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Introductions and Inquiries

Posted on Tue Mar 14th, 2017 @ 1:34am by Lieutenant Ryley Kincaid M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Isbee Foster M.D.

Mission: Episode 3.5 - Welcome to Paradise
Location: Sickbay, USS Arcadia

The notice Ryley had received concerning the arrival of the new chief medical officer only served as a reminder Kincaid needed to take care of her physical as soon as possible. She hadn't exactly been putting it off as much as she had just been distracted by other things. She'd wanted to get to know the crew as much as possible and while that wasn't strictly done by reading personnel records, she felt she owed it to them to at least review the basics. Still, she wanted to set a good example and knew she couldn't do that as long as her own medical evaluation was outstanding. As such, she decided to make her way to sickbay.

Isbee was standing front and center in the primary sickbay. She had just completed her first walk through of the ship's medical facilities, which comprised all of decks seven and eight. She had forgone the Academy medical training center and the medical storage lockers for the moment, eager to move on to observations of her new staff. Neither standard checks or emergencies had waited for the department head to arrive, and she was pleased to see her team had been up to the challenge. The doctor took note of an engineer being examined for what appeared to be a complex laceration, and began to move towards the nurse administering treatment when she heard the doors swish open. Turning to great the new arrival, Isbee noted the entrance had not been accompanied by footsteps, but rather the faintest rustle of air and machinery. So faint, in fact, she knew only a Ferengi would have caught it.

"Welcome, Lieutenant," she called out to the red haired human female in a gravchair. "I'm Doctor. Isbee Foster. How may I be of assistance?"

"Hello, Doctor Foster," Ryley said politely as she approached. "Welcome aboard the Arcadia. I'm Doctor Riley Kincaid, the ship's chief counselor. I am still in need of my boarding physical, and I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to get it done and meet you as well, that is, if you are not busy doing something else?"

"A pleasure to meet you, Doctor," Isbee smiled. "I'd be more than happy to take care of your physical." She scanned the room and selected an unoccupied biobed on the far side in order to allow the pair a bit of privacy. "If you'll follow me this way?"

Walking quickly as usual, Isbee reached the biobed ahead of her colleague and set to work bringing up the counselor's medical file. She quickly noted that the mobility issues were a result of neurological damage at birth and not due to a recent injury. As she continued to scan Kincaid's records, she nodded towards the surface of the bed. "The exam can progress more quickly if you lie down, but it isn't essential. Let me know if you need any assistance."

Ryley was embarrassed. She should've anticipated needing to get on the bio bed, even though prior exams had always been done with her sitting. "I'm sorry, Doctor, I should have anticipated you would need me on the bio bed. If I thought that through, I would've brought my personal assistant with me to help transfer me appropriately. My prior exams have always been done with me in my chair."

Isbee put a reassuring hand on Ryley's shoulder. "We can do this exam in your chair, too. Great thing about Federation sickbays; they are remarkably adaptable." She punched in a series of commands and the biobed first folded in, then collapsed upon itself and lifted into the wall. All monitors were still available. Collecting her medical tricorder, she approached the counselor. "Apologies if I put you on the defense in any way. It's my habit to let my patients inform me if I need to make any adjustments, and I'm more than happy to comply. So please, do not hesitate to be up front with me. In sickbay, or anywhere for that matter."

The Ferengi physician lifted the tricorder probe to the other woman's temple. "Any changes or complaints since your last exam?"

"I will," Ryley replied warmly. "No need to apologize, Doctor. I was not offended or hurt in the least, just embarrassed I didn't anticipate needing to be on the biobed. Still, I'm grateful for flexibility. No changes or complaints to report."

"That's good to hear," Isbee acknowledged, completing the initial scan. "Everything seems in order so far. Can you focus your eyes on the tip of my finger?"

"Absolutely," Ryley replied, doing as directed. As a doctor herself, she knew the importance of getting accurate assessments, so she didn't want to interrupt the doctor during the exam, but when she was finished Kincaid offered, "I'll leave you be while you complete my physical, but I also wanted to use this opportunity to welcome you to the Arcadia and perhaps schedule another time when we can meet. I expect you and I will be working quite a bit together and I would love it if we could collaborate. I also know I'll have my hands full most of the time handling counseling matters, but assuming you find my medical credentials satisfactory, I would be happy to help out in sickbay from time to time. Selfishly, I think the opportunity to keep my skills sharp and practically speaking, during emergencies like combat, I find my medical skills are most useful in the immediate aftermath."

Isbee nodded in agreement. "I'm all about keeping our skills sharp. What do you think about picking up a duty shift every two or three weeks? Permitting availability in your schedule, of course."

Ryley nodded. "That sounds great, thank you. I could potentially pick up a duty shift more frequently, but I will let you know once I get things settled in the department. Is that okay with you?"

"That's perfectly fine," Isbee answered. "And good news - you're perfectly fine too. All of the scans indicate you are in good health, and I am pleased to pronounce you fit for duty." She made a few notations on a PaDD, then looked up at the counselor with a quizzical expression. "I suppose I should take advantage of this time to schedule my arrival assessment with you. Doctors do make the worst patients, after all. I applaud you for seeking me out because scheduling my psych eval has been the furthest thing from my mind."

Kincaid smiled. "Thank you for the news, Doctor, and your honesty. It's perfectly understandable you would be busy settling in here, but I appreciate your initiative concerning your psychological evaluation. As you know, such evaluations are nonnegotiable for both of us. When might you be able to meet with me?"

The medical officer furrowed her brow. "Would a week be too long? I'd honestly like the chance to get a little settled, see if anything comes up in regards to the new routine, crew whatever."

"A week would be fine," Ryley replied with a nod. She smiled, then added, "After all, we will need things to talk about, right?"

Isbee chuckled. "Probably more than I realize. It's been a pleasure meeting you, counselor. I look forward to our working closely together."

"Likewise," Ryley replied with a grin.


Lieutenant Isbee Foster
Chief Medical Officer
USS Arcadia NCC 89015

Lieutenant Ryley Kincaid, M.D.
Chief Counselor
USS Arcadia NCC 89015


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