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Date Night - Part 2 "Tease"

Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2015 @ 12:52am by Lieutenant Terri Lee
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Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: Zrag's Lanes, Ontario, Earth
Timeline: Mid 2416 (Alpha)
Tags: romance, relationships, funny

[Previously in "Date Night - Part 1 The Fashionable"]

. . . . . .

Terri stood in front of the mirror, unsure what to make of her new outfit. "Smart", "athletic", "tough", that's how she had always seen herself, but "sexy", that was a word better suited to girls like Lela, her Academy roommate and long time professional rival, who was always in sync with the latest fashion trends and who knew exactly how to dress to impress. She, on the other hand, didn't usually give much thought to what she wore outside of work. If it fit her, it was good enough.

Besides, unlike Lela, she didn't have the curves to be "sexy". Not that she envied the Bajoran. No, not at all. She was fully confident of herself and her body. Why would she be envious of Lela's voluptuous curves that everyone at work seemed to love so much? Curves were so lame and stupid; only lame and stupid people would want curves. Nope, she didn't envy Lela's curves at all. She didn't care for her curves. She didn't need her curves. She didn't want her curves. Ahh, all she could think about now was Lela's curves! Screw you, Lela's curves!

But what if Gustave liked curvy girls?

Then screw him, too!

But what if Gustave really liked curvy girls?

Then . . . then she would beat the crap out of him. Yep, she would beat the crap out of Gustave if he really liked curvy girls.

. . . . . .


Sipping from a glass of Muskan punch, Lela made herself comfortable in her seat. The Bajoran had just won three games in a row, and with her last win she finally bumped Terri from the top of the scoreboard. The human was visibly pissed and stormed off to the food court, rambling something unintelligible along the way and leaving behind her date.

Sure, there was nothing unusual about Terri getting pissed or her storming off to the food court; the girl was highly competitive, and the way she ate, it's a miracle that she never gained any extra weight. But Terri bringing a date? Now that was the surprise of the century.

Of course, even Lela had to admit that the girl was a head-turner, at least when she was not covered in grease from the lab or bruises from fist fights, but her lack of inter-personal skills was almost comical, and she seemed to have no clue how to turn her eye-catching good looks to her own advantage - for one, her sense of fashion was practically non existent - and if you factor in her tendency to resort to physical violence, it's no wonder that she had never been with anyone. The nice guys and girls were too afraid to ask her out, and the bad ones, well, those she contemptuously dismissed as losers because - and these were her exact words - "mean people suck", which was something you might have expected to hear from a conscientious 14-year old.

So everyone - Lela herself included - was surprised when Terri showed up tonight in a pair of form-fitting black jeans and white lacy tank top that accentuated her already toned and athletic figure. But even more surprisingly, she brought a date, a tall and handsome starship pilot with an irresistible smile.

The girl, however, seemed rather uncomfortable in her new outfit, and she clearly had no idea how to act around someone she had a clear crush on. More importantly, Gustave, her supposed date, didn't seem to treat this as anything more than a friendly weekend hangout, which meant he was a fair game for the taking, and unlike Terri, Lela knew exactly what to do with such a fine specimen of masculinity, and if she pissed off her co-worker and long time rival in the process, the better for it.

At that thought a quiet smirk came onto the Bajoran's luscious lips. Standing up, she adjusted the plunging neckline of her sleeveless top and made her way to where Gustave was and sat down beside him. "Hello, handsome." She said in her sultry voice. "What are you doing here all by yourself?"

"Oh, the usual, just standing around and enjoying the scenery," Gustave smiled teasingly, "And you?" He made a point of looking at her eyes and not... anything else. He had a tendency to come on a little too strong on occasion, so he did his best to avoid that.

Lela responded with an equally teasing smile. "Same here, just enjoying the scenery, and to be honest, I rather like what I see." She said, her eyes taking a good and long look of the man's impressive physique.

"So, how did you meet our precious little Terri?" She asked.

Gustave shrugged, "I've known her for as long as I can remember. We grew up together, family friends and all. My parents served under her dad, and my sisters and I were born on his ship." He didn't really remember much of his time aboard the USS Bunker Hill, as he was pretty young when their family moved back to Earth. They still met up with the Lee family several times a year, so he and Terri had remained close friends throughout.

Gustave thought of explaining this to Terri's friend... Laura, right? Layla? But he figured she wouldn't be too interested. "How about you? How'd you meet her?"

"Oh, we were roommates back at the Academy." Said Lela as she casually brushed her flowing and luxuriously dark hair behind her ear, leaving a completely unobstructed front view for the pilot. "And after graduation we both ended up at R&D, different divisions though."

The Bajoran paused to drink from her glass. "So, growing up together, it must have been something special. Are you two . . .?"

Gustave frowned in confusion, "Are we... what?" Then he realized. She meant 'in a relationship' or something to that extent. "Oh. No, no we aren't," He replied, shaking his head.

"I see." Lela nodded, taking another sip of her punch. With a smile, she asked, "So, what do you do for fun?"

Gustave grinned. He loved talking about his little hobbies. "I fly ships really, really fast. I also like tinkering with them and building them and such. I my favorite part is practicing the dangerous maneuvers and difficult tricks, I do it for the thrills." He paused, "Well, I also do it because I need the work, but at least I love what I do, right?"

"Living dangerously, aren't you?" Teased Lela. Leaning closer, she whispered in his ears in her seductive voice. "I like a man that lives dangerously. Maybe you can show me some of your . . . 'maneuvers' and 'tricks' sometime."

Gustave shrugged nonchalantly, a smirk on his face, "I've got a few more days of shore leave, so why not? I've got a little speeder in Starbase 1, if you aren't too busy tomorrow."

"Sure." Said Lela, her hand touching his before crossing fingers. "But I had something more . . . immediate in mind." Looking into his dreamy blue eyes, she leaned in, but paused and lingered just as her lips were about to make contact with his. A little teasing goes a long way.

Gustave lingered right along with her, waiting for her to go first. He could wait. A little smile crept onto his lips, he kept his breathing steady. He almost didn't notice when someone popped their little private bubble.

Technically it was a half-eaten triple bacon cheeseburger that popped their bubble; it smashed into Gustave's cheek with such ferocity that, if it had been something harder and more rocklike -say an actual rock - it would have most certainly caused some serious damage to that handsome face of Gustave's. But as it was, instead of blood and bruises, the clueless pilot was left covered in a concoction of ketchup, mustard and Cardassian yamok sauce, some of which inevitably spilled over and onto Lela's gorgeous black dress and her equally gorgeous face.

"Woot the haall?!" Came the furious outburst from a visibly upset Terri, her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk.

[To be continued . . .]

Lieutenant Terri C. Lee
Researcher, Starfleet R&D
(NPC - Oliver)

Lieutenant Tore Lela
Researcher, Starfleet R&D
(NPC - Oliver)

Lieutenant Gustave Dolarian
Fighter Pilot, USS Churchill
(NPC - Theo)


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