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Wounds - Part 1 "Sparks"

Posted on Fri Feb 12th, 2016 @ 11:26pm by Captain Nami Ishikawa & Lieutenant Terri Lee
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Mission: Episode 3 - The Future That Was
Location: Resistance Camp Hippolyta, Amazon Rain Forest
Timeline: Late 2416 (Alpha)
Tags: romance, relationships, Gustave, Terri, Alenis, Nami

[Previously in Confusion and Love - Part 1 and Part 2]

. . . . . .

Alenis dithered in front of Terri's camp as the occasional broken branches and fallen leaves on the cleared ground crackled under her steps. She had just come back from a meeting with Commander Ishikawa, where she was asked to join an intel retrieval mission in Cairo. It would be a dangerous mission, infiltrating a high security Starfleet R&D facility, but she couldn't say no. It was either her or Terri. They were the only ones with the necessary knowledge of the facility. At least that's what the Command told her.

Of course she couldn't let Terri go. The girl was too important to the resistance to be sent on such a risky mission. She was too important to her.

. . . . . .

For a brief moment that felt all too long Terri was lost for words. Was she leading Gustave on? And Alenis? . . . No, it couldn't be. She didn't even know what the heck had just happened ten minutes ago. No, she had done nothing wrong. No, she had not apology to make.

"Screw this!" She roared. "Screw you! And screw your stupid bird!" At that, she picked up a piece of rock lying next to her feet and hurled it at that innocent little bird on the branch, scaring it away.

"Screw you!" She roared one last time before turning and marching away, to where, she didn't know. As her pace picked up, she cursed under her breath. "Screw you, stupid tears! Screw you!"

Gustave muttered to Terri's back as she stormed away, "Nice talk, glad we had it." He sighed, then sat with his back to the tree. He looked to the tree branch where the tiny bird sat just moments ago, and he felt a little empty inside. Like some part of him flew away with the bird.

. . . . . .


Terri was in the middle of fixing a broken transphasic cloak - the only one the resistance had - when she heard loud commotion outside of her tent. Annoyed, she put down, or rather slammed, her tools on the desk. She hated it when people disrupted her work. Determined to give whoever was causing all the fuss a piece of her mind, the short-haired blonde marched out of her tent.

A dozen people had already gathered around an old Type-9 shuttle parked in the middle of the camp. Unable to see what was going on from outside of her tent, Terri began to walk toward the shuttle for a better view. Half way there and just outside of the infirmary, she saw a pair of resistance fighters carrying a stretcher rushing toward her, or rather the infirmary. It took a second, but once she recognized the woman on the stretcher, she gasped. "Alenis!" Rushing over, she held on to the Bajoran's hand. There was so much blood on her tattered clothes, but no visible sign of life.

"What happened?" Terri shouted, demanding an answer.

Without stopping, the Trill carrying the head of the stretcher answered as they entered the infirmary. "Bolanus' men were waiting for them at Cairo. It was a trap. They didn't have a chance. She's one of the only two that made it back."

Before Terri could ask more questions, she was stopped by one of the medical staff.

"You can't be here, Lieutenant Lee." Said the Romulan doctor. "Lieutenant Laren has lost a lot blood and we have to begin the surgery ASAP."

"But . . ." Terri wanted to stay, but she knew she must let the doctors do their job and save Alenis. Reluctantly she nodded.

As soon as she was outside, the blonde vented all her anger on the first thing that came into her sight: several empty crates stacked just outside the infirmary. With a cry of frustration, she toppled one onto the ground and kicked the rest into disarray. It was all her fault. She should have insisted on going with Alenis to Cairo. She could have saved her. But instead she had that stupid fight with that stupid Gustave.

Suddenly she remembered that Gustave and a small team were supposed to infiltrate Starfleet Security headquarters early in the morning. As the image of a dying Alenis flashed before her, dread began to dawn on her.

No, she couldn't lose both of them.

::Next Morning::Runabout USS Hudson::

Gustave finished packing his day pack and sling it over his shoulder. He stepped out into the bright, early morning sunlight and then strode over to where the rest of his team was preparing to leave. He nodded to a few of them, feeling serious, but showing a small smile to lighten the nervous tension that permeated the air. They may have been Starfleet officers, but that didn't mean that they didn't get anxious.

The leader of their group, a Lieutenant Commander named John Braddock, said, "Alright, let's get going. Everyone on board," then ducked under and through the entrance to the Runabout. Gustave followed behind him, and the three others came after.

They closed the door and took off. En route, they discussed the plan of attack and the top-secret Intel they'd be gathering on the lucrative happenings that had been going on in Bolanus's group. Once everything was thoroughly understood, they fell into idle chit-chat. Braddock came up to Gustave with a look of concern as he asked, "Hey. So I saw you and Terri got in a fight the other day. Is everything alright with you two?"

Gustave sighed and leaned back in the chair he occupied, then replied, "I don't know. Our friendship was shaken up a bit a few months ago, a few nights before we joined the resistance. Ever since, she's been acting strangely. I just don't understand women. One minute she likes me, the next she can't even stand to be near me. Is it the hormones? Am I giving off some kind of unconscious signals that she can pick up on but I, for the life of me, never can? Help me out man, this chick is cra-"

Terri was incensed as soon as the former pilot said "I don't know." (Was there ANYTHING that he understood?!) She wanted to give him a piece of her mind, but her personal cloaking device suddenly decided no longer to cooperate; it simply wouldn't turn off whatever she tried. Now even more incensed, Terri smashed the device on her waist and materialized with a few sparks flying and traces of fume dissipating.

"You stupid t'lehi!" She shouted, using a rather vulgar Trillian word.

Gustave whirled around, surprised to hear Terri's voice. "Wha-" he said, then comprehended what was going on, "What the hell are you doing here? You aren't a part of this mission!" Hadn't Alenis just been badly wounded? Why wasn't Terri be her side? And how did she get on board, anyways? And why was her belt smoking and making strange sounds?

"My dad needs that intel, and I'll make sure he gets it." Said Terri. "Besides, what are you gonna do? Turn back? You are on a tight schedule. You don't have the time." She was talking to Gustave, but it's also for the rest of his team, who were equally startled by her sudden appearance. One of them even pulled out her phaser before realizing who the "intruder" was.

"Great," Gustave replied with sacral castor enthusiasm. And just when he thought he would be getting a short break from her constant berating of him. He sighed and sat down. "Go ahead, take a seat," he gestured to one across the cabin and handed her his mission briefing paDD, "And read through this. In detail."

"Don't tell me what to do." Terri said as she took an empty seat opposite of Gustave.

::Meanwhile, Back in Resistance Camp Hippolyta::

"She did what?" Asked Nami with a raised eyebrow. She would have a serious talk with the girl later, but the mission could not be aborted. "Proceed as planned. Keep Lieutenant Lee out of harms way at all cost."

"Yes, Ma'am." Lieutenant Commander Braddoct acknowledged with a nod before termination the transmission.

Nami sat there and considered her options for a moment. Then she tapped her wrist communicator. "Ishikawa to Haefort. Gather your team and meet me in the command center in 15 minutes.

"Yes, Commander." Came the response.

[To be continued in Wounds - Part 2 "Lost". . . . . .]

Lieutenant Terri C. Lee
Resistance Fighter
(NPC - Oliver)

Commander Nami Ishikawa
Liaison to the Resistance
(NPC - Oliver)

Lieutenant Gustave Dolarian
Resistance Fighter
(NPC - Theo)


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