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Resistance - Part 1 "Wanted"

Posted on Mon Oct 5th, 2015 @ 6:04pm by Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant JG Alenis Laren

Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: Tribeca, New York City, Earth
Timeline: Mid 2416 (Alpha)
Tags: romance, relationships


Alenis scanned their surrounding again to make sure they weren't being followed and there weren't any law enforcement agents in the immediate vicinity. They had already ditched their uniforms and were now in civilian clothes, but you could never be too careful, especially after Starfleet Security got the wind of their little rebellion and arrested Mei and Samira. Only by pure luck were she and Gustave able to evade capture, having left the Churchill to meet up with Terri and to see if she would be interested in joining them. Ever since then the three of them had been on the run from Starfleet, well, at least the part of Starfleet that had joined Bolanus in his coup.

Once Alenis was certain that they were in the clear for now, she relaxed a bit and turned her attention back to her companions sitting around the small table in a back corner of the busy sports bar. There was Gustave, who had been rather quiet since they got to New York this morning to see Terri; then there was Terri, who was gobbling down her triple cheese burger. She still looked gorgeous despite the ketchup and bread crumbs smeared all over her pretty lips. There was definitely something special about the girl, and hopefully she would have the chance to find out just what that was.

Taking a sip of her drink, the Bajoran said, "So guys, what's the plan? We can't just keep running like this."

Gustave sighed and shook his head, "I don't know. If we need to, we can go stay with my family. They're safe, and they could protect us, too. But then we wouldn't be able to do anything to help here, where it's needed." He growled in frustration, running his hands through his hair and pulling on it. He had been trying to think through this for days, strategizing and planning, but he came up with a dead end each time. He was getting extremely frustrated, knowing that he couldn't help the resistance by always being on the run, but not being able to stop unless he wanted to be killed.

Terri listened as she munched on her burger. When Gustave knocked on her apartment doors, she first thought he had come to talk about that little kiss they had the other night, but it turned out he was there along with his friend to ask her to join the resistance they were planning, a proposal she immediately agreed to now that Theo and her family were safely out of Bolanus' reach. As for Alenis, she was all around a nice person, and Terri liked nice people. But still she need to talk to Gustave and find out exactly why he had pushed her away, quite literally, that night.

Gustave added, "Maybe we could go into Midtown or Coney Island or somewhere busy, then spread the word about Bolanus' oppression and how something needs to be done. We don't need to reveal our involvement in the resistance, but we could just rile people up. Get them ready, you know?"

Terri swallowed the last piece of her burger and picked up another one from her plate. "Nah, instead of talking and making speeches, we should just fight back and punch Bolanus where it hurts." Turning to Alenis, she asked, "Weren't you guys planning to join another group in South America?"

"Yeah, that was the plan." Said Alenis. "The rumor is, Admiral Lee sent someone to help the resistance, and that person has already made contact with the South America group. We were supposed to meet up with someone in New Orleans first; that person would then take us to Guatemalan City, and from there someone else would take us to the South America group. I have been trying to reach our contact in New Orleans, but the comm link never got through. I guess he must have found out that we are fugitives now and didn't want to be compromised."

Gustave snorted. "I guess we'll have to hike all the way to Guatemala then." he replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes in annoyance. "It'll only take us a month and a half to get there." He leaned forward onto the table, resting his chin in his hands as he looked down at the wood grain. He sighed and took a swig from his glass of water.

"Nah, hiking is nothing." Said Terri as she took another big bite of her burger. "I wens warkd from Synnie arr the way to . . ."

Before Terri could finish her not entirely intelligible sentence, Alenis interrupted her and said alarmingly. "9 o'clock. Two security."

Gustave slowly stood up, saying, "Party's over, let's move." He was shoulder to shoulder with Alenis, Terri was behind. He used himself as a plow to clear their small group a path to the exit, politely shouldering people out of the way as he headed to the glowing green exit sign.

Terri grumbled. She didn't like running away from a fight; it's just so not her. But before she could protest, Gustave and Alenis had already stood up and were moving discreetly toward the back exit. Grudgingly she followed them. As they passed a table several yards away from the exit, Terri felt someone grabbing her. She paused and turned around to find a young man sitting at the table with her arm in his hand.

"Hey, babe," Said the man with a self-assured smirk as his companions chuckled. "Wanna join me for a few rounds? Or are angels not allowed to drink?"

Unimpressed, Terri raised a fierce eyebrow. "Call me babe again, I'm gonna punch you so hard you won't even know what your own name is. And get your hand off me before I break it."

"Feisty. Just how I like it." Said the man as he stood up and began to pull the short-haired blonde toward him.

Terri twisted her arm, pulled it away from the grasp, grabbed the back of his neck, and yanked the head down until an upward knee kick smashed into his face. As he tumbled backward in pain, She quickly landed a left hook on his already bloodied face and sent him crashing down onto the table.

As the table cracked under his weight and momentum, his companions sprang from their chairs, and one of them shouted. "Hey, Rafael might be a jerk, but you shouldn't have done that!"

"What?!" Terri turned her fury to the Berellian and raised her fist. "You want some of this, too? Then come and get it!"

With a dropped jaw Alenis watched as the spectacle unfolded before her. She already had the feeling that Terri was not your average girl, but had no idea how fierce the blonde could be, and it was exhilarating to watch. She was exhilarating to watch.

Gustave heard the commotion and looked back. His eyes grew wide and he muscled his way back through the crowd towards Terri. They didn't have any time to lose if they wanted to get out without being caught. He pushed past the creepy old perverts who were oogling Terri and grabbed his companion on her shoulder. He leaned down to whisper so that only she could hear, "If you want to live to see tomorrow, we have to leave now." His voice was laced with urgency as he pulled on Terri's shoulder. He motioned for Alenis to keep moving. Hopefully at least she could make it out alive, if he couldn't get Terri to go.

The growing commotion caught the attention of Petty Officer Noraz. A quick scan with her head-mounted virtual display identified two of the individuals involved as deserters from the USS Churchill and a third one as a priority alpha fugitive. Opening a comm link, she reported her finding.

"Noraz to Central. Fugitives Alpha 028, D-305 and D-306 identified at 255 Greenwich. Approaching to apprehend."

=/\=Acknowledged. Reinforcement on the way. Proceed with caution. Alpha 028 is to be taken alive with minimal injuries.=/\=

"The other two?"

=/\=Lethal force is authorized if necessary.=/\=

"Acknowledged, Central."

Closing the channel, Noraz turned to the Trill next to her. "You heard Central. Phaser on stun."

Lance Corporal Eero Kors grumbled under his breath as he adjusted the settings of his phaser. "I hate my job."

"Hate it all you want, partner." Said Noraz. "Just keep it to yourself and don't go around telling everyone like Murot did." Without waiting for a response, the human pushed through the crowd and raised her voice. "Starfleet Security. Lieutenants Lee, Laren and Dolarian, stand down."

[To be continued . . .]

Lieutenant Gustave Dolarian
Fighter Pilot, USS Churchill
(NPC - Theo)

Lieutenant Terri C. Lee
Researcher, Starfleet R&D
(NPC - Oliver)

Lieutenant JG Laren Alenis
Medical Officer, USS Churchill
(NPC - Oliver)


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