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Semper Fidelis - Part 7 of 7 "Epilogue"

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2015 @ 8:57pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Captain Korra Ymir
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Mission: Episode 0 - Semper Fidelis
Location: Sickbay, USS Bunker Hill
Tags: romance, relationship


"Is it serious, Doctor?" Asked Oliver. The concern in his voice was unmistakable, but it did little to placate the furious look from 2nd Lieutenant Korra Ymir, who sat on the biobed as the Doctor treated her injury.

Michaela was not happy. Like most doctors, she severely disapproved of injuries in training, and since this potentially involved most of the crew at this juncture, the doctor was even more irritated. Officers would inevitably get hurt in the field, so in Mickeys opinion there was no reason to endanger them 'at home' too. So Lee found himself on the receiving end of two glares - Michaela's considerably more experienced from years of practice glaring at her children. Ranking and command officer though he may have been ... even the XO was not safe.

"Shoo," She said, pointing to a corner where Oliver would be sufficiently out of the way if he insisted on staying. That's right, shoo. She would scold when she was done. She was busy dabbing the electrical burns on Korra's shoulder and back clean. She'd already swept them over with disinfectant, but she wanted to be sure. Burns were painful enough without getting infected. There was a little local anesthetic on the swab that would be helpful to Korra, too.

She was meticulous, and it took her a while to finish this task, and then run her over with burn paste and wrap the bandages on carefully.

"I can keep you from scarring, of course. But as advanced as we may be in this day and age, burns still take some time to heal. You're going to be uncomfortable sleeping for a while - probably have to lay on your stomach. And I expect to see you every day just to check on them."

Korra grimaced slightly as the bandage pressed against her wounds.

"Thank you, Doctor." She said politely before turning her gaze to the one person she held responsible for what happened. "You must be so proud of yourself right now, aren't you?"

Oliver moved a few steps towards the two women, but was immediately stopped in his track by another glare from the doctor.

Defiantly he said, "Well, I did take a group of underdogs and beat some of the most highly trained marines in Starfleet, so yeah, I think I'm pretty proud of myself. Wouldn't you?"

The marine looked at her ex and for a moment wasn't sure how to respond. He was right. He did win, however underhandedly. Perhaps she was more upset at herself for falling into his trap than at him for cheating his way to victory. But she was not about to give him the satisfaction of hearing her conceding defeat.

Oliver was visibly uncomfortable with the silent treatment. Turning to Michaela, he said, "Come on, Doc, help me out here."

Once complete, she gave Korra a hypo for the current pain, "Now that should make it a little easier to get around, but its not an invitation to do anything strenuous because 'you feel fine'." She warned. Michaela was something of a mother hen.

Then she turned on Oliver, and said, "She'll be fine." Michaela often carried a little sadness with her, and she also often looked a little bit tired, but today she was animated and much more lively. A little flush touched her cheeks and some of the dead hidden pain was sublimated by her protective nature. She actually looked her age, somewhat more alive.

"Yes, congratulations Lieutenant. I see your 'men' in here with pulled muscles and various aches and pains they probably don't need me for all the time. More than half of them are not actually security. They are just scared and unprepared. You've proven you can outsmart your Captain, and that you're a brilliant tactician. But you've also just proved you'll hurt your own crew to do it. I'm sure that's very reassuring to all of the engineering and ops officers you led to victory."

Her blue eyes narrowed. It was probably a little overboard, but Mickey was not entirely prepared for the old emotions this surfaced. "You win." She raised her chin a little bit. She knew she'd have to apologize for this later, but at the moment she was defiant and angry on behalf of the crewmen she'd met thus far.

Oliver was not one to lose his temper when criticism was offered him, whether it was from his superiors or subordinates. But nothing nagged him more than the prospect that someone might dislike him over some misunderstanding, especially if that person happened to be a beautiful woman like the doctor standing before him. It vexed him.

"In my defense," He protested. "No one on the team that was with me got hurt. In fact, we brought down the Captain and his marines without firing a single shot." Motioning at Korra, he continued. "But Lieutenant Ymir here is not your average marine. She would never give up and concede defeat so easily. That's why she charged Specialist Graz and his team even after the armor malfunction brought the rest of her team down. Graz and his men panicked and fired several shots, which, of course, the lieutenant could have easily dodged if she had not been slowed down already. I underestimated her determination and bravery. That's one and only mistake I made. I'll give you that. But again, no one is perfect."

Suspiciously Korra narrowed her eyes. "Are you trying to flatter your way out of this?"

With a sly grin Oliver said. "Is it working?"

Rolling her eyes, the marine turned to Michaela. "Be careful with this one. He's a sweet talker. He would say anything to get on your good side and into bed."

As soon as she finished her sentence, Korra began to regret the last bit. Usually she was not this careless around people she had just met. But regret always came late.

Rather than particularly mollifying the doctor, she turned on Korra, "And what kind of example does that set for everyone else? Charge recklessly into danger and get yourself hurt to prove a point? Isn't the purpose of drills to simulate real situations? You'd better not try something like that with actual enemies. I have no desire to treat something worse because you want to show off."

Yeah, Mickey had a couple apologies in her future, but she was reaching a tipping point to actually upset ... it took her a moment to calm down, setting down the hypo down and curling her fingers into her palms. She took a deep breath.

"It may be an amusing anecdote to share over dinner for you, but could have been far, far worse. You are fortunate. Burns are some of the most painful, difficult injuries the heal. You are lucky this ship has an excellent Medbay and a doctor - many places do not, and those would be crippling or disfiguring at the very least if not infected and deadly."

She narrowed her eyes at the XO, "So think about that before you go on sabotaging the armor of anyone else." Her eyes shifted to Korra "Or charging into hopeless combat."

Korra was slightly taken aback by the scolding, and sheepishly she said, "Yes, ma'am."

Oliver, on the other hand, almost chuckled at the marine's response, but as soon as he caught eyes with the doctor again, he cleared any signs of levity from his expression. He thought Michaela was overreacting, but he could also sense that she was genuiently concerned. In fact, she sounded so . . . motherly, it was rather comforting.

"I'll refrain from messing with my crewmates' armor again." He said. "You have my word, Doctor."

Oliver was sincere with that promise, but it was also carefully worded. He didn't promise he wouldn't sabotage the armor of anyone other than his crewmates if the occasion called for it. He always liked to leave a backdoor exit instead of having to break his promises later.

Michaela seemed mostly mollified, and nodded a bit in agreement. "Very well. You should be alright. Come see me if it gets too painful again, and I'll see you tomorrow to check on them." She returned her attention briskly to her patient.

"Yes, ma'am." Said the marine. She grimaced at the residue pain as she carefully maneuvered herself into the new shirt the doctor had brought her. With Michaela's help she got back onto her own feet from the biobed.

Shooting a look in the XO's direction, she said, "You don't expect me to carry the armor back, do you?"

"Of course not, Lieutenant." Said Oliver as he quickened over.

He might not admit it, but the fact was he did feel some responsibility for what happened. Besides it's never a good idea to have a pissed off ex-girlfriend as your co-worker. But again, he was pretty good at appeasing pissed off ex-girlfriends, especially someone like Korra who was rather tolerant of his antics.

He picked up the the marine's half-burned, half-tattered old shirt from the floor before tugging her fried armor pieces under his arms. Then he turned to Michaela with a smile. "Duty calls, Doctor. See you around."


Lieutenant Oliver A. Lee
Executive Officer
USS Bunker Hill


Lieutenant JG Michaela Taylor
Chief Medical Officer
USS Bunker Hill


2nd Lieutenant Korra Ymir
Commander, Marine Detachment
USS Bunker Hill
(NPC - Oliver)


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