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A Doctor and A Drunk

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 8:41pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Seven Forward, USS Bunker Hill


Louis arrived in Seven Forward carrying a bottle that had his specially blended wine in it. Unlike all the other wines he had this one was called the 'Champagne Reserve' and was exclusively used by Louis for special occasions and only for special occasions. Tonight he planned on opening it for everyone to enjoy as a toast to their first mission together as a new crew. There were some obvious and notable absences which Louis hoped would make last minute appearances anyway, but he wasn't going to hold his breath. Meanwhile, he couldn't help but notice the lovely blonde woman who came walking into the Lounge. Of course, she didn't quite hold a candle to the young looking man he had bumped into on his way down here. Something about Zax had given him the feeling that a great friendship could very easily blossom where a relationship seemed to be improbable. Of course, perhaps he was misreading the man, but he couldn't be sure and certainly wouldn't be sure until he got to know Zax.

Anyways, he couldn't help but see the beautiful blonde woman entering the lounge. He recognized that she was probably the Chief Medical Officer. While she may not disapprove of alcohol, he could just imagine the reaction to his alcohol tolerance if he were to get out of control with his drinking for this party, especially since he was already overdue on his physical and psychological examinations.

Michaela, however, seemed to be off-duty. She was still wearing her uniform, but had taken her lab coat off, so was just in teal. She was a bit preoccupied, heading into the lounger more out of perfunctory interest than a real desire to relax. At the moment, she was still a little bit overwhelmed with the associated emotions and worries of a new posting.

Still, she'd promised her kids that she'd check out the lounge for them and they could have dinner here. Of course neither of them were anywhere to be seen, so Michaela ended up perching herself alone at one of the tables. She pulled out her PADD and sat reviewing her list of people who had yet to check in. Perhaps she'd misinterpreted what the lounge was supposed to be for.

"Ah, dear doctor," said Louis as he noticed the young woman in what appeared to be medical colors. "Would you care to join us for a toast to our new crew and new mission?" he asked as he finished filling the champagne glasses (no pun intended) with the bottle of wine. Unlike most wines he made, the reserve was always a sparkling wine like traditional Champagnes had been for years.

Michaela glanced up, a little surprised to be addressed, as she hadn't really met anyone just yet. She blinked a couple times, and then had to smile. "I suppose." She said finally, nodding a bit and putting the PADD away. Bad manners.

She also offered a hand, "L-" She thought better of it, she was in the lounge, "Michaela Taylor."

"Pleasure to meet you, Michaela. My name is Louis, Louis Champagne. I am the Chief Operations Officer, not that we have enough people assigned to us anymore to actually categorize ourselves as a department. Most of them have been reassigned to Security," he said as he shook her hand and extended the wine glass with her name engraved into it.

Michaela picked up the glass, clearly startled as she looked at it, head tilted slightly. "Ah, I heard about that already," She nodded, "Hopefully no one decides doctors make good security officers." She frowned a bit.

"Well, my understanding is that you've lost quite a bit of your staff too and are essentially down to the bare basics, either that or I misunderstood and you inherited some of those that were ever so rudely reassigned," he said chuckling a little bit.

"Mostly my staff seem to be scrambling around trying to figure out how to teach triage to engineering and ops ensigns who've been reassigned, actually. Not a lot of call for triage in those departments, but since everyone's in security." Michaela shrugged; she could only figure such upsets would eventually settle down again. New COs always did these kinds of things to a ship.

Once all the glasses had been picked up, Louis tapped on his glass with a butter knife. "I'd like to propose a toast, to the finest crew the Bunker Hill has ever seen. To a fine commanding officer, and an excellent mission," he said.

Michaela raised her glass politely to the toast, and then took a sip with another slight smile.

"So, Michaela, how does it feel to be the new doctor on the ship?" he asked with a slight smirk.

"I've only ever been on one other ship ... so I couldn't really compare." Michaela tilted her head slightly, "Its a bit of an upset, I suppose. My children aren't too happy with me." She pulled a bit of a face and took another sip, "Move them before they're thirteen, that's my advice to anyone out there."

"That's hilarious," he said. "I can imagine that they were really not amused about it," he said. "How do you handle having teenagers?" he asked.

Michaela considered the bubbles in her glass, and finally said, "Not well, I'm sure."

"Well, if you ever need some help with them, I'm sure they'd enjoy learning various parts of the ship," he said. "I have a holodeck program I used when I was a Petty Officer on the Tokyo that helped to train various new crew in various departments in the skills that their various departments required," he explained. "They might find it to be a fun and educational experience since they can choose what department they wish to explore since they don't actually have an assigned department," he added.

"I think Alex probably knows more about the ship than I do already. And Erin..." Michaela quirked her lips. She had no idea what to say about her daughter, so just shook her head.

"That sounds fun," he said. "Sounds like a rebellious teenager in the case of Erin," he said.

"No." Michaela shook her head, "Not at all. Kind of the opposite. Its a bit difficult to fathom in a different way."

"Wow. That sounds interesting," he said. "Well, the program is an open invitation to any member of the crew. I set the password as the name of this ship, and the computer is set to give that phrase as a hint," he said. "Anyway, it has been a pleasure getting to know you," he said as he surveyed the room to see what else was going on that he might be able to join in on.

Michaela nodded, "Thanks for being friendly. I'd better see if they want dinner." She finished her glass, and set it down, with a small nod at the Ops Officer.

As Michaela started to head to get the kids, Louis couldn't resist but to reach for one of the bottles he had stocked the place with. He had noticed a friendly poker game going on at a table in the back corner, and thought that it might be fun to join in. Taking the bottle over to the table, he sat down, opened the bottle, poured himself a round and set it in the middle of the table.


LTJG Louis Champagne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Bunker Hill


LTJG Michaela Taylor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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