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Loss of Gravity

Posted on Thu Feb 23rd, 2017 @ 12:10am by Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet

Mission: Character Background Stories
Location: Paris, Earth
Timeline: 2 weeks prior to assignment to the Arcadia

Chrysanthe had spent the past two months on Personal leave. She enjoyed spending time on her own projects. She had chosen the two months to come at the end of her posting on the Eisenhower. Soon she would be going to her new posting.

Chrysanthe had enjoyed two months in the Villa on Lake Como, and basically waking up late, swimming naked and just enjoying herself.

Now, walking through the Main transit hub in Paris, Chrysanthe had just collected her next assignment data and knew she had two weeks to meet up with the ship. She had to get home and get packed. Her mind on this, she was not really considering things around her. So when her feet lost contact with the ground, her eyes snapped open fully. All around her, people, crates, shuttles, all were floating.

Oh gods. She hated Zero G. It made her violently ill. She clamped a hand over her mouth and twisted in the air. She could hear people calling out, cursing, and more but she knew that the gravity would come back on and she would, like the rest plummet to the floor, the higher she went.

Struggling to concentrate she reached out and grabbed the nearest thing which thankfully was a support strut in the large open area. Pulling herself to it, she wrapped her legs tightly around it and holding on for dear life looked around.

There. On the ground were a group of people, obviously outfitted with magnetic boots, walking bold as they pleased across the floor towards an incoming vessel. Chrys narrowed her gaze. She knew the trick. Had helped pull it before. But never on the Federation Capital Planet, let alone the Capital city. Sweeping her gaze over the group, which numbered 5, she noted they carried heavy bags and major weaponry. Spotting several security officers floating about trying to figure things out, Chrysanthe called out, not caring that her voice would carry.

“LIEUTENANTS! Down there, near Shuttle Cadmus. Those people shut off the gravity!”

The group turned to look in her direction but security, who undertook more Zero G training than she had ever in her life, were already, taking aim, and moving towards them.

Chrys gave the group of criminals a jaunty one fingered salute and then reached out and snagged a passing Civilian. “Form a Chain.” She said to the green gilled male. He nodded and caught another. And so on as more and more caught on and to get out of the fire fight which Chrysanthe had just ignited.

Holding tight to him, she watched as the security officers and the group, obviously one of the JACKAL’s teams exchange fire and such as the security teams moved towards them. However the incoming shuttle was also moving and soon began laying down cover fire for their team.

Chrys knew it had been a long shot, but it had been worth a try, and clinging to the strut, concentrating on getting people to it and the like had taken her mind off of the fact that she could be floating in mid air... ughhie.

15 minutes later...

To say the gang was successful, was an understatement. They managed to kill two of the security officers and get away. Five minutes after their departure the Gravity kicked back in. Some civilians did not make it to safety prior to this so there was broken bones and such.

Chrys herself spent two hours being debriefed on her part in the episode.And once released, she had made her way home to Italy.

She had two weeks and thanks to the crooks had lost nearly 1 day of that 2 weeks of vacation. As soon as she was back in her villa, Chrysanthe set about hunting down her family by her underground contacts. She was over their interference. And to attack Starfleet and the Federation moved them up her shit list. Her vacation had just changed.


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