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Stocking the Lounges

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 8:36pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Six Forward, USS Bunker Hill
Timeline: 2200


After the Tokyo was decommissioned, Louis had found himself trapped on Earth for a bit. After a while, he had been transferred to the USS Bunker Hill. As he reported aboard, he really wasn't sure what was going on. Not knowing for sure what to do, this being his first time around the block as an Officer, he decided his first step would be to drop his luggage off in his quarters. Upon setting down the four crates of personal belongings and uniforms, he then commenced his voyage to the lounges. He knew what they were called, this particular starship had two of them, and because he wasn't sure which one was the most commonly used, he decided that a visit to each was most importantly.

He quickly carried the other five crates he had brought with him to the turbolift. "Deck 7," he said. As the lift stopped at deck seven, he took the antigrav unit that the crates were on with him.

As he entered what appeared to be Seven Forward, he saw that this ship was going to be rather droll if he didn't improve it immediately. The only drinks he could see appeared to be Synthehol. Seeing this made him want to vomit. There was no excuse in the universe to merit a ship being without authentic alcohol.

He quickly unloaded the first crate, an extremely diverse batch of wines he had personally created, with alcohol content ranging from twenty percent to fifty percent, onto the bar. Seeing as how the bartender wasn't present, he quickly arranged the bottles so that the labels indicating what they were and who had made them were facing towards the customers. He then organized the bottles onto the proper shelves to keep them in a highly visible area. Once he completed this, he unloaded a second case of wine glasses and organized them on the counter so that each member of the crews name appeared. These were custom made glasses, they had been quite expensive, but he had more than enough money to have them done. They were there for people to take and keep so that when they departed the ship, they might have something to remind them of their time aboard her.

There was a wine for every fruit or vegetable ever imaginable. He had even used extremely rare and exotic fruits to make wines within his variety of them.

A short time later, he was in the turbolift again and headed for Deck 10. Upon arriving, he took the final two crates to the area referred to as Ten Aft. This room had a few people in it, but none who were paying any attention to what he was doing. Soon he had the final crate of wines, all duplicates of the ones left in Seven Forward, on the shelves and organized the exact same. He then unloaded the wine glasses, all also exact duplicates, onto the shelves in the exact same way. The final crate was promptly placed into the Cargo Bay and earmarked specifically with his name. The glasses would be personalized on shore leaves or station visits in order to ensure that all new crew got a pair of cups that were exactly the same as the pairs everyone else got. When people left or died, one glass was to remain with the ship as a reminder of the great people who had been assigned to this ship, and one glass was to either go with them or be given to their next of kin to remind them of their time on the ship. For the next of kin the glasses served as a reminder that their family was in the thoughts of the crew, and that the crew would never forget the departed crew member.

After finishing with the tasks, Louis began to prepare himself for his meeting with the Captain. He had no idea when it was supposed to occur, but he suspected that it was going to occur the following morning as most people wouldn't be up at this time of night. From what he knew of the Captain, he was sure the Captain appreciated his sleep, but would expect to see him promptly as early in the following day as possible. He certainly hoped that he wasn't wrong. He also hoped that his wines would be enjoyed rather than considered as contraband or anything else that shouldn't have been brought on board. His knowledge of the Captain left him warily on edge and not really sure how the Captain would view it. In a worst case scenario, he could move the stuff into the wine rack among his luggage for his quarters for his enjoyment during parties, but he certainly hoped that that wouldn't be necessary. Only his meeting with the Captain would tell.


LTjg Louis Charles Champagne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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