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Homework Part 1

Posted on Sat Feb 11th, 2017 @ 11:41pm by Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet & Rear Admiral Gregory Farley

Mission: Episode 3.5 - Welcome to Paradise
Location: Superintendent's Office
Timeline: Current


Admiral Farley sat at his desk, looking over the list of cadets. The last one had straggled in from Betazed sometime in the early morning hours, just before the Arcadia got underway. Truth be told, he was thrilled to just sit and watch the warp field through the tall windows in his office. But he had a job to do and strongly felt it was an important one. He grabbed a different PADD, this one with a list of the officers on board. Following up his conversation with Captain Lee, he intended to contact senior officers for guest lectures. He picked one at random.

=A= Admiral Farley to Lieutenant Capulet. =A=

Jolted from her thoughts as she stared blankly at a console screen, Chrysanthe blindly groped and found the comm button. "Capulet here, what can I do for you Admiral?" She was glad she was in the privacy of her own office.

=A= Lieutenant I was wondering if you might stop by my office. I could use some help." =A=

"Of course Admiral I will be there shortly." Chrysanthe replied politely.

Ten minutes later....

Chrysanthe arrived at the Superintendents office and hit the chime.

Admiral Farley was reclining on his couch, reading a PADD concerning cadet housing when the door chimed. "Come in," he said peering over the top of his reading at the Lieutenant. "Lieutenant, please come in and sit. Excuse my bad manners but my back is acting up and this is the least painful position."

"I believe Doctor Foster would have something for that Sir." She stopped before the couch. "But that aside, you wanted my assistance?"

The Admiral nodded. "Yes the doctor has promised to stop and see me. As for you, I understand that you are an expert in languages, is that correct?"

"Aye Sir. I know a number of languages and several different dialects in several of them."

"I have a proposition for you. I currently am in charge of a number of cadets here on the Arcadia and while I do have a number of staff, I'm looking to supplement them with subject matter experts. Are you interested?"

She studied the admiral and considered his words. "And what would you like me to teach?"

"I was hoping that you would discuss your career path and how you ended up here on the Arcadia " he said.

Chrysanthe frowned at him. "Sir, that is rather strange. My history is not something that you would want Cadets to know about or hear about. I am not the best example of officer."

"Why?" The Admiral asked. "Because of what happened with that Science Chief? He was an ass. I heard from other officers after that fiasco and they agreed that you were correct. Don't be surprised. The Admiral's grapevine is almost as active as the Cadet grapevine. Listen, I am not saying that you should lead with how you survived an official reprimand but you are a linguist who is now the Chief Science officer on one of the premier ships in the fleet. That is the kind of story that can be a learning tool to young minds."

Chrys wondered if he had ever read her background. "Sir, while I understand that students need to know that things can be overcome, I am not sure they need to know the bad stuff. And I am not a teacher."

The admiral sighed. "Very well, Lieutenant. I was simply offering you an opportunity to expand your horizons. If you are not interested, so be it."

She gave him a smile. "Admiral, I believe that in the long run you will see that this is for the best. Let's not contaminate young minds."

The Admiral nodded. "Very well. Thank you for coming, Lieutenant. You are dismissed."

Chrysanthe Saluted and all but ran from the office. She had dodged a bullet there.


Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet
Chief Science Officer
USS Arcadia

Rear Admiral Gregory Farley
Mobile Academy Superintendent
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
(NPC by I'lien)


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