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Lesson Plans

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 8:53pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Sickbay, USS Bunker Hill


Oliver walked down the corridor, holding a PADD in his left hand. On the device was the lesson plans for the youngsters of the Bunker Hill. He hadn't had to come up with lesson plans since he was PhD candidate at the University of Betazed, and it turned out to more fun than he had remembered.

As the doors to the sickbay hissed open for him, he stepped in and found the ship's new Chief Medical Officer and her two children.

What seemed to be in progress was an arguement. Michaela was flitting about in apparent distress, drifting from PADD to console, to face the tall teenaged boy that was there with her. Alex was almost seventeen, and he had all the obnoxious mannerisms of a seventeen year old. He flipped his hair, he slouched, and he was very rude to his mother.

"Yeah, well, who needs you anyway? I'm old enough to take care of myself. You could have just left me with Hansen."

Michaela didn't seem to know what to say to that for a long moment, and found herself (thankfully? embarassingly?) interrupted by the arrival of the XO. She shot a look at Alex, who only rolled his eyes, and the blond doctor turned to the new arrival with a delicate clearing of her throat.

The tension in the room was obvious, and Oliver hesitated briefly, unsure whether it was the right time to bring up the teenager's schooling. The way he understood it, most teenagers were not overly fond of either school or homework. On the other hand, it's not that the boy could get away without attending the mandatory classes so he might as well just accept it.

"Doctor." The first officer greeted Michaela with a smile. Then turning to the boy, he said, "Hello there, you must be Alex. I'm Lieutenant Oliver Lee, the ship's first officer. Welcome aboard."

As he came in, he could see the other child, a girl with Michaela's blond hair who looks that awkward weedy not-quite-teenaged age, is huddled in a corner with a PADD, pointedly ignoring such arguments.

"Hello," Though Michaela maybe looked a touch more tired than she would normally, she still seemed genuinely pleased to meet the XO, offering a slim hand. "Michaela Taylor." Since Alex was now sullenly not saying anything at all with his arms crossed, a slight frown crossed her features and she added, "And this is Alex and Erin. Thank you for inviting us aboard."

Oliver shook her hand and said, "It's pleasure to have you, Doctor. So have you and the kids had any trouble settling in?"

Michaea smiled. "Oh, we'll manage, I think." She said a little evasively.

Alex rolled his eyes, but he did know better than to snap at the XO.

"Let me know if you need anything." Said Oliver with a smile before switching the subject. "As you probably know, we have several children on board, and they are supposed to keep up their school work while here. I already submitted our request for trained teachers, but there is already a back log of requests and we are just a lowly frigate so I'm afraid we won't get anyone before we leave the station. On the bright side, we do have the latest version of educational holograms as approved by the Education Department."

He paused to hand the Doctor the PADD he had brought with him. "Here are the different curriculum programs authorized by the several member worlds. We have several from Earth, some from Betazed among others. Take a look when you have a chance and let me know which ones you prefer for Alex and Erin so that I can have the programs set up."

Michaela smiled slightly and nodded. She was grateful that the XO seemed interested in her and her children, and said, "Thank you for the thought, Lieutenant. We already have their study plans worked out. For the most part, they follow their own study plans with a more personalized program from several different curriculums. Independant learning, self-directed ... and all that."

She did take the PADD all the same though with a brisk nod.

"Sounds great." Said the First Officer. "Let me know if you need anything."

Michaela looked over the options on the PADD. "Of course, sir." She said simply. "The same for you. I do hope most of my acquaintances on board don't end up here, however."

Oliver let out a sigh. "Well, the way the Captain has been pushing non security personnel through security training, I'm afraid injury is hard to avoid. So let's both hope things return to normal as soon as possible."

"I'll be prepared either way." Michaela said with a slight nod. She kept her own council on the Captain's current actions, blue eyes considering the XO curious a moment before she looked down again.

"Good to hear." The First Officer nodded with a smile. What beautiful eyes, he thought to himself before clearing his throat. "I should get going. See you around, Doc." Then turning to the kids, he said, "I'll see you guys around, too."

"Yes, see you," Michaela said a little absent mindedly, already turning on Alexander with that good old 'mother dragon' expression. Must not have been polite enough...


Lieutenant Oliver A. Lee
Executive Officer
USS Bunker Hill


Michaela Taylor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Bunker Hill


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