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Encounter of the Temporal Kind - Part 1 "The Unexpected"

Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2017 @ 8:32am by Captain Nami Ishikawa & Captain Oliver Lee PhD & Lieutenant Terri Lee & Lieutenant Commander I'lien Slvar & Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Lieutenant Georges Ejim-Long & Lieutenant Lihni Kir & Lieutenant Chrysanthe Capulet
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Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Silent Triangle, 2 Light Years from the Huizi System
Timeline: 1026 Hours, MD 1 (March 3, 2393)

[Previously in a future that was]

. . . . . .

"Five Klingon ships had just decloaked." Responded Commander Hekoa as he vacated the CO's chair for the captain. "The McCain had engaged them. Your order, Captain?"

Nami took her seat and buckled in. There was no way the McCain could fend off the Klingons on her own, but there was no other choice. "Tell Captain Karim to hold off the Klingons for as long as possible and at any cost. She knows what's at stake. Helm, evasive maneuvers. Bring us out of the asteroid belt and into open space." Turning in her chair, she saw Terri staggering out of the turbolift. "Lieutenant Lee, bring the chrono-generator online and prepare for time jump."

Terri barely made it to the science station when the bridge shook again under fire. "I haven't finished all the tests yet." She protested.

"Is the generator ready or not, Lieutenant?"

"Yes, but . . ."

"Then bring it online. This is your test run, Lieutenant. There won't be another chance."

Terri hesitated for brief moment before shaking off her doubt.

"Bringing the chrono-generator online" she reported as her fingers flied over the holographic control panel. Captain Ishikawa was right. There was not time for hesitation. Too much was at stake. Too much.

. . . . . .

[The Present]

::Bridge, USS Arcadia::

Oliver gently tapped the left arm rest with his fingers and watched as starlight streaked by on the giant view screen. They had delivered the emergency supplies to the Huizi III colony earlier this morning and had begun sensor sweeps of the part of space popularly known as the Silent Triangle just outside of the Huizi System.

A two dimensional polygon would have been quite a misnomer for a chunk of three dimensional space, but the name, in fact, referenced the Bermuda Triangle on Earth. Just like its namesake, this part of space had the been the site of some occasional spatial phenomena that seemed to contradict the conventional understanding of science, but unlike its namesake, no ships had actually been lost here until the USS Kandor disappeared without a trace two months ago. And the Kandor was the very reason they were here now - at least unofficially.

The Silent Triangle was an enormous space - from its center it spanned several light years in all directions - but since their order was to proceed to the Seshir Sector after Huizi III, they couldn't linger here for too long, so he had asked the science department to map out a scanning pattern that would put the limited time they had to maximum use. Yet, nearly two hours later they still hadn't found anything noteworthy.

"Captain, we have arrived at nav point three." reported Lieutenant Parks as the ship exited warp and returned to normal space.

Oliver nodded, "All stop. And Jesse, you know the drill."

"Aye Aye, Captain. Initiating scans to of local space." responded the ship's artificial intelligence.

It would be another hour or so before the scan could be completed and they could move onto the next and last nav point. He hoped they would find something, anything that would shed some light on what happened to the Kandor. He couldn't bring back Nirak and McGuire, but he hoped there would be something he could do for their crew - if they were still out there somewhere. But at the moment there was nothing he could do. He could only wait, and he hated waiting. He should go finish that paper he had been working on. At least that's something he could do.

Standing up from his chair, he straightened his uniform jacket.

"Commander Slvar," he said to his First Officer, "I'll be in my ready room. The bridge is yours."

"Aye, aye, captain," I'lien said. He stood and walked over to the science station. "Lieutenant Capulet, is there anything else you can think of that we can do to increase our efficiency in locating the Kandor

Chrys looked up from her console and the readings there. "Triangulation... we could launch sensor probes or shuttles to assist. But long term I would suggest a separate power sources so we can draw from them instead of the ship' power grid."

I'lien nodded. "Logical. Launch the probes now. Keep them on low power mode so that they last as long as possible. Work up a proposal for a separate power supply utilizing shuttles. Well done, Lieutenant."

"Launching" Chrys replied and set about launching a number of sensor probes.

::Bridge, USS Themyscira::

Terri's ears were still ringing when she finally managed to get back on her feet, right before the bridge convulsed under another barrage of heavy disruptor fire, nearly knocking her back down on the deck. But it was Alenis who was on her mind. She hadn't heard from her since the Bajoran was brought to the sickbay, but she had to believe that she was OK. She had to. She couldn't lose her, too. She couldn't.

"Report!" A Stern voice cut through the thick smoke that had permeated the bridge since two of the consoles exploded a few seconds ago.

"Shields are at 43%, structural integrity 61%." Responded the ship's artificial intelligence, whose holographic avatar - that of a young Andorian woman in her late 20s - flickered momentarily when another explosion sent a piece of the bulkhead right through her. "We have lost ventral and starboard phaser arrays as well as torpedo launchers 1 and 4. Warp core is offline. We are on impulse only.

"Lieutenant Lee, can we make another time jump?" Asked Captain Nami Ishikawa.

Terri grunted under her breath. "Negative, the generator is offline, too. I can fix it, but not until we get those stupid Klingons off our tail first."

"How did they even know where we were?" Asked Commander Hekoa, the ship's Executive Officer.

"I bet it was . . ." Terri didn't get to finish her sentence before the bridge rocked again and sparks flied from several more consoles.

"We can figure that out later." Said Ishikawa. "Themie, prepare a distress call."

"Aye, aye, Captain."

::Bridge, USS Arcadia::

Even I'lien was bored. He had likely annoyed most of the bridge crew and was in the middle of contemplating the wisdom of the captain's earlier retreat when the ship's AI appeared.

"Commander Slvar, I have just received a distress call from the USS Themyscira."

"On screen," I'lien said immediately.

A static-filled image of a Starfleet captain appeared on the view screen. Behind her sparks flashed and loose bulkhead panels dangled precariously under the crimson lights of red alert. The woman's voice was steady, but urgent.

"This is Captain Nami Ishikawa of the Fed . . . arship Themyscira. We are under Klingon attack, requesting immediate assistance. Repeat, w . . . . . . er Klingon attack, requesting immediate assistance!"

"Red alert. Captain to the bridge," I'lien said as the ship's lighting shifted. "Helm plot best course to the Themyscira. Sensors be prepared for full scan on all frequencies when we drop out of warp."

"Sir, course plotted and ready," the helmsman, Lieutenant Parks said a moment later.

"Warp nine, engage," I'lien said.

Chrys frowned. "Themyscira? Never heard of them before." she commented as she went back to her scans.

I'lien turned to Lieutenant Dash. "I want all data on current Klingon warships in the area. I need to know what is going on. And someone find out what kind of ship the Themyscira is and what her capabilities are, please."

"No Klingon warships, sir. A light cargo hauler, the IKS Kharn, was sighted a few days ago but nowhere near at their maximum warp," Kevan responded from his station. "I'm having problems pulling up latest data on the Themyscira though..."

"That's because she hasn't been officially christened yet." Oliver interrupted the security chief as he stepped onto the bridge. Taking his seat next to I'lien, he continued, "The USS Themysciraa is a Luna class long range explorer. Her christening and launching ceremony was scheduled for three months ago, but they discovered some issues with the warp core and hull plating during construction, so the ceremony was delayed until they can fix the problems. The last time I checked she was still docked at the Utopia Planitia Ship Yards."

"I do not have access to any intelligence that indicates she was stolen. We have another mystery on our hands, sir. How is it you know so much about the Themyscira?" I'lien said.

"I was slated to be her CO, Commander." Answered Oliver. "but after her construction delays they gave me the Arcadia instead." After a pause, he added with a frown, "She shouldn't be anywhere near here."

"Well obviously no one got the memo on that." Chrys replied. On the main screen, it split and on the left, showed the scans science was running. Then slowly the probes came on line and added their data to the screen. "Triangulation in process. We should have a search area within the next minute or so."

Oliver nodded. "Very well. Let me know as soon as you find something, Lieutenant."

With a few press of the control panel on the right armrest of his chair, he activated a mini holographic display and replayed the distress call. He did not recognize the woman in the distress call, neither the name nor the face.

"Mr. Dash, can you find anything on Captain Ishikawa?"

"Odd," Kevan frowned, tapping at his console. "I'm not finding anything in the registry, sir."

"Hmm." Oliver turned to I'lien. "The mystery deepens, Commander."

"So it would seem, captain. It might be prudent to have our fighter squadrons prepare for launch. We are, after all, only one ship," I'lien said.

Oliver nodded. "Commander Rhor," he opened a channel to the fighter wing commander, "ready all squadrons for launch, and stand by for further orders."

=/\=Aye, aye, Captain.=/\=

Chrys muttered for a moment and then called out. "Sir we have really weird readings coming from the zone ahead. I am getting readings around... well this is gonna suck... residue from a Temporal Vortex." She noted strange looks heading her way and clarified."A temporal vortex is an artificially-generated rift in the spacetime continuum. Allowing for travel from one point in spacetime to another, through the controlled emission of chronometric particles. Temporal vortices have been known to have been used by species such as the Devidians and the Borg." Pausing she continued. "However we are only reading Starfleet and Klingon signatures in the zone, no Borg signatures at all. The residue does not match residue from known temporal vortex races."

She turned and faced the senior officers. "Sir, if we are facing time travel, I would remind you of the Temporal Prime Directive, All Starfleet personnel are strictly forbidden from directly interfering with historical events and are required to maintain the timeline and prevent history from being altered. It also restricts people from telling too much about the future, so as not to cause paradoxes or alter the timeline. I would strongly suggest caution."

Oliver frowned at the findings. He would rather not have to think about their implications, but the choice was not his. His priority now was the safety of the Themyscira and her crew, whoever they were.

"Are we in communication range of the Klingons, Mr. Dash?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Open a channel."

"Hailing them now. Go ahead, sir."

"Klingon vessel, this is Captain Oliver A. Lee of the Federation starship Arcadia. Cease all hostile actions against the USS Themyscira immediately, or we will respond with force." He doubted the Klingons would back down so easily, but even now diplomacy still deserved a chance, however slim that chance might be.

There was a pause before Kevan reported, "They are responding, Captain."

"On screen."

A grayed haired Klingon warrior appeared on the view screen. With menacing contempt he grunted, "petaQ, spare me your empty threats. Come and die the dishonorable death you deserve, rebel baktag." At that the transmission ended.

Oliver's brows tightened at the decidedly less than friendly response. With a tap of his comm badge, he opened a channel. "Lee to Engineering, Lieutenant Kir, bring Core 3 online. Our shields might need the extra power."

Like all her sister ships in the Elysium class, the Arcadia was equipped with a tri-core design for its warp propulsion system. While Cores 1 and 2 were always active, Core 3 was reserved for the ship's defensive systems and was normally on standby until shields and structural integrity required a significant boost during combat. Of course, there was no pressing need for the third core at the moment, but it was always better to be prepared.

=/\=Yes, sir.=/\ The chief engineer acknowledged the order through the comm link.

The bridge fell back into anxious silence as everyone awaited what would be the Arcadia's first combat engagement. And they didn't have to wait long.

"Dropping out of warp." Reported Lieutenant Parks as the starfield on the view screen returned to normal and was immediately replaced by the battle raging ahead of them.

"Jesse?" Asked Oliver. He need to know exactly what the situation was out there.

"One Klingon battleship, the IKS K'Vort, Negh'Var class. The Themyscira has sustained heavy damage, Captain. Her shields are at 28% and falling, her structural integrity is at 51 %. She also seems to have lost several decks on starboard . . . . . ."

Oliver didn't wait for the AI to finish. "Helm, defensive maneuver Beta 3, put us between the Themyscira and the Klingons. Lieutenant Ejim-Long, target their weapons and engines only, otherwise fire at will."

Chrys spun back to face her console and began downloading all the data her probes could give to feed into the ships computer to assist with Tactical situations.

Georges looked at his instruments for a moment before replying. "Aye, aye Captain. Phaser volley away now targeting primary weapon pods on the Klingon vessel. Shields are raised and projected towards hostile party. Jesse, please help me monitor the Klingons' battle capability as we go, if you would."

"Of course, Lieutenant." the ship's AI responded with a nod as she began feeding the relevant data to Georges' tactical station.

The Arcadia began sending blasts from its phaser arrays at the opponent while the Themyscira started to disengage from the bulk of the fighting. The Klingons understood what was happening quickly and utilized defensive maneuvers to alter the firing vectors in their favor.

The Negh'Var class were the largest warships in the Klingon fleet, but even that behemoth was dwarfed by the Arcadia, whose enormous frame shielded the Themyscira and absorbed a punishing amount of fire power that would have crippled - even destroyed - the much smaller vessel. The Arcadia's great size and endurance, however, came at the cost of her maneuverability. During fleet engagement scenarios she was meant to draw the attention and fire of enemy capital ships while the rest of the battle group pounced on them, only relying on her own point defense batteries for close range protection. But the Arcadia was on her own now without any backup and her own extremely short range point defense batteries could do little to help the already damaged Themyscira. And it wasn't long before the Klingons noticed that as well.

"Klingon fighters have engaged the Themyscira, Captain." reported Jesse as the bridge rocked gently under fire.

Oliver had hoped to disable the Klingon ship before they could send out the fighters against the Themyscira, but the K'Vort was far better shielded and armored than any Negh'Var class ship known to Starfleet, which, while frustrating, would not be surprising if they were indeed time travelers. But he was far from without options.

"Commander Rhor, launch the Valkyries and get those Klingon fighters off the Themyscira."

=/\=Aye aye, Captain.=/\=

A brief moment later, the view screen split to show the tactical situation around the Themyscira.

"Marine fighters away, Captain." reported Jesse, "And they have engaged the Klingons."

Kevan felt an odd pang when Jesse mentioned the fighters. He glanced momentarily at the tactical display nearby, with the fighters moving to engage their targets. Korra was out there leading the squadron. Was he really that bothered that she was leading her wing into combat? It was a rather sudden and unusual sensation for him. He pushed the thought to one side and tried to focus on his job. She'd do hers just fine.

Oliver nodded in acknowledgement and then turned to the tactical station, "Mr. Ejim-Long, how are we doing with the K'Vort?"

"Aye, captain." Replied Georges as he peered at his instruments. "We are just one or two more volleys away from getting through their shields on the targeted areas."

Another volley of quantum torpedoes found their target as the chief tactical officer spoke. The first two torpedoes brought down the Klingon warship's shields and allowed the third one to smash right into the forward disruptor bank, crippling the Klingons' last functioning tactical system; meanwhile a couple more well placed phaser blasts disabled their engines.

"We've done it captain. Energy is spiking and then fading as certain areas of their ship go dark. Jesse, please confirm."

"Power issues confirmed, Lieutenant." There was a brief pause before the AI continued. "The Klingon fighters have ceased firing, Captain. It seems that they are unmanned and controlled directly from the K'Vort. The last volley must have severed their communication links with their control station."

Oliver let out a sigh of relief. "Lieutenant Dash, prepare a tactical team and secure the K'Vor." Turning to his first officer, he said, "Commander, the Themyscira is yours."

"Aye Captain," Kevan nodded, signalling for a marine detail to meet him in the transporter room.

I'lien nodded. "Of course, sir," He said. "I'll take a security team and begin on the bridge. Sensors are indicating life signs."

"Anything you'd like me to do from my station, Captain? inquired Georges.

"Keep the weapons locked on to the Klingons, Lieutenant." said Oliver, "just in case."

[To be continued in Encounter of the Temporal Kind - Part 2 "Welcome to 2393" . . . . . .]

Captain Oliver A. Lee
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