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Call to Arms

Posted on Sat Sep 26th, 2015 @ 3:42am by Lieutenant JG Alenis Laren
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Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: USS Churchill, In Orbit of Earth
Timeline: Mid 2416 (Alpha)
Tags: romance, relationships

[Previously in Date Night - Part 4 "Spilled Beans"]

. . . . . .

Gustave shook his head. "Terri, we can't just... I mean, we need to-" He was cut off by a sudden call on his comm.

=/\= This is Captain Steex to all Churchill personnel currently on leave, return to your stations immediately and prepare . . . Emily? What are . . . =/\=

Suddenly the comm link went down, only to reopen moments later, but it was no longer Steex on the other end.

=/\= This is Commander Marcell speaking. By order of Starfleet Command, Captain Steex has been relieved of his duties. Remain as you were and await further order. Marcell out. =/\=

Gustave frowned. There was something... odd about that communication. Something was definitely wrong. Captain Steex was a great captain and dedicated to Starfleet, so why was he suddenly relieved in the middle of a comm call? He stood up, realizing that it was urgent that he get back to his ship. "Terri, this conversation will have to wait for later. Something is wrong, and I need to go help my captain. Go back to mom's house, and I'll be back hopefully by tomorrow, okay?" He waited for her response before leaving, as he had to know that she would listen to him. His mom could keep her safe.

. . . . . .


Lieutenant Laren Alenis looked to her left and then to her right, making sure that she wasn't followed. It's not that she had done or said anything to rouse anyone's suspicion - she had played her part of an obedient and mindless drone well enough - but these days you could never be too careful.

Finally convinced that she was in the clear, the Bajoran pressed the door chime to her friend's quarters.

"Come in," Gustave said, looking over his shoulder as he threw some clothes into a drawer. He was doing his best to tidy up, but he wished his mom was here to do it for him. He turned all the way around to face the person who had just walked in.

Alenis stepped inside, but not before she had to maneuver herself around a large box of . . . things. Looking around, she said with a slightly exaggerated shock on her face, "By the Prophets, Gustave, I just helped you clean up two weeks ago. Now it looks like a targ has ransacked everything, looking for food."

Gustave shrugged guiltily, "I know, I know... Cleaning isn't really my strong suit." He shoved the box of knicknacks she'd almost tripped on under his bed and then sat down, motioning for her to join him. "So what brings you to Casa Gustave?"

Alenis sat down backwards on Gustave's desk chair. "Well, I heard you had a little . . . disagreement with Marcell, and she slapped a reprimand on you. So much for making a good first impression on our new commanding officer, eh?"

Gustave sighed, looking down at his feet. "Yeah, I guess we got off on the wrong foot. I'm too outspoken and opinionated; well, to much so for an underling. I need to reign it in better." He shook his head. He was honestly disappointed in himself. He always liked to get on his superior officers' good sides, but his rashness got the better of him.

"At least you were standing up for Captain Steex." Said the Bajoran, spinning herself in the chair. "What they did to him is just not right. Heck, nothing that has happened since last week is right."

Gustave nodded, "I agree. Things have been getting quite strange around here. And not just on the ship, Earth is changing too."

"Consider yourself lucky Marcell didn't put you in the brig like she did with Sanchez," Said Alenis. "Don't get me wrong, I give Sanchez a lot of credit for standing up to Marcell. Unlike most other people, he had guts. But when you really think about, you can't fight back if you are locked up. So there was really no good reason for him to needlessly provoke Marcell like that. If you want to fight back, you have to be smart."

"That's true," Gustave nodded. He felt like she was building up to something, but he wasn't sure what. "Go on." He prompted.

With a small smile, Alenis pushed the chair and herself closer to the pilot and turned on her wrist communicator's holographic display. "This was broadcast from Betazed this morning. They are trying to censor it, but it's only a matter of time before everyone else finds out." Said the Bajoran as she turned on the video feed.

On the holographic display, a middle aged Ktarian woman stood behind a lectern with the insignia of the Kalandra Sector Command Headquarters affixed to its front. Behind her hung the flags of the Federation and Betazed as well as that of Starfleet. She was flanked by several men and women in both Starfleet and civilian outfit, including Vice Admiral Oliver Lee, the Sector Commander, and Lon Elbrun, the Betazoid Chancellor.

"Seven standard days ago," Began N'Verix, the Federation Secretary of Transportation. "Arlon Bolanus and his followers trampled on the Federation Constitution they have sworn to defend and seized the organs of the Federation government on Earth. Due to this hideous act of treason, President Jiv'ek, Speaker LaFleur, Chief Justice Tovel, and most of the cabinet secretaries are now unable to discharge the duties of their offices. As such and in accordance with the Presidential Succession Act of 2359, the powers and responsibilities of the President have fallen to me."

"It is with a heavy heart and a determination to restore the proper constitutional order that I accept these responsibilities, and I call upon all members of Starfleet and all patriotic citizens to resist the illegal and unconstitutional regime of Bolanus. And to those who might seek to violate the territorial integrity of the United Federation of Planets or otherwise to do it harm during this most unfortunate crisis, make no mistake, we will respond with any and all necessary measures."

Looking away from the teleprompter, the Ktarian asked, "Questions?"

"Secretary N' . . . President N'Verix, how did you escape your confinement on Benzar and what do you . . . . . ."

At that, Alenis turned off the video feed. Turning to Gustave, she said, "There you go, that's our call to arms."

Gustave sat still for a moment, mulling it over. It was kind of a lot to grasp. He stated nodding, "Okay. That sounds reasonable." The whole idea of being part of a resistance movement enthralled him, but he shook the excited thoughts from his head. He needed to make a clear and reasoned decision, not an emotional one. But either way he looked at it, this side seemed to be the way to go. Yet he still held reservations. What kind of risks would be involved in such an act? Bolanus was in control of the government, so he controlled the fleets and resources. How would they fight?

Gustave wasn't sure where to start asking his questions, so he started with the simplest one, "What do you call yourselves?"

With a mock sigh, Alenis said, "Well, I was going to call ourselves the fighting flitterbirds, but I was outvoted. So for now we are just the Resistance. I know, I know, it's not very imaginative, but we have got a lot of very good people . . . well, actually it's just me and two other people, but if you join us, it would be four very good people." She finished with a big smile, hoping her friend would come aboard the nascent resistance.

Gustave chuckled at that, "I'm sure it would be." He was stalling at this point. He had questions, but he felt nervous about joining. It was a big decision, and not one he felt he should make on the spot. "I'll think about it, okay? I don't want to make up my mind so soon." He really just needed to talk to his mom first. He was a full grown man, but he still needed his mom's advice sometimes.

Sighing, the Bajoran said, "Alright, but don't take too long. We'll have to make our move sooner rather than later." After a brief pause, she asked, "So how about that friend of yous, Terri, isn't it? She seems like a fighter and someone who would want to do something about this whole mess. Do you think she might be interested?"

Alenis had only met Gustave's friend once, but the girl was . . . impressive, in so many different ways, and Alenis had always thought of herself as a pretty good judge of character.

Gustave shrugged. He might ask her, but he knew she had a tendency to carry things to far and might end up in danger. "I'll talk to her about it," he replied, "But I can't promise you anything."

"That would be great." Smiled Alenis. Glancing around the room, she said, "Now, what should we do about Casa Gustave?"

Gustave exhaled with a whistle, running his hand through his hair. "That's the real question," he replied as he lifted up the bed skirt to reveal all the junk he had shoved under there, "I guess this is a good place to start." He grinned sheepishly and hopped off the bed to start cleaning up.

Lieutenant JG Laren Alenis
Medical Officer, USS Churchill
(NPC - Oliver)

Lieutenant Gustave Dolarian
Fighter Pilot, USS Churchill
(NPC - Theo)


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