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Resistance - Part 2 "Gotham's Finest"

Posted on Fri Oct 16th, 2015 @ 5:05pm by Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant JG Alenis Laren
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Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: Tribeca, New York City, Earth
Timeline: Mid 2416 (Alpha)
Tags: romance, relationships

[Previously in Resistance - Part 1]

. . . . .

Unimpressed, Terri raised a fierce eyebrow. "Call me babe again, I'm gonna punch you so hard you won't even know what your own name is. And get your hand off me before I break it."

"Feisty. Just how I like it." Said the man as he stood up and began to pull the short-haired blonde toward him.

Terri twisted her arm, pulled it away from the grasp, grabbed the back of his neck, and yanked the head down until an upward knee kick smashed into his face. As he tumbled backward in pain, She quickly landed a left hook on his already bloodied face and sent him crashing down onto the table.

As the table cracked under his weight and momentum, his companions sprang from their chairs, and one of them shouted. "Hey, Rafael might be a jerk, but you shouldn't have done that!"

"What?!" Terri turned her fury to the Berellian and raised her fist. "You want some of this, too? Then come and get it!"

. . . . . .

Closing the channel, Noraz turned to the Trill next to her. "You heard Central. Phaser on stun."

Lance Corporal Eero Kors grumbled under his breath as he adjusted the settings of his phaser. "I hate my job."

"Hate it all you want, partner." Said Noraz. "Just keep it to yourself and don't go around telling everyone like Murot did." Without waiting for a response, the human pushed through the crowd and raised her voice. "Starfleet Security. Lieutenants Lee, Laren and Dolarian, stand down."

. . . . . .


Gustave had Terri in a lifeguard-style hold that she was having one hell of a time trying to escape from. He rolled his eyes irritatedly and dragged her out of the back door of the bar. At this rate, they would never catch up to Alenis, and they would get caught by the cops who were tailing them. Why does Terri have to fight everything that moves? Gustave thought angrily, First, those guys at the bar, now me! Can't she just- His thought was abruptly cut off as he heard a small army of cop cars getting close, probably at the front of the bar. His grip on Terri slackened as he tried to move faster.

Terri finally freed herself from Gustave's grasp. Turning to face him, she lashed out. "What the hell?!! I could have taken down all of those bastards by myself!"

Gustave sighed, trying to keep himself from raising his voice, "Terri, even if you had beaten those guys, there would have been a thousand more behind them. Even you and I together couldn't take that many. Just calm down, and you can go punch something later." He kept walking, looking around to see if Alenis was still nearby. He spotted her across the alley in an unlit alcove.

His words were far from mollifying her, but before Terri could lash out with even greater fury, a visibly worried Alenis rushed back to her companions. Reaching out, the Bajoran gently grabbed the blonde's hands. Softly she said, "Terri, I know you are angry at those guys, and so am I, but if we don't leave now, we will all be behind bars, and you won't be able to do anything about them. I promise, once we are safe, I'll help you track down those low lives and give them what deserve."

She didn't know if she could keep the promise, but she would worry about that later.

Terri looked at Alenis as she spoke. Her hands were so soft, her eyes so warm, and her voice, it was . . . angelic. The rage in her chest began to subside. Ignoring Gustave, she allowed Alenis to pull her away and toward the other end of the narrow alley.

Gustave was surprised. Since when could anyone get Terri to calm down so fast? Gustave hadn't seen her calm since he stole her cheerios when she was five years old! He had always forked so hard to pacify her, and all Alenis had to do was say a few soft little words and all of a sudden, Terri was softer than a puppy! His blood started to boil as he looked at Alenis. He wasn't sure why, but he felt an urge to get back at that underhanded Bajoran.

Leaning against his patrol car, Officer Thatuat scanned the busy night life around him. It seemed that not even the coup and the impending civil war could dampen the Big Apple's appetite for fun and amusement, or perhaps it was in fun and amusement that people sought escape from the uncomfortable reality of civil war and coup.

His thought was interrupted when his partner nudged him on his arm. "Look." Said Officer Shanta Tamboli, gesturing at the alley across the street from them. Two women and a man, all in their twenties, were rushing out, pursued by two figures whose identities were obscured by the dim lighting of the alley way.

Alarmed, both officers un-holstered their phasers and intercepted the trio on the other side of the street. "NYPD, freeze!" Ordered Thatuat as the pedestrians made way for the hulking Cardasian and his human partner.

"Uh oh," Gustave muttered to his companions, "We're cut off. Is there anywhere we can go?" He started looking around frantically, hoping he didn't look as frenzied as he felt. He was terrified they'd be caught.

"What's going on?" Asked Thatuat, but before any of them could answer, their pursuers shouted from a distance. "Starfleet Security. By order of General Bolanus, stop them!"

The two officers exchanged a look, and with an almost simultaneous nod of their heads, they returned their phasers to the holsters. They were not going to help Bolanus' lackies, not if they could help it. Stepping aside, they leaned back against the windows of a bakery. "As you were." Said Officer Tamboli as she took out an Illian peach from her back pocket and bit into it.

Tilting her head, Terri didn't know what was going on, but that peach looked SO good.

Gustave was confused. Two officers just... ignored an order? Well, he wasn't one to waste an opportunity. He took Terri's hand and practically dragged her towards their escape. He felt Terri resisting, "Come on Terri, we don't have any time to lose."

Noraz surveyed the surrounding, and there was no sign of the three fugitives. She had lost track of them amid the crowd. Turning to the two police officers leaning against a shop window, she asked with a small frown. "Why did you let them go?"

Officer Tamboli shrugged and handed her partner a pizza roll. "We are on break." She said matter-of-factly.

Noraz turned to Officer Thatuat, and the Cardassian gave her an equally nonchalant shrug. "What she said."

The frown on Noraz' brows deepened. This was not the first time the NYPD had refused cooperation with Starfleet Security despite the new police commissioner's public pledge otherwise. Exchanging a look with Corporal Kors, she was ready to call in when a man in the crowd raised his voice.

"They made a turn on Broadway " He pointed in the direction where the three Starfleet officers had been heading. "Go get them, lads."

Noraz nodded to the man in appreciation. Without another moment of delay, she dashed forward with Kors in tow. At least some people understood what they were trying to do. It was only for the greater good.

[To Be Continued . . . . . .]

Lieutenant Terri C. Lee
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Lieutenant JG Laren Alenis
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Lieutenant Gustave Dolarian
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