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Encounter of the Temporal Kind - Part 3 "For the Empire"

Posted on Mon May 1st, 2017 @ 4:16pm by Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Captain Oliver Lee PhD

Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: IKS K'Vort, Silent Triangle
Timeline: 1034 Hours, MD 1 (March 3, 2393)

[Previously in Encounter of the Temporal Kind - Part 1 "The Unexpected"]

. . . . . .

Another volley of quantum torpedoes found their target as the chief tactical officer spoke. The first two torpedoes brought down the Klingon warship's shields and allowed the third one to smash right into the forward disruptor bank, crippling the Klingons' last functioning tactical system; meanwhile a couple more well placed phaser blasts disabled their engines.

"We've done it captain. Energy is spiking and then fading as certain areas of their ship go dark. Jesse, please confirm."

"Power issues confirmed, Lieutenant." There was a brief pause before the AI continued. "The Klingon fighters have ceased firing, Captain. It seems that they are unmanned and controlled directly from the K'Vort. The last volley must have severed their communication links with their control station."

Oliver let out a sigh of relief. "Lieutenant Dash, prepare a tactical team and secure the K'Vor." Turning to his first officer, he said, "Commander, the Themyscira is yours."

"Aye Captain," Kevan nodded, signalling for a marine detail to meet him in the transporter room.

I'lien nodded. "Of course, sir," He said. "I'll take a security team and begin on the bridge. Sensors are indicating life signs."

"Anything you'd like me to do from my station, Captain? inquired Georges.

"Keep the weapons locked on to the Klingons, Lieutenant." said Oliver, "just in case."

. . . . . .


Kevan materialised on the deck of the Klingon ship amid a group of Arcadia marines, the compression phaser rifle in his hands already raised and ready to fire. His first moments taking the surroundings in left him somewhat relieved that the transporter operator had deposited them in a quiet outer hallway away from the bridge. With luck, a second squad had deployed at another entrance while similar teams had landed in various key sections.

He could smell burning, probably from a charred plasma conduit near where he was standing. As well as the dead Klingon next to it. Many of the crew had likely been injured in the fighting, though this one looked more than a few minutes expired, which was strange. Possibly from the engagement with the other Starfleet ship, Kevan mused.

"T'vrel, Ramirez, entry positions," he hissed, indicating the end of the hallway leading to the bridge itself. It was barely visible through the dark haze in the air. Maybe an atmospheric processor issue or just this particular crew's preference, he couldn't tell. The two marines took up position with entry charges while another pair moved in behind Kevan to provide fire support.

On his signal, the charges blew inwards and the team stormed the bridge.

The initial round lasted seconds, as the ambush from the Starfleet marines was timed almost impeccably to shock and confuse the bridge crew. Kevan's eye landed on a rotund crewmember in the back and a single blast from his rifle took the overweight Klingon down.

"Clear!" One of the marines barked. Kevan moved cautiously inside. Most of the officers were down, though the assault team's weapons had deliberately been set to stun. No sense in causing too much of a diplomatic incident, after all.

"Lieutenant, we've got one here..." Private Ramirez motioned to the still-conscious Klingon captain, who was bleeding from a gash in the shoulder and fumbling to reach a weapon that was no longer there.

"I'm Lieutenant Dash of the Federation Starship Arcadia. Call off your crew and we can come to peaceful terms."

Despite his gushing wound, the aged Klingon's eyes burned with fire. "petaQ, I'll die a warrior's death before surrendering." Before even finishing the sentence, the hulking warrior lunged at the security chief.

Kevan wasn't expecting the sudden lunge, though the Klingon was wounded and dazed. The tackle fell a little short but big arms struck him in the side, doing little but splattering purple blood all over his uniform. Ramirez grabbed the Klingon captain, hauled him to his knees and jabbed the tip of his phaser in his back.

"Ugh," Kevan grunted, eying up the damage to his pride. "You're in no position to fight and I'm not executing you. Let's talk terms. Starting with your name."

"I am Korax of the House of Dara." the Klingon growled through his teeth. "You will regret denying me a warrior's death, human."

"Hey, woah, no need for that." Kevan made a point of indicating the spots running down the side of his face and neck. "We might all look alike to you but that's no excuse, Captain Korax. So, why don't you tell me why you decided to attack a Federation starship? Was it some blood oath, or maybe a bit of privateering?" Kevan wondered silently if it wasn't simple boredom for Klingons sometimes.

Korax could barely contain his contempt as he snickered in response. "Humans, Trill, Vulcans, you are all treacherous taHqeq. You are without honor, and every Klingon warrior is bound by duty to eradicate vermin like you from Klingon space. I don't know how you took possession of a powerful warship such as yours, but make no mistake, you will not escape the wrath of the Empire."

"Klingon space?" Kevan echoed. Maybe the Klingon had hit his head, or perhaps this madness was why the Klingons had come after the other Starfleet ship. He glanced at Ramirez, who only managed to shrug at him. "I don't know what's going-on here, but we've been at peace with the High Council for years," he explained to Korax, slowly and carefully. "We're taking you into custody pending what will likely be your extradition back to Qo'nos." Best get the Captain looked-over by medical personnel. He motioned to the marine standing by him. "Private? Make sure he gets back to the ship without causing any more trouble."

As the marine went to escort the Klingon from the bridge, Korax's arm suddenly slammed down on a control panel built into the armrest of his chair, then barked something loudly in his native tongue.

An alarm sounded all around them, as the Klingon let out a gutteral sound of triumph.

"Lieutenant?" T'vrel spoke up from the other side of the bridge. "I believe the Klingon Captain has activated some sort of self destruct system."

"What? I didn't think they even had those on Klingon ships. Dishonorable and all that?" Kevan responded, frowning at the though of being vaporised within moments. "ETA to destruct?"

"Unknown, sir. We should evacuate as soon as-"

"Lt Dash to all boarding parties," Kevan didn't wait for the Vulcan marine to complete his suggestion. "The Klingons have activated some sort of autodestruct system. Evacuate to the Arcadia immediately." He returned his attention to Korax. "I don't suppose there's any way to convince you to cancel the self-destruct sequence?"

Korax responded with menacing grin. "For the Empire!"

"Dash to Arcadia," Kevan slapped his commbadge. "Get us out of here, emergency transports."

The last thing running through Kevan's mind as the transporter beam shimmered around him was that he'd been in control of the Krol for all of about 30 seconds and he'd managed to get the thing blown up. This would take some explaining.


Lieutenant Kevan Dash
Chief of Security
USS Arcadia NCC-89015

Captain Korax of the House of Darra
Commanding Officer
IKS K'Vort
(NPC - Oliver)


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