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The Dogs of War - Part 2 "Game Plan"

Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2016 @ 12:43am by Captain Oliver Lee PhD
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Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: USS Themyscira, 7th Fleet, On Route to Earth
Timeline: Late 2416 (Alpha)

[Previously in The Dogs of War - Part 1 "Flagship"]

. . . . . .

"With the other fleets joining us sir, we should be able to handle anything." Adlerstein stated.

The Bolian marine nodded. "The 2nd and the 11th have been recalled from the Typhoon and the Groton sectors. They are not quite at their full strength, but once you rendezvous at the Raxon system, you should outnumber the 7th quite comfortably."

Hans looked out longingly at the vessel; he could not wait to be aboard another Bunker Hill.

"Hopefully, Admiral Lee will come quietly and we'll not resort to bloodshed sir; they are still Starfleet sir."

Bolanus looked out of the window again as he responded, "I will not count on it. Lee has never shrunk from tactical disadvantages. When he was still the XO of the old Bunker Hill, he once led a group of scientists and engineers and took on a team of highly trained marines led by none other than his own CO in a training exercise. He knew he couldn't possibly win in a fair fight so he cheated. He sabotaged the marine's firearms and short-circuited their armor. He never thought twice about the dangers his antics posed to the marines, his own crew mates, mind you. He won, but several marines suffered serious burns from armor malfunctions, including his own 'best friend' and the the mother of his own daughter."

. . . . . .


Oliver hastily stepped into the Control and Command Center. "Report." He said to his new chief of staff.

Captain Thorin Trell activated the holographic display of the surrounding space. "According to long range sensors, the 2nd, the 5th, and the 9th Fleets are converging on the Raxon System. It seems they are planning to intercept us there."

"How many ships?"

"The 2nd Fleet has 81, the 5th 63, and the 11th 78 ships. None of them is at their full strength, but together they outnumber us by almost 5 to 3."

"Their ETAs?"

"At their current speed, the 2nd Fleet will be at Raxon in 3 hours. It'll take the 11th and the 5th Fleets another 4 and 6 hours respectively."

"Which of them are we closest to?"

One of Trell's antennas twisted slightly. The Andorian wasn't sure where the admiral was getting at, but answered nonetheless. "The 2nd."

For several moments Oliver didn't ask another question as he carefully studied the relative positions of his forces and the ones Bolanus had mobilized to stop him from reaching Earth. Then he broke the silence.

"Tell the Fleet to change course. We will intercept the 2nd Fleet at the P'Rex Nebula."


Turning to his chief of staff, Oliver explained. "As you said, Captain, we would be at a serious disadvantage once they rendezvous at the Raxon System, but we outnumber each of them by a comfortable margin, and there's quite some distance between them, so we'll neutralize them one by one before they can assemble into a single force."

Trell nodded. It was a bold plan, but after serving under Lee for more than five years, he expected it from his commanding officer. He might question the human's political judgement and his decision to fight Bolanus instead of joining forces with the Bolian, but not for a second did he doubt Lee's tactical brilliance. If he thought it would work, it would work.

"Aye, sir." The Andorian acknowledged his order with a nod.

As his chief of staff began dispatching the new order, Oliver held his gaze on the holographic display before him. In a few hours, he would be facing the most difficult battle of his life, a battle against men and women wearing the same uniform that he wore. It would be the first of many battles that he must win in order to put down the coup and restore the constitution to its proper place. But must he save the Federation by the destruction of so many lives, lives of his fellow men and women of Starfleet, of his fellow citizens?

He must.

He had no choice. Bolanus had rebuked his repeated plea to step down and resolve the crisis peacefully. The Bolian believed in the justice of his cause, and he believed in the justice of his own.

He sighed. How he wished that Michaela were there with him. She always knew how to reassure him and put him at ease. But again, that was another life.

[To be continued in The Dogs of War – Part 3 "For Old Time's Sake" . . . . . .]

Admiral Oliver A. Lee
Commander, Kalandra Sector


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