:34am

Begin Log.

I am aboard the Kyushu now, though I dislike the starship. Smaller than Arcadia, it depends on personal interaction for optimal efficiency. I wave when I am woven to a lot on this ship - I am not comfortable with waving but people do this a lot to be polite, so I must too.

People on this ship also like to shake hands upon greeting. I believe one girl may be pretending to be my friend, as when I went to shake her hand, she did not seem inclined to want to shake mine anymore. In fact, she was mean to me in the turbolift this morning.

Just today, I was ingesting my usual midday meal in the mess hall. I go there a lot to watch people. On the days I smell strawberry shortcake ice cream, those are the busiest.

I always sit at the small table two steps from the left, port-side window. It only sits two people. That implies I should only have to converse with one other person, yet often I find several of the crew keep pulling chairs to my table to talk to me.

I feel... I feel... I do not know. I just know I want to leave, but I cannot. The multitude of chairs often blocks my way out. When they ask me why I watch them, they are not prone to sit through the rest of my meals. I am not sure why.

As I approach my new assignment, however, I am left with pondering many decisions. The counselor on my last posting suggests having a therapy dog, to alleviate my anxieties with large crowds.

I suppose that is an option I would need to talk to my commanding officer about. Engineering rooms were not designed to have canines with shedding follicles, around their systems.

Mother also suggested coming with me - just until she believes I have adjusted to the new changes that I have read about, with ship assignments. I do not understand why she wants to stay with me. I am a high-functioning, well-adjusted person.

Thankfully she has gone back to Bajor, but I suspect she will call again. Ninety-six-point-three percent of the time, she does. I am fine. I wish she would believe that.

I also have been wondering about the three power cores on Arcadia. I know one is used for defensive capabilities. I wish to see first hand if the cores are properly spaced, and what the power usage on the ship is.

I also hope to get an engineering lab to myself. Maybe teach? I hope so. I heard the ship has academy complexes, but I do not know if that is for visiting cadets, or crew, or both.

End Log.