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Semper Fidelis - Part 4 of 7 "The Recruitment"

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 8:52pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD
Edited on on Sun Sep 27th, 2015 @ 6:18am

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Secondary Computer Core, Deck 11


Oliver walked into the control room of the secondary computer core, but found no one in sight. Just as he wondered if he had missed his chief operations officer again, he heard what sounded like falling lose panels mixed with some mild expletives from the lower level. Leaning over the handrails, he looked down and saw the back of someone kneeling next to a terminal.

"Lieutenant Champagne?" He asked.

"Yeah, what is it?" barked Louis. He had been frustrated with the lack of personnel and now here he was having to deal with yet another freaking computer malfunction.

"I've been looking for you, Lieutenant." Said the first officer as he climbed down the adjacent ladder. "It wasn't easy since internal sensors are still not entirely operational. But your men told me I might find you here."

Having landed on the lower level, he asked, "So, how is the repair coming along?"

"How does it look like it's coming along?" barked Louis without looking up. "The damned circuits are fried here, here, here, and here," he said as he pointed to a few different relays in this section of the computer core. As he continued fighting with and trying to fix the fried relays, he began to calm down some. "What can I do for you?" he asked. He already planned on getting to the internal sensors after this project, but for now, the computers took priority.

"Morale has been low in some of the departments as of late." Said the First Officer. "The word is people are not too happy with our dear captain's new personnel arrangement. I'm just curious what the mood is in operations and what you think of the situation."

"Quite frankly, the mood you've just seen me in, yelling at you, that is the mood of everyone in Operations. My men have been at each others throats over the work that they needed to do and which we don't have the manpower to do," explained Louis as he tried to stay calm and continue working on the computer core, glancing up just long enough to see that he was talking to the Executive Officer, he cautiously added, "Sir," after his statement.

Oliver nodded. It was exactly as he had expected. Now he just need to find out if the ship's COO was upset enough to join his little conspiracy."

"There might be a way to get things back to normal, Mr. Chamgagne." He said. "But it might require some less than . . . honorable tactics. You wouldn't be interested by any chance, would you?"

"That entirely depends, sir," said Louis. "Would it by chance allow me the opportunity to sabotage or target the Commanding Officer in some way?" he asked with a sly grin on his face.

A smirk crept up to one corner of the First Officer's mouth. "It just might. I take it you are on board, Lieutenant?"

"I'm definitely on board, sir," replied Louis. "I just hope you'll allow me to move a malfunctioning replicator from Mess 3 into the Marine or Security armory as part of the sabotage," he added as he chuckled. "A few missing fingers won't impair their ability to fire a weapon...much," he added with a sly grin.

Oliver chuckled. "Now there, let's not get too blood thirsty. We want to get things back to normal, not to get court-martialed. Meet me at my office in 3 hours. Chief Arlin will join us, too." After a pause, he added, "This is going to be fun, Mr. Champagne."


Lieutenant Oliver A. Lee
Executive Officer
USS Bunker Hill


Lieutenant JG Louis Champagne
Chief Operations Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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