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Sanctuary - Part 1 "I Spy"

Posted on Fri Jan 1st, 2016 @ 5:46am by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Zenandarix "Zax" Ku'fanblriadg & Lieutenant Theo Dolarian

Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: Philon Research Complex, Mars
Timeline: Mid 2416 (Alpha)

[Previously in Master of Fates]

. . . . . .

Theo took the paDD and glanced over it, trying to pick up the important details. She looked up and asked, "You want me to hack into the system?"

"Well, you won't exactly be hacking in, more like use the code they give you to access their primary database," Zax said. "Once they invite you for a face to face meeting, then it means that they've already accepted your application, and thus, you should have complete computer access by the time you walk through the door."

He pulled a flask out from one of his pockets and set it on the desk. "From what I can tell, they've already got you on their radar as a potential operative. I'd recommend that you keep this," he motioned to the flask; "on hand at all times...I've embedded a phasic-plexing beacon into its outer shell. If you ever feel like you need to get out of someplace in a flash, just separate the lid from the leaver. I've set it up to transport you to my ship either my ship, or to the closest Sanctuary fleet vessel."

. . . . . .


Theo tried not to look suspicious as she typed her stolen access codes into the computer. She saw the level 10 security clearance files show up on the screen, and placed her paDD on the panel to begin the download. She waited nervously, fingering the necklace under her shirt. Can this upload take any longer? she thought angrily, They'll realize what's up any minute now... She tapped her fingers on the console, checking every couple of seconds to see how the upload was going.

Suddenly, she heard the door swoosh open. Luckily, her console was just around the corner and out of sight, so she managed to quickly open a new program over the ones she was downloading. This would probably slow down the download, but she couldn't risk getting caught so close to the end.

Chief Petty Officer Nootau was on his last security sweep of the floor. Once he cleared this room, he would be able to finally call it a day, and hopefully he could still catch the midnight premier of Fast and Furious 75: Roadburn Zombies. Given everything that had been going on, a little distraction would not be too much to ask.

As soon as Nootau entered the rather spacious room, he thought he heard a console beeping behind a row of what he assumed to be some kind of fancy science equipment, the functions of which were way beyond his security clearance, not that he would understand it even if they explained to him. Making a turn, he walked past the apparatus and saw a middle aged woman in science teal working at one of the stations. He immediately recognized her - it's his job to know everyone working on this floor.

"Commander Dolarian, I thought your shift had ended already."

Theo looked at the time, pretended she was surprised, then said, "Well, I guess time got away from me. I just get so caught up in my work, you know?" She laughed, "I'll be done in just a minute," and turned back to her console, analyzing some data on lymphatic entomorphology data collection that she'd never seen until now.

Most of the teal coats seemed to have problems keeping track of time. With all that brain, you would think they could at least tell what time it was without anyone reminding them. But they didn't pay him well enough to worry about things like this.

"Good evening, Commander." Nootau nodded with a polite smile before turning and heading to the exit. He's ready for some zombie slashing.

Mere steps away from the doors, the man's comm link flicked back to life.

=/\=Chief Nootau, we have just detected unauthorized access to classified database through a terminal in SR-208. Investigate and report. Apprehend any suspect on sight.=/\=

"Copy that." Said Nootau with a frown before closing the channel. He immediately unholstered his sidearm and doubled back to where Dolarian was.

Training his phaser on the woman, he commanded, "Step away from the terminal, Commander, and keep your hands where I can see them."

Theo couldn't keep her face from flushing as she stepped away from the console. She began to raise her hands above her head, then had an idea.

She started coughing violently, moving her hands to her chest and mouth. The hand at her chest grabbed the vial she wore on her necklace and turned it. She felt her molecules begin to dissipate, she grabbed the paDD on the console and mouthed a 'sorry' to the security guard. She really hated getting people into trouble.

Irritated, Rokar smacked the end control on his console. He'd just finished speaking to the Starfleet commander of the neighboring sector. Ever since Bolonus took control of the Federation, his dealings for safe passage for his fleet have become more and more treacherous.

"I take it Admiral Dokkchus demanded we return our ships again?" Asked D'Choq, his first officer. Rokar snorted as he heard the doors to his ready room wisp shut behind the Andorian.

"She thinks that just because the Union has decided to remain neutral, that she can threaten our fleets!" He huffed in agitation. "Federation indeed; Bolonus letting his commanders carve-up the Federation into Shaper-damned fiefdoms!" He sat back in his chair, tired and annoyed at the situation.

"Bolonus and his ilk have always been with us, Roak. Waiting for the right climate with which to thrive." Rokar eyed his XO wearily, but didn't interrupt. "It was our job to ensure that the well stayed poisoned for them, but after the first war, we allowed our own fears and prejudices to control us...until it we had backed ourselves into a corner."

The captain leaned into his palm; resting his elbow on the chair's rest. "And my father saw it coming...he saw it a mile away, and no one would listen. I'm starting to think that we should make his little tests apart of our own for starship command. At least then we'd have the chance to spot sycophants like J'Vek before they-"

"Bridge to captain Quas!" called the voice of his operations officer. "We've got an incoming long-range transporter signal. Its encoding matches a Class 0S Carrier wave!" A chill rolled down his spine as he recognized the code; D'Choq recognized it too.

"The Senandarix!" They said in unison. Without wasting a second, the pair practically ran out to the bridge.

With the Andorian in tow, Rokar called out: "Buffering statues!"

"Signal bandwidth is only at 4-gigaquads. Its taking time to fully compile the signal," answered Fine from ops. Rokar lept over the handrails separating the low levels of the bridge to see what was what.

"Try boosting power to the side-space array," he said as his hands flew over the controls of the auxiliary station. "Beam them directly to the bridge!" He watched as, after a moment, the signal grew stronger until it was almost complete.

"Got it," Fine called; "energizing!" It took a moment until the light from the transporter reached its Q-point, but once it did, a sigh of relief began to flow out of the El Aurian. Once the beam had faded however, he felt the confusion return.


[To be continued . . .]

Chief Petty Officer Nootau
Starfleet Security
(NPC - Oliver)

Commander Theo Dolarian
Scientist, Starfleet R&D

Captain Rokar Quas
(NPC - Zax)


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