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Encounter of the Temporal Kind - Part 2 "Welcome to 2393"

Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2017 @ 8:55am by Captain Nami Ishikawa & Ensign Navaar & Lieutenant Commander I'lien Slvar
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Mission: Episode 4 - Truth, Justice, and the Federation Way
Location: Silent Triangle
Timeline: 1034 Hours, MD 1 (March 3, 2393)

[Previously in Enounter of the Temporal Kind - Part 1 "The Unexpected"]

. . . . . .

Another volley of quantum torpedoes found their target as the chief tactical officer spoke. The first two torpedoes brought down the Klingon warship's shields and allowed the third one to smash right into the forward disruptor bank, crippling the Klingons' last functioning tactical system; meanwhile a couple more well placed phaser blasts disabled their engines.

"We've done it captain. Energy is spiking and then fading as certain areas of their ship go dark. Jesse, please confirm."

"Power issues confirmed, Lieutenant." There was a brief pause before the AI continued. "The Klingon fighters have ceased firing, Captain. It seems that they are unmanned and controlled directly from the K'Vort. The last volley must have severed their communication links with their control station."

Oliver let out a sigh of relief. "Lieutenant Dash, prepare a tactical team and secure the K'Vor." Turning to his first officer, he said, "Commander, the Themyscira is yours."

"Aye Captain," Kevan nodded, signalling for a marine detail to meet him in the transporter room.

I'lien nodded. "Of course, sir," He said. "I'll take a security team and begin on the bridge. Sensors are indicating life signs."

"Anything you'd like me to do from my station, Captain? inquired Georges.

"Keep the weapons locked on to the Klingons, Lieutenant." said Oliver, "just in case."

. . . . . .


The transporter room of the Arcadia disappeared and was replaced with a scene of destruction. The bridge of the Luna class Themyscira had once been a perfect specimen of Federation technology. I'lien had no doubt that it had shined brightly. But that light was gone, replaced with flickering fires and sparks that were being thrown from almost every console. A haze of smoke wafted around the newly arrived away team, which consisted of Commander Slvar, Commander Foster, and five security personnel. The only other people on the remnants of the Themyscira's bridge were scattered all over the floors or crumpled against the bulkheads.

"Doctor, prioritize the patients," I'lien said. "Ensign Navaar, have your team assist." I'lien made his way around a part of the railing that had encircled the captain's chair and the conn. Part of the railing was melted and the rest was strewn over the chair.

"Yes, sir." Navaar acknowledged her order. Turning to her team, she gestured for them to fan out and help anyone who might need it. "You heard the man."

This was not the first time the Orion ensign had boarded a vessel after an attack. Just weeks before the Bunker Hill returned to space dock for a major overhaul and half of its crew transferred to the Arcadia, they had rescued a Ferengi transport from some unidentified raiders. The ship was damaged pretty badly, but it was nothing like the wreckage she was now witnessing on the Themyscira's bridge. Broken bulkhead panels and fallen conduits were scattered all over the deck; she could still smell the burning circuitry as sparks burst intermittently from some of the damaged consoles. She could sense death.

Through the thinning smoke Navaar noticed someone lying under the console right behind the captain's chair. Hurrying over, she lifted the piece of fallen panel off the body and threw it to the side. It was a middle aged woman with shoulder length raven colored hair. The two rows of spots running from her temples and down the sides of her neck gave away her Trill heritage. Despite several cuts and lacerations on her face and shoulders, a quick scan of the medical tricorder showed that she was merely unconscious, perhaps knocked out by that fallen panel.

Navaar prepared a hyperspray, and as she administered it against the woman's neck, she noticed the four rank pips on her dirtied uniform, which seemed to be a variant of the standard service uniform.

"Commander Slvar." Navaar called out to the first officer.

I'lien made his way over to where the ensign crouched. He quickly assessed the situation and knelt as well. "Captain? Captain, can you hear me?" he said. One of the security crewmen had found a fire extinguisher and was spraying the consoles. The air became pungent with the fire-retardant chemicals.

It took only seconds for the stimulant to work, and when Nami opened her eyes she found a Vulcan lieutenant commander in red and an Orion ensign in yellow beside her. It seemed that the distress call had gone through after all. Of course, that created a whole new set of problems, but she would have to deal with them later.

With the other two officers' help she got back on her feet. Taking a quick survey of the state of her bridge, she let out a small sigh. At least they made it. Turning back to the Vulcan officer, she asked, "what's the stardate, Commander . . .?"

I'lien raised an eyebrow. "Slvar, ma'am. I am the executive officer on the USS Arcadia. The stardate is 70168.3. Are you injured?"

70168.3. That's more than ten years too early, Ishikawa thought to herself. But no matter, they couldn't turn back now; too many lives were at the stake. The mission must proceed, albeit with some necessary alterations to the original plan. And the Arcadia? If she remembered correctly, Zolomon was its commanding officer around this time, and if so, she might just be in luck: no one in Starfleet hated the Dominions more than Zolomon did - who could blame him after what they did to his family during the first war? - and the man was nothing if not vindictive. During Bolanus coup he had been a thorn in her side, but now he might just be the best thing that had ever happened to her in the last two miserable years.

"I'm fine." she dismissed the Vulcan's concern. "the Klingons?"

"We have disabled the Klingon ship, Captain."

Nami's eyebrows tightened. It would have been a lot easier if the Arcadia had destroyed the K'Vort, but that's just another problem she would have to deal with later. She had more important things to take care of at the moment.

"Commander Slvar, I must speak to your captain. Now." She said, but before I'lien could respond, she frowned suddenly as if she had just remembered something, or someone.

"Terri. Where's Lieutenant Lee?!" She nearly shouted, her voice tinged with a discernible trace of dread. She had promised him that she would take care of the girl; it had been the man's last request, and she couldn't fail him now. She owed him too much.

Frantically her eyes searched the trashed bridge as she feared the worst. But a skipped heartbeat later, she saw the girl being attended to by a Ferengi doctor next to the primary science station, or rather what used to be the primary science station.

Pushing the Vulcan and Orion aside, the Themyscira's captain rushed over and knelt down beside the short haired blonde. She was still unconscious. Or was it worse?

"How's she?"

The Doctor had just finished her medical scan. Looking up, she noted the woman's rank. Judging from the grave concern in the Trill's voice, she must have been close to the young woman. In an appropriately professional tone, Isbeen said, "She has a third-degree concussion as well as some internal injuries. I need to bring her back to the Arcadia's sickbay immediately, but rest assured Captain, we are fully equipped to provide the necessary treatment for her."

"I'm coming with you." Said Nami as she gently grabbed Terri's hand. Her tone made it clear that it was not a request.

Isbee nodded and tapped her comm badge. "Foster to the bridge, three to beam directly to the main sickbay."

As blue transporter beams began to engulf them, Nami turned to I'lien. "Commander, have your captain meet me in the sickbay."

"Of course, Captain," I'lien said. Once the three were gone, he turned to the remaining away team members. "Lets continue with our mission. I want a status report on this ship as soon as possible." He paused, thinking. "And any logs or sensor data I want transmitted to the Arcadia.

[To be continued in Encounter of the Temporal Kind - Part 3 "For the Empire" . . . . . .]

Captain Nami Ishikawa
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Lieutenant Commander I'lien Slvar
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