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Confusion and Love - Part 1 "Wanted"

Posted on Mon Jan 25th, 2016 @ 3:38am by Lieutenant Theo Dolarian & Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant JG Alenis Laren

Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: Resistance Camp Hippolyta, Somewhere in the Amazonian Forest
Timeline: Late 2416 (Alpha)
Tags: romance, relationships, funny

[Previously in Date Night - Part 4 "Spilled Beans" and Resistance - Part 3 "Cornered"]

. . . . . .

Terri looked at him and blinked her eyes several times. Was he serious? How in the world did he not get that? Soon incredulity gave way to frustration, and then irritation, boiling just beneath a noticeably colder exterior. With a slightly raised eyebrow, she said coolly, "I don't know, I think it all depends on how big an idiot he is, and frankly I think he is as big an idiot as they come. But you know what the funny thing is? He is so oblivious that he doesn't even know how big an idiot he is."

Gustave rubbed over his stubble with his hand, his look serious and concentrated as he gazed across the park. "I really don't know. I mean, as I said, you need to be very frank with boys. Some just never get the h-"

And that was when Terri finally lost it. Spring up from the grass, she stared down at the still sitting pilot, fire raging in her eyes. "Arrgg, for crying out loud, Gustave! It's you, OK? You are the idiot I like. Now shut up so I can kiss you." Without giving him even a millisecond to process the sudden outburst, she grabbed his handsome face with both hands and firmly planted her lips on his. That's how you kiss someone, right?

. . . . . .

"Hands off her, you &#$-* of #^*%!" Terri lashed out as she smacked the security officer in the back of his head with a piece of broken metal pipe. As the man dropped to the ground, she saw his face. It's the same guy who had taunted her and called her a poozer earlier.

"Now who's the poozer, you poozer?" The short-haired blonde gloated over the officer's motionless body before throwing the blood-stained pipe to the side. Turning to Alenis, she put one hand over the Bajoran's shoulder and with the other wiped off the few drops of blood that had spattered onto her cheeks.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "Did that poozer hurt you?"

Inhaling and exhaling rapidly, Alenis stared into the glimmering emerald green of Terri's eyes as the adrenaline rush continued to surge through her, both from the fear that had yet to subside and from witnessing the sheer abandon and ferocity with which the other woman had dispatched her assailant and saved her from some unknown, but surely miserable fate. She thought she might be in love.

. . . . . .

Alenis dithered in front of Terri's camp as the occasional broken branches and fallen leaves on the cleared ground crackled under her steps. She had just come back from a meeting with Commander Ishikawa, where she was asked to join an intel retrieval mission in Cairo. It would be a dangerous mission, infiltrating a high security Starfleet R&D facility, but she couldn't say no. It was either her or Terri. They were the only ones with the necessary knowledge of the facility. At least that's what the Command told her.

Of course she couldn't let Terri go. The girl was too important to the resistance to be sent on such a risky mission. She was too important to her. She had sensed there was something between Terri and Gustave, not to mention the two of them had been best friends since childhood, so she had mostly kept her own feelings to herself. But what if she didn't make it back from the mission? She couldn't let this be their last goodbye without at least . . . . . .

"What's up, Alenis?"

The Bajoran was nearly startled by the sudden question and turned around to find Terri standing behind her with a half eaten banana in one hand and a still untouched Chee'lash fruit in the other.

"What's going on?" The blonde asked again as she bit into the Chee'lash fruit.

"Oh, nothing." Alenis responded instinctively before clearing her throat. "Actually, uhr, can we talk inside?"

"Sure thing." Said Terri as she walked into her tent while finishing up her banana.

Alenis looked left and right before following Terri into the tent. Once inside, she closed the door behind her and sat down on the bed next to the short-haired blonde. "So . . ." She dithered again.

Having swallowed the last bit of her fruits, Terri was still hungry from all that sparring with some of the resistance fighters earlier. One banana and one Chee'lash fruit simply wouldn't cut it. She needed more food, so she began ransacking her own small food pantry next to the bed while listening to what Alenis was saying.

"So . . . I was talking to Commander Ishikawa earlier." Said Alenis. "She wanted T'Las, Anderson and me to retrieve some schematics and data from R&D Cairo. We are leaving at 2100 tomorrow."

"What?!" Terri abruptly turned around with an energy bar in her mouth. "Why didn't she tell me about it? I worked there for two years. I know the place inside and out."

Crossing her fingers with Terri's, Alenis said softly. "It's a dangerous mission. We can't risk losing you."

Terri groaned in frustration and smashed the energy bar on the bed, having already fished nearly half of it. "I knew it! She will never let me do anything important!"

"Terri . . ."

"She will probably never let me leave the camp ever, not until the whole war is over and Bolanus is rotting in his cell. This is not fair!"

"Terri, if I don't come back . . ."

"I'm a certified level 3 mok'bara adept. I can beat the crap out of Bolanus' underlings blindfolded. Why would she keep me locked up?!"

"Terri, I wanted to tell you . . ."

"This is not fair! I'm gonna talk to her. She can't just lock me up in here. I'm gonn . . . . . ." Before Terri could finish her ranting, she suddenly found a pair of warm throbbing lips on hers.

Caught off guard and her eyes wide open, Terri instinctively wanted to push Alenis away, but it felt so good. She had only kissed once before, and that consisted of a hasty slapping of lips together with Gustave and nothing more. But Alenis, she knew what she was doing. She was so gentle and yet so warm. She made her feel warm. She made her feel . . . wanted.

With a soft and contented sigh Terri closed her eyes and let Alenis worked her magic with her lips and then her tongue.

She liked it. She liked her. She liked being wanted.

Gustave strolled up to Terri's tent, just back from eating with some of the other guys at the camp. The funniest thing had just happened, and he couldn't wait to tell. He was almost laughing out loud just thinking about it. He unzipped the flap of the tent before announcing his presence, saying, "Hey, Terri, you won't believe what ju-"

Gustave's voice jolted Terri out of the mesmerizing bliss that was Alenis' kiss and into the awkward reality of her kissing the best friend of the man she had had a crush on since childhood and a man to whom she had confessed her love, albeit not so romantically as Alenis just did.

Pushing Alenis away, Terri sprang up from her bed. "Gustave, I . . . . . . uhr, we . . . I can explain." Could she really?

Gustave froze, startled at the scene he walked in on. He didn't know whether to be angry or embarrassed, so he just muttered some jibberish and backed out of the tent, not zipping it shut. He turned and walked away, towards the trees, walking mindlessly as he tried to comprehend what he'd just seen. Terri and Alenis? Kissing? What is going on? I thought she liked me, not my best friend. Was I imagining it? No, that can't be... But then what? a million thoughts raced through his head as he leaned back against a tree. He didn't even notice the footsteps approaching him.

[To be continued in Confusion and Love - Part 2 . . . . . .]

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