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Girl Meets Boy

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2017 @ 7:16am by Ensign Navaar & Ensign Amira Hye & Corporal George Charles

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Star Mariners, Deck 2, USS Arcadia
Timeline: 1805, MD 1 (March 3, 2393)


"Guess what I heard." said Navaar as she added two more pakets of cane sugar to her cup of Angelian coffee.

"What?" Amira asked absent-mindedly as she sipped her cappucino, her eyes fixed not on her Orion roommate, but on the dashing young man sitting quietly by the door. She noticed him the moment she walked inside the coffee shop with Navaar. How could she not? He was so dreamy with those beautiful grayish blue eyes of his.

"So Bolsch and Wolfenberg were responding to Dash's call for backup at Transporter Room 5 the other day. Apparently someone tried to kidnap a Marine pilot. Anyway, by the time they got there Dash had already taken care of the situation. Not only that, Bolsch actually found Dash and . . . hey, are you even listening?"

"Oh, yeah, sure, yeah." Amira mumbled as she reluctantly looked away from the man and back to her roommate. "What, ehr, what were they doing?"

Navaar rolled her eyes. "Forget it. I was getting to the good part, but you just ruined the whole setup." Then with a small smirk she asked. "Speaking of setups, do you want to play a little game I call Have Your Met Amira?"

Finding the confused look on the other woman's face, the Orion gestured in the direction of the dashing young man by the door. "You have been drooling over him since we got here. You know, I'm pretty good at setups."

"No, no, I mean, uhr, no." Amira mumbled again as her cheeks flushed slightly. "That, that's silly. Besides, we are, uhr, I mean, the gallery opening is in like five minutes."

Navaar shrugged. "Alright, your loss. He is pretty hot."

"Yeah." Amira let out a small sigh.

Grabbing the brunette's arm, Navvar dragged her to the door. "Let's go now. We don't want to be late for the gallery opening, now do we?"

Amira followed her roommate to the door. Just as they passed the table where the man was minding his own business, Navaar abruptly stopped, and before Amira could ask what was going on, the Orion grabbed her shoulders with both hands and turned her to face the man. With a big grin she said, "Hi there, have you met Amira?" At that, she left just as abruptly, leaving her friend behind.

Her cheeks burning with embarrassment, Amira could only manage a meek "Ehr, hi."

George had noticed both young women looking his way for the past several minutes. However, as he didn't know them, he decided to stay where he was, where he usually was, on the outer perimeter of any room, with his back to the bulkhead. That way, he could easily scan the room and see everyone present. He never felt comfortable in the middle of a group. It was a trust issue he had learned when he was a child, living in his abusive adoptive parent's home. The abuse he, and his twin sister had recieved during those years, it was a suprise he trusted anyone at all. However, he knew that, with living on a starship, one had to learn to trust those around you.

He was lost in his thoughts when the pair of attractive young women headed towards him, on their way out the door, when suddenly, the Orion stopped and shoved her friend at her, introducing her to him, and then rushing out of the establishment. George flinched involuntarily at the sudden movement, and had to stop himself from lashing out with a right jab. Blushing as well, he replied. "Uh..h-hi." Though he turned away from Amira slightly, he couldn't help but keep lookong back at her mesmerizing eyes. They were nearly hypnotic in their appearence. " name's George."

Amira smiled awkwardly. She looked out of the doors, hoping to find Navaar, but the Orion was nowhere to be found. With an inward sigh, she resigned to the fact that she was on her own now.

"So . . . you come here often?" she asked, standing there with her cup of cappuccino.

George, took a quick moment to collect himself. He then smiled softly and replied. "Uh..n-no. First time. You?" He couldn't help but keep looking into Amita's beautiful eyes.

"It's my second time here actually." Answered Amira. For the next few moments silence lingered between them as she again found herself lost in how dreamy he was. It wasn't until the boisterous Bolian barista shouted out a customer's order did she finally snap out of it. Flushing slightly, she asked, somewhat awkwardly, "Do you mind if I, uh, if I sit?"

George visibly blushed, from embarrassment. He had completely forgotten his manners! After he quickly stood from his own stool, he moved behind Amira and, as he gently pulled out her stool for her, he replied. "Please...f-forgive me. Yes, please, sit."

Amira smiled as she sat down on the stool. What a gentleman he was! Tugging a strand of loose hair behind her ear, she tried hard to remember what Navaar would do in a situation like this.

"So, are you waiting for someone?" She asked. Find out if he's with someone first, the Orion always said.

George looked down into his drink, nodded slightly, and looled back up at Amira. "N-no." He actually seemed a bit nervous. Shy almost. "Have...have you been on the ship long?"

"No, just a few days." Answered the brunette. For the next few moments, awkward silence again lingered between them as neither spoke, until Amira finally blurted out without any prompting. "I work in linguistics."

George glanced up at Amira when she spoke. "Oh..that's cool. Do you know a lot of languages?" He kicked himself mentally at what certainly was a very stupid question.

Amira blinked at the question. Even when he was awkward, he was cute.

"Uhr, I guess." She said with a slight blush on her cheeks. "And you?"

Clearing his throat slightly, George replied. "I'm a Marine sniper. I'm also the only one on the ship, so far. My platoon is supposed to have at least four, two-person, teams." He seemed to calm down as he began to speak about his job. "You see, each team has a primary shooter and an alternate shooter. The alternate's primary job is to act as the shooter's spotter. More eyes on the target gives the mission a higher chance at success." He sighed softly. "Unfortunately, the politicians seem to be putting a squeeze on how many snipers each command is getting. Apparently, they're scared of having too many long guns in the field." He chuckled, the soynd a mixture of amusement and disgust.

Amira just couldn't stop smiling as the Marine gave her what would otherwise be a dry job description, but the way he said it, all that enthusiasm. She could listen to him all day. And night. She couldn't help but giggle at the last thought.

George continued to describe the job he was trained to do. He seemed like a totally different man from earlier. This George was not shy and quiet. He was strong, confident and engaging. After several minutes of speaking, he realized that Amira hadn't said anything for a while. "Heh, sorry. I didn't mean to run off at the mouth there."

Amira did not mind it at all. He's even more dreamy when he talked about his job, which was clearly something he loved dearly.

"Oh, no, not at all." She shook her head. "It all sounds very exciting. You must be a great sniper." Pausing briefly, she remembered what Navaar always said about meeting cute guy and girls: find out if they are already seeing someone first. "So . . . your girlfriend must be very proud of you."

As soon as those words were out, Amira instantly regretted them. She would be so embarrassed of herself if it turned out he already had a girlfriend, and there would be nowhere in the crowded café for her to hide the embarrassment. Please no girlfriend, please no girlfriend, please no girlfriend.

George blushed again. Shy George was back. Only, this time, something else came with him, something...a bit darker, maybe? "N-no," he finally replied in a stammer. "I-I've never had a girlfriend." He hung his head slightly, his cheeks burning bright red in embarassment. She'll probably think I'm a loser, he thought to himself.

Amira's eyes opened wide in excitement. "Really? Awesome." Nope, sounds wrong. "I mean, uh, that's terrible." Nope, still doesn't sound right "It's, uh, OK? . . ." Ugh, what would Navaar do? . . . Ah, yes "Do you want to go out?" That's exactly what Navaar would do, and she regretted it immediately.

George blinked several times at Amira's stuttering statements. Then his eyebrows rose at the last one. "" he was starting to stumble himself. Nearly every fiber of his being was screaming for him to withdraw quickly. And yet, there was something about the young woman sitting across the table from him, in the loud bar, that told him that she was not a threat. He decided to take a chance. "S-sure? We cpuld hang out. I'd..ah...I'd like that." Suddenly, his personal PADD beeped in his pocket. "Excuse me," he said as he pulled it out to see what the message was. It was a notification thst his sister was calling him via subspace.

His face warmed at the news. He could get her advice on this new situation. Looking back up at Amira, he tilted his head tp left slightly and shrugged. "Sorry, I've gotta take this. My twin sister is calling me via subspace." He got up and turned to leave. Suddenly, he stopped and returned to the table. He gave Amira a soft kiss on her right cheek. "Thank you," he whispered. He then hurried out of the bar.

Amira blinked as the Marine stood up to leave, but then all hell, or rather heaven, broke loose when he planted a surprising kiss on her cheek. Did people kiss before their first date? She would have to check with Navaar on that. But in any case it made her head spin, in the best possible way, of course. It was heaven. Yep, it was definitely heaven.


Ensign Navaar
Security Officer
(NPC - Oliver)
Ensign Amira Hye
Science Officer/Linguist
(NPC - Oliver)
Corporal George Charles
Scout Sniper


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