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What It Takes - Part 13 "Heart String"

Posted on Thu Feb 16th, 2017 @ 7:12pm by Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet

Mission: Episode 3.5 - Welcome to Paradise
Location: SFMC Camp Prometheus, Beta Antares IV
Timeline: 3 Days Before MD 01

[Previously on What It Takes - Part 10 "Redesigning Capulet"]

. . . . . .

"Okay, we have Sergeant Valeria Helland and Corporal Katherine O'Mara." Lea handed Chrys a PADD with profiles of the two women. "Which of these do you think you'd pull off better?"

Chrys studied the files for a moment or so and then put the Sergeant's down. "O'Mara works." She smiled. "She looks good to go. You will of course keep the real one out of the way yes?"

"Of course, O'Meara and Wills whom Dash will be posing as will be unavoidably elsewhere during the course of our little trip." Lea nodded, bringing out a heavy case and placing it on one of the holo tables. "Now, these are the holo projection markers," she took out several semi spherical buttons.

"Neck, shoulders, waist and each arm and leg. They are light so they won't weigh you down in case you need to move quickly. Put them on and I'll input O'Meara's visuals and voice pattern." The norwegian instructed as she handed the markers to Chrysanthe.

Chrys did as instructed and placed them in place. "They are fine." She said calmly. "Hopefully I won't need to go too fast"

Lea nodded as she tapped in a few commands into the console beside her, "hopefully we can pull this off without a hitch. Alright, visual input done. Programing vocal distortion..."

. . . . . .


Lieutenant JG Zim Arlin did not like anything that had the word "experimental" in its name, and that included the holographic disguise he was wearing now. He would rather have someone else be the Guinea pig, but what he hated more than being a Guinea pig was losing to the Marines tomorrow. So if this would help them win the exercise, the Bolian was more than willing to take the risk.

They beamed in to their entry point and Chrysanthe quickly scanned the area with both tricorder and eyes. Their disguises were in place and she was very grateful. With the assistant chief engineer close by Chrysanthe led the way towards their destination. She walked confidently, allowing their disguises to cover them.

Chrysanthe had memorized the layout and she was heading the way they needed to go. It was her job to the actions of her companion cover that as best she could. A glance at the building they were approaching showed her that her memory was correct. She slowed their pace and walked up to the main door.

Taking a breath she swiped her fake access code, and was relieved as it went green and the door opened. Her cover was pretty deep thanks to the intelligence officer and she knew that she had very little time though to get things done. Stepping in, Chrysanthe gave the room a bright almost eager smile. She briskly walked across to the officer standing there. The lone officer. "Hello. I am Corporal Katherine O'Mara. I and my colleagues have been sent here by the Admiral to make sure the Arcadia's crew cannot subvert the scenario."

Corporal Asa Ramsey's eyes never left the other Marine the moment she and her companion walked into the network control center. She's gorgeous. To say the least. Maybe he should ask for her number. Yeah, he definitely should.

He gave a cursory glance of the PADD she had handed him before giving it back. Putting on the best smile he could manage, he said, "Of course." His eyes followed the blonde as the duo headed to the control room. "I'll be here when you are done." OK, that sounded stupid.

Chrys slanted him a flirtatious smile over her shoulder as they left.

As soon as they were inside the room and doors closed behind them, Zim let out a sigh of relief. He quickly identified the control terminal he needed and immediate went to work. "Well, that was easier than I thought. And is it just me, or is that Marine out there a little weird?"

Chrys grinned. "A little put out that he was being stuck out there while, we were in here but he will be fine."

"Hmm, I see." Responded Zim, somewhat absent-mindedly as he focused all of his attention on the job at hand. A few moments later he reported his progress. "Almost there, just need to bypass the polarity inhibitor. . . and there you go. It's all yours, Lieutenant. Do you magic."

As he stood up to make way for the science chief, the Bolian engineer noticed a small chirping sound from the holo emitter on his chest just below his neck. That's not good, he thought to himself, and sure enough, the devise began to struggle with maintaining the cohesion of his holographic disguise. "And please make it quick. I think my emitter is ready to quit anytime now."

She nodded and began inputting the stuff she needed to. "If you need to beam out." She said softly as she worked on the system, uploading what was needed.

If he had had the time, Zim could perhaps find some ways to stabilize the holo emitter long enough for them to finish the mission, but the longer they stayed on the base, the more likely some Marines would inadvertently discover their little subterfuge, and that would essentially hand the training exercises over to the Marines, not to mention the loads of trouble their band of "conspirators", the captain in particular, would get into. Lee trusted him and tasked him with this mission. He would not let him down.

The Bolian shook his head. "Just like the armory and other critical facilities on the base, this entire building is protected by transport inhibitors. I can temporarily disable them, but. .." Before he could finish, the emitter let out one last ominous whisper as his holographic disguise began to lose cohesion and then completely gave out.

The engineer cursed under his breath and took off the emitter. "I can disable the inhibitors temporarily without causing an alert, but if that Marine sees two people walking in and only one walking out, that would cause more than a little suspicion."

Chrys smiled and turned. "Don't worry about him seeing you." She fluffed her holographic hair and moved off after hitting one more key. "I'll distract him." And so saying she sashayed out of the room.

"Huh." Zim watched as his partner in crime left the room. He had no idea how she planned to distract the Marine on duty, but he trusted her. How could he not? They were in this together. Turning his attention back to the transporter inhibitors, he began to work.

Corporal Ramsey was brainstorming through all the pick up lines he had read the other day from that magazine at the dentist office. There were so many, and they all sounded so great, well, at least in his head. Before he could decide on one, he saw Corporal O'Mara emerging from behind the control room doors.

"Hi, there," He flashed his best smile. Now, should he go for the Cardarsian raisin line or the alphabet soup? Did she even like soup?

"Hi" She gave a shy smile and stopped beside him. "So you looked bored out here by yourself."

"Oh, well, you know, uh, it's the night shift. Nothing really happens around here. You are the first good thing . . . uh, I mean, uh, you and Specialist Broht are the first ones to come in in hours." That's when Ramsey noticed something. "Where's Specialist Broht? Is he still in there?"

She pouted. "No he left. Why, were you looking for him and not me?" she asked softly, letting her hand touch his forearm.

The Marine's heart skipped a beat as he felt her soft touch on his arm. "Oh, no, of course not. Why would I . . . you are . . . I mean, it's just that, I didn't see Specialist Broht coming ou. . . . . ."

Smiling Chrysanthe let her head tilt to the side. "He is like that. Quiet, unassuming. Yet very very smart." She studied him. "You seem to be very smart as well."

"Well, I did fix that transformer invertor grid the other day in like 5 minutes." said Ramsey with a smug smile. "Sanchez had worked on it for like half an hour. The guy didn't know the difference between a polarity matrix and a flow regulator if his life depended on it."

She gave him a smile that showed she was impressed. "You are very smart, I believe we could use someone like you." she fluttered her eyelashes. "If that would be interesting to you?"

"Sure." Ramsey grinned, but then there was a momentary hesitation. "Wait, what do you mean 'we'?"

She gave a low laugh and looked up at him. "Well, my superior is always looking for smart people in her team. And having you around would be .... interesting." as she shifted closer to him, she hit the timer button under her shirt.

Ramsey's heart skipped another beat as he felt the warmth and sweetness of her breath. "Yeah, sure. Of course. That would be awesome. So, what are you doing later? Maybe you can fill me in on what you guys do exactly? There's a very nice cafe in the town if you are interested."

"Now that sounds good. After the Arcadia crew looses, I will want to celebrate." Her comm pinged. She sighed. "I should go" She said with regret. "But, I would love to have a drink with you later."

Meanwhile the program she had set in motion was quickly getting to work. And the sleeper program she had left behind would make it impossible for the situation to be fixed without having a whole new system being installed.

Ramsey grinned. "That would be great. How about we meet up at 1930 hours tomorrow by the transit station outside the base?" He didn't really care what they would be celebrating as long as it was with this beauty.

"Then I will see you there." Stepping back she winked at him and then sauntered out.

"Yes!" Ramsey uttered quietly with a self-congratulatory fist pump. This was going to be great.

[To be continued in Part 14 . . . . . .]

Lieutenant JG Zim Arlin
Assistant Chief Engineer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC - Oliver)
Corporal Sydney Ramsey
SFMC Camp Prometheus
(NPC - Oliver)
Lt. Chrysanthe Capulet
Chief of Science
USS Arcadia


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