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Taken - Part 2 "Mystery"

Posted on Fri Feb 17th, 2017 @ 4:33am by Lieutenant Commander I'lien Slvar & Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Corporal George Charles
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Mission: Episode 3.5 - Welcome to Paradise
Location: Interrogation Room, USS Arcadia, Beta Antares Ship Yards


[CIO Wollf's Office, The Grid]

Ever since the failed kidnap attempt, Leonora had roused her entire team, on and off duty and pulled them from cases that could wait. The incursion took priority over any standing case for the moment.

The fact that the two men had valid IDs and credentials tied to the Internal Affairs office raised a lot of eyebrows. When she began her inquiry, contacting the Case Manager of Internal Affairs it became clear quite early on that the two men were not IA agents. She then proceeded to contact the Office of the Inspector General to verify her information, just in case the office had hired someone on their own due to internal conflict.

The word from the Office verified that there were no Commander Nirak or Lieutenant MacGuire on the 'payroll' for either of the organizations. Next, she had her team contact her CI's, to see if there had been any whispers or mentions of the two names and the 'failed' attempt.

She herself had contacted Counter Intelligence as they were the division within SF Intelligence that most often conducted operations against fellow officers. Counter Intelligence claimed that they had no running operations on the Arcadia nor any agents or aliases with those names. There was one more division to check with before she could write off official action.

Special Operations. They came back with the same answer. Now, Lea was beginning to get frustrated. So, she had part of her team shift focus and scour personnel listings for ships, starbases and installations.

It was there that they finally struck luck.

USS Kandor. Exec Nirak and COS McGuire. Now isn't that interesting. So how in all of Valhalla did you boys end up here tryng to kill my Captain. Lea mused as she read out the quickly put together report. And from a ship that went missing in the Silent Triangle months ago. Very, very curious.

[Later, Interrogation Room]

With his hands restrained behind him, Nirak calmly sat in his chair on one side of the small oval table. He knew what would happen next; it was just a matter of time. Death, of course, was not something to fear. He only regretted that they could not accomplish their objective. But again, even if they had succeeded, there was no guarantee that his crew would be set free. The woman, whoever she was, could not be trusted.

It wasn't long before the door to the interrogation room hissed open and three officers in walked in, two in command red and one wearing the the gray collar of an intelligence officer. Following closely behind them was a Marine corporal, the same man who had walked in on Nirak and foiled his extraction attempt. The young man took up a stand position, against the far bulkhead, behind the Captain of the Arcadia, who took his seat on the opposite side of the table without saying a word. Since he had been the target of the attempted abduction, protocols required that the ship's executive officer lead the interrogation, that is, until Starfleet Security could send someone to take over the investigation.

"My name is Lieutnenant Commander Slvar and I will be responsible for this investigation until such time as Starfleet Security removes you to a secure detention facility. Currently in the room with me are Captain Oliver Lee and Corporal Charles. It is prudent to assume nothing and thus we will start with the basic information. What is your full name?"


"What was your motivation for your attempted kidnappings of Captain Lee and Captain Korra," I'lien said. "Please keep in mind that your cooperation will go far when determining your punishment by the Starfleet legal system."

"For those we care the most, Commander." Answered Nirak. Turning to the ship's commanding officer, he asked, "You would do anything for Captain Ymir, would you not, Captain?" Then he looked up at the man behind Lee. "And you for your sister, Corporal Charles?"

Though his features did not totally give him away, George bristled slightly at the mention of his sister. Had the current situation been different, he would have shot the Vulcan where he sat. However, he was a Marine, and the Vulcan was an enemy combatant. He was protected by the Rules of War...for now.

Oliver frowned at the clearly rhetorical questions. He had known Korra since his grandparents brought him back to Earth when he was ten. They were the best of friends, and there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. Whoever Nirak was, the Vulcan had clearly done his homework and acquired some rather personal knowledge of his target, which was not entirely surprising, but Corporal Charles? He seemed to know the Yeoman just as well.

"Mr. Nirak, you will address your responses to me or my designated colleagues. The Captain and the Corporal are here only as observers and security. Any attempt to influence them will come to nothing. I am the only one capable of making decisions. If you do not cooperate, you will simply be returned to the brig and whatever your motivations were, you will have failed." I'lien considered the information that Nirak had revealed carefully. It appeared that something larger and more involved that he had previously suspected was going on. It was time to bring Lieutenant Wollf in on this discussion. Before Nirak could respond he turned to the Captain and said. "Sir, while the prisoner considers his options, perhaps you could leave Lieutenant Wollf with the prisoner. I fear he is attempting to manipulate the outcome of this meeting." In reality, I'lien knew that control was important to the outcome of any interrogation and Nirak was attempting to subvert his actions.

Oliver nodded. I'lien's suggestion was perfectly sensible. Given Niraks earlier questions for him and Yeoman Charles, their presence would only be a distraction. "It's your interrogation, Commander." He said as he stood up from his chair. Walking toward the door, he signaled George to follow him.

After the Captain left, I'lien spent some time simply examining Nirak. He appeared to have no concerns as he stared back. "Mr. Nirak. What will be the result of your failure in such a spectacular fashion?"

"Only our own demise, I hope." Answered Vulcan.

"Cryptic answers would do you little good, Commander Nirak." Said Lea. "Or perhaps you prefer a different question. So please tell us, Commander, what happened to the USS Kandor? That is your ship, isn't it?"

It was not entirely surprising that sooner or later someone would discover his connection with the lost Kandor, but for the sake of his crewmates that was one question he could not answer. He had already failed them once. He would not endanger their lives. So he said nothing.

"If you will not cooperate then we will return you to the brig. Is there anything else you would like to say before we end this?" I'lien said.

"T'hur ka t'mur des svite kalu svate." Came the cryptic reply, but before anyone could ask him what he had meant, Nirak's eyes suddenly widened and he shook violently in his chair. The convulsion lasted mere seconds, and then his body fell forward and his head slumped onto the table in front of him.

I'lien stood and stepped around the table. Nirak's mouth was foaming at the corners and his eyes were dilated. He did a quick physical assessment and realized that there were no life signs. He tapped his combadge. =A= XO to transporter room. I have a medical emergency. Two to beam directly to sickbay." =A=

A second later both I'lien and Nirak disappeared in a whirl of light, leaving Lieutenant Wollf behind, trying to understand what had just happened.

[Outside Interrogation Room]

George followed Lee as the Captain left. He stayed on the senior officer's left side, and one one step behind. He was quietly thinking about what had just transpired. Not only had he not been fast enough to protect his commanding officer from harm, but, the attacker seemed to know intimate details of George's life. Both of those facts made the Marine feel a bit uneasy. "Captain?" He spoke up. "May I have a moment, Sir?"

Oliver paused his steps and turned slightly to face the yeoman. "Of course, Corporal. Sorry I haven't had a chance to thank you for your timely actions earlier. Please know that I appreciate it very much. So, what's on your mind?"

George composed his thoughts, and then spoke. "Captain, I failed the ship. But more importantly, I failed you. I was not fast enough in my reaction time, and allowed that Vulcan to shoot you. His phaser could have just as easily been set to kill." The Marine's features darkened as he continued. "I gave the XO, and Dash my word that I would keep you safe from all harm. I did not keep that promise. I don't deserve to remain here. Should you wish to transfer me out of your command, I will not protest, Sir." Once finished, George simply stood there, at rigid attention, awaiting the words Lee would speak next. The look on his face showed that he was certain that he would be sent away. Where that location was was yet to be determined. That was up to the Captain.

Oliver had not expected to those words. Frowning slightly, he said, "Mr. Charles, there was nothing you could have done to prevent what happened. In any case, your only assignment from Commander Slvar was to ensure my safety, and since I am now safe and sound despite the earlier kidnapping attempt, I would say you have accomplished your mission admirably. Yes, I would have preferred if the Commander had kept me in the loop, but as far as you are concerned, it is a commendation that you deserve, not punishment." After a brief pause, he smiled. "And a commendation is exactly what you will receive, Mr. Charles. I will have it entered into your files as soon as I can get through all of the necessary paperwork. You would be surprised how much paperwork a captain still has to do."

George was instantly surprised by the words Lee had just said. It was an outcome that he had not anticipated. "Th-thank you, Captain!" His chest swelled slightly with pride. A commendation! He couldn't wait to tell his sister the news.

Oliver nodded with a small smile just as I'lien's voice came through the comm. He frowned at the unexpected turn of event and tapped his commbadge. "I'm on my way." Turning around, he signaled the Marine to follow him back. Just as they neared a turbolift, his commbadge chirped again. This time it was his security chief.

"Captain." Kevan was staring through the open doorway of the brig at the lifeless body of the other prisoner, McGuire. His voice was grave as he continued, "Regrettably, I have to inform you that Lieutenant McGuire is dead. Preliminary report from the on-site medic is massive brain haemorrhage."

George eyes snapped to Lee when the news was heard. While he wasn't a medic, his survival and first aid training told him that something wasn't exactly kosher with the suddeness of the prisoner's death. He mental readied himself for whatever may happen next.

"Acknowledged." Oliver replied tersely as he entered the turbolift, followed by the Marine sniper. Two would-be kidnappers from a lost ship dying at the same moment, the mystery only deepened, and he had every intention to get to the bottom of it.

[To be continued in Part 2 . . . . . .]

Captain Oliver A. Lee
Commanding Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Lieutenant Commander I'lien Slvar
Executive Officer
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Lieutenant Leonora Wollf
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Commander Nirak
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USS Kandor NCC-70369
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Lieutenant Kevan Dash
Chief of Security
USS Arcadia NCC-89015
Corporal Charles George
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USS Arcadia NCC-89015


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